Man Up With Us
We are a unified movement of men in Charlotte taking action to be connected and equipped in order to grow as a leader, husband, father, mentor, and follower of Jesus.

Join us as we make an intentional and concerted effort to raise awareness of the devastating impact of fatherlessness and "Man Up" to personally do something about it.
 4th Annual ManUp Charlotte Conference
June 19, 2021, 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Forest Hill Church 7224 Park Road, Charlotte NC 28210

*Other Churches Hosting Satellite Locations
Be there to connect with the men of Charlotte, hear inspiring speakers, and participate in authentic forum discussions about topics that matter to men.
Watch the 2020 Conference on YouTube & Facebook
The Three Main Sessions from the conference are now available for replays on Facebook and YouTube.

Why ManUp Charlotte?
ManUp Charlotte exists to build men up and encourage them to be connected to God and one another in order to experience fellowship, overcome challenges, make an impact, and grow as a man. We know the issues men are facing today and want to provide an authentic place to discuss them while equipping men to persevere wisely and together.

We are also passionate about men seeing beyond themselves, addressing needs, and sacrificing for others, so ManUp is committed to inspiring men to make an impact on the issue of fatherlessness in our city.
Who is ManUp Charlotte?
ManUp Charlotte is an extension of UNPACKIN' it Ministries and a collaborative movement of the following organizations and churches in the greater Charlotte area. Contact if you'd like to partner with us or if your church is interested in hosting a satellite location for this year's conference.
Click on the logos to learn more about each ministry
Year-Round ManUp Equipping Videos
Free access to encouraging and challenging videos from the following Charlotte leaders available on our YouTube Channel.
Reginald Bean
Who's Driving the Bus of Your Life?
Josh Meadows
neighborhood hope
The Power of Empathy
Colin Pinkney
the harvest center
Blueprints for Mentoring Teenage Boys
Deron Huggins
western carolina university
The Fruit of a Mentor's Unconditional Love
Jeff Usher
be there dad
The Power of Presence
Marty Granger
ministry alliance
Grandfathering - Connecting Generations in a Disconnected World
Steve Brown
forest hill church
Your Work Matters!
RJ Davis
davis ministry group
The Untapped Power of a Man
Jasper Hall
Pursuing Purity & Resisting Temptation
Nate Siemon
lifepointe Church
Under Pressure
Farrell Lemings
grace covenant church
Leading So Our Children Can Follow
Claude Alexander
the park church
Dealing With Your Worst Enemy
Nate Salley
Former Panther
Audible Coaching & Consulting
3 Steps to Walking in Your Purpose
Talbot Davis
pastor-good SHEPHERD Church 
A Dress Rehearsal For Heaven: Reflections On A "Full Color" Church
Bob Schindler
CEde sports, author, speaker
Does God Care Who Wins?
Titus Bartolotta
coach, speaker, author, & host
Respond to Stress

Jim Hughes
Peregrine Ministries & Carmel baptist church
Three Powerful Blessings that Unleash a Life-Giving Legacy
Jobey Thomas
former pro basketball player & ENTREPRENEUR
Helping One Another to Heaven

Ryan Grammatico
Right Moves for youth
How Mentoring Changed the World
Mike Metcalf
deck leadership & pit crew coach
Being a Dad on the Go

Wayne Hobson
A Dress Rehearsal For Heaven: Reflections On A "Full Color" Church
Coty Sensabaugh
nfl cornerback
Interview: Faith, Football, Fatherhood, & Marriage
Jeremy Boone
Winning Leaders Do THIS First

Steven Stack
The k.i.n.g. movement
Financial Stewardship-Man vs. Money
Man Up for our City.
Conference Registration Will Open In April 2021
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We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors. Their generous financial partnership has made this event possible.
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If you have any questions about the movement and this year's conference please don't hesitate to shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Registration Will Open in April
The 2021 ManUp Charlotte will take place on June 19th. You can participate virtually or in-person. 

Join us on the day before Fathers Day for this life-changing experience!

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