Please join us to celebrate. Pre-marital couples work shop. The unique nature of Covid-19 has forced necessary maintaining of physical distance with those we love and care for. This pre-marital course will leave you with hope and happiness during these times. As anxiety increases as numbers of Covid-19 are on the rise. Not knowing how long this pandemic will last. Can weigh on our minds heavily. It is not always easy to find peace and strength. This class will help you through the moments of despair, feeling lost, and so your wedding day will be a memorable one despite the pandemic. 


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I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your healing journey and look forward to assisting you in re-establishing life goals, spiritual peace and long life happiness. 

Dr. Mel R. McGee

Is our marriage license free if we successfully complete the 8-hour premarital education course?

The $60 state portion of the marriage license fee will be waived if you complete an approved premarital training course and present your Twogether in Texas certificate of completion to the county clerk. Counties may add up to $22 in additional fees to a marriage license. Those local fees will not be waived.

 If we complete the course, do we still have to wait the mandatory 72-hours
before getting married?

The county clerk will waive the 72-hour waiting period for couples who present a Twogether in Texas certificate of completion proving they completed an 8-hour premarital training course. 

When does the Twogether in Texas completion certificate expire?

The certificate is valid for one year from the date of completion. 

Can we get a Twogether in Texas certificate?

In order to get a Twogether in Texas completion certificate, you must be attending a premarital course with a registered  with Twogether in Texas. We are registered provider so please register by signing up for this class.
Meet The Counselors
Dr Mel McGee
Ron Collins Administrator Of Operations

A Letter From Our Team:

At Covington-McGee Christian Counseling - we understand that mental health is a critical component of our whole wellbeing. Therefore, as Faith-based Christians, we are guided by God to help those in need. 

Every day during this Covid-19 pandemic, we are reminded that life, as we know it, has changed. We give our sincere thanks and appreciation to all veterans who have served their country. We continue to pray for our loved ones who are currently serving in the armed forces, whether they are stationed overseas or in the United States. 

We continue to pray for counselors, pastors, and intercessors that provide reassurance to those who need your spiritual guidance along this journey. 

For those who are broken in heart, we ask you to trust that the heart of God is kind. He is our Wonderful Counselor who always prays for us; there is simply no counselor in this world like Him.“What a wonderful counselor indeed.” 

We invite you to reach out to our team. Trust that they will provide you guidance through the difficulties you are facing. 

Team Covington-McGee

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