It's an exciting time for innovation. Rapid technological advancements are driving transformation, creating new eco-systems and opportunities.

With the introduction of Connected, Electric and Autonomous vehicles and the emergence of the sharing economy in the mobility industry, it brings growth and challenges for incumbents and regulators around the world. To navigate the disruption, Singapore will be a sandbox and case study for major cities in Southeast Asia and similarly-sized cities around the world.

Partnering with NUS for the first time, the MoveSG x NUS Mobility Innovation Summit is designed for decision-makers to explore and exchange ideas. More than ten innovation startups from the MoveSG accelerator will showcase their visions and how they can disrupt and improve the current landscape.

We will be exploring topics such as investment trends, innovation breakthroughs, challenges and opportunities for smart cities, the future of autonomous vehicles and on-demand public transportation through a series of keynotes and panel discussion.
Alumni House  @ NUS
11 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119244
Date & Time
Ppstponed till further notice due to nCoV outbreak
Summit Programme
9​​​​:00 AM
9:30 AM
Welcome Address by Mr Peter Ong, Chairman of Enterprise Singapore
9:45 AM
Opening Remarks by Mr Arthur Chua, CEO of Goldbell Group
10:00 AM
Keynote by Professor Freddy Boey, Deputy President Innovation and Enterprise, NUS
10:15 AM
Untapped Opportunities for Demand-Responsive Transport by Mr Jarrold Ong, CEO & Co-founder of Ministry of Movement (SWAT)
10:40 AM
5-mins Pitch by Start-ups
11:20 AM
How can MNCs and startups come together to drive transformation in the mobility sector by Mr Zain Hak, General Manager of Shell Fleet Solutions Asia
11:45 AM
Lunch & Networking
01:00 PM
Goldbell's Vision of the Future of Mobility by Mr Kelvin Tay,  Director of Future Mobility, Goldbell Group | Director of Xiaoxin Machines (xSquare)
01:25 PM
The Future of Mobility is the Future of Fleet Management by Mr Ohad Zeira, Vice President of Fleet Ventures of Avis Budget Group
01:50 PM
5-mins Pitch by Start-ups
02:15 PM
Panel Discussion: Leadership Discussion with CEOs of Startups
02:55 PM
Coffee and Conversations
03:30 PM
Panel Discussion: The Future of Transportation, Is It Really Happening? 
04:00 PM
Advancing Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NUS by Dawn Ng, Director of NUS Enterprise Ecosystem Development (Incubation)
16:30 PM
End of Event
Peter Ong
Chairman, Enterprise Singapore

Senior Economic Advisor, Ministry of Trade and Industry
As Chairman of Enterprise Singapore, Mr Peter Ong Boon Kwee plays a key role in steering Enterprise Singapore’s efforts to grow stronger Singapore enterprises. Mr Ong is also Senior Economic Advisor at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, where he provides strategic advice on Singapore’s economic strategies and champions efforts to enable robust enterprise growth.

Mr Ong currently sits on the Boards of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Lee Kuan Yew Exchange Fellowship.
Arthur Chua
Ceo, goldbell group

Co-Founder, Ministry of movement (SWAT)
Arthur Chua is the Chief Executive Officer of Goldbell Group (Goldbell), Singapore’s market leader in the distribution and leasing of commercial vehicles. He drives Goldbell's vision to be at the forefront of mobility and innovation by working closely with start-ups and regional go-to-market partners.

He is also the Co-Founder of SWAT, a dynamic route optimisation engine for Smart Cities which aims to transform cities of tomorrow into transport-efficient, people-centric metropolises.
Professor Freddy Boey
Deputy President (Innovation & Enterprise), NUS
Professor Freddy Boey, Deputy President (Innovation & Enterprise) of the National University of Singapore. He oversees the University’s initiatives and activities in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and research translation, as well as graduate studies.

A keen inventor, Prof Boey pioneered the use of functional biomaterials for medical devices in Singapore. He has founded several spin-offs and won several awards including the 2013 Singapore President Science & Technology Award for life time achievement and the 2014 Singapore President Technology Award. He also won the Singapore’s Public Administration Medal (Gold) in 2016.
Jarrold Ong
Jarrold Ong is the co-founder and CEO of SWAT. SWAT is building next generation urban mobility solutions for future smart cities. Prior to SWAT, he has been involved in tech startups of all stages, including Viki (acquired by Rakuten), Stickery (Funded by Google Ventures, 500Startups. Incubated by AngelPad.). He graduated with a B.Eng (Computer) from National University of Singapore.
Kelvin Tay
Kelvin Tay is the Director of Future Mobility for Goldbell Group where he spearheads the Goldbell’s future mobility roadmap under three main verticals – Sharing Economy, Electric and Autonomous.

He is also the Director of Xiaoxin Machines (xSquare) with the aim of optimising the warehousing industry by developing proprietary autonomous material handling equipment products and technologies in Singapore, which can co-exist with preceding infrastructures.
Ohad Zeira
Zeira is Vice President of Fleet Ventures for Avis Budget Group where he leads the creation and development of new businesses that deploy and support the shared, electric and autonomous fleets of tomorrow.

Avis Budget Group, Inc. is a leading global provider of mobility solutions including car rental, car sharing and fleet management as a service.
Samuel Cropper
Sam is the director of Tiberius Geldard, an investment, advisory, and business-building firm based in London.

A trained accountant, Sam is a serial business builder, investor, and mobility innovation advisor to large cap organisations, governments, and private equity. He has built UK's largest independent club promotion company at the age of 18. His experience includes being the second man at Europe's largest passenger transport fleet, CEO of Europe's biggest electric/hybrid passenger fleet. and founded a social delivery platform, consumer delivery aggregation app (in beta today), an accountancy company, a personal assistant platform, and a video editing business; all of which are now profitable with professional management in place.

Additionally, with over £40m under management, Sam sits on the boards of several portfolio companies; including Lineten and Evezy.
Zain Hak
Zain is the General Manager of Fleet Solutions Asia where he leads the strategy and operations for the business and has grown Shell’s existing foot print to establish the company as a leader in fleet & mobility solutions as well as the B2B business. This includes growing and consolidating in mature and emerging markets as well as entering new markets - in doing so there are a number of channels/products developed which are in turn evolving with rapidly changing customer needs, technological advancements and the fiscal/regulatory landscape. Zain has 25 years experience in the global energy industry and has lived in the US, UK, Switzerland, Pakistan, Vietnam and Singapore with managerial oversight of geographies in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Japan and the Caribbean. Besides this Zain has served on boards of companies and has significant experience in dealing with policy and regulatory bodies.
Dawn Ng
Dawn is a Director with NUS Enterprise working in the area of Ecosystem Development (Incubation). She is responsible for the teams overseeing the incubation programmes in Singapore and in NUS Enterprise’s BLOCK71 gateways and has established and manages long term joint initiatives with government authorities and corporates to bridge innovation opportunities with start-ups.

She previously helmed marketing and communications for the organisation, steering its messaging and positioning, as well as conceptualising and implementing branding and communications initiatives for innovation and entrepreneurship related programmes and services to support its business objectives.

Prior to joining NUS in 2013, Dawn worked in various executive and advisory capacities across key functions with new enterprises and the tech industry. She held leadership roles in Firium Solutions, overseeing operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand; Acorn Marketing & Research Consultants, setting up business in key cities in Vietnam. She started her career as a management consultant focusing on technology transformation for SME businesses with Andersen Consulting, now Accenture.

Dawn also serves as an ExCo member of Melrose Home, Children’s Aid Society and heads its new Building and Redevelopment Taskforce.

Dr Marcelo H. ANG Jr
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,NUS
Marcelo H. Ang, Jr. received the B.Sc. degrees (Cum Laude) in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering from the De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines, in 1981; the M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1985; and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, in 1986 and 1988, respectively. His work experience includes heading the Technical Training Division of Intel's Assembly and Test Facility in the Philippines, research positions at the East West Center in Hawaii and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a faculty position as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Rochester, New York. In 1989, Dr. Ang joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Singapore, where he is currently an Associate Professor, with a Joint Appointment at the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering & Management. He also is the Acting Director of the Advanced Robotics Centre. His research interests span the areas of robotics, mechatronics, and applications of intelligent systems methodologies. In addition to academic and research activities, he is actively involved in the Singapore Robotic Games as its founding chairman and the World Robot Olympiad as a member of the Advisory Council.
Featured Startups
NEO Aeronautics
NEO AERONAUTICS mission is to build global Urban Aerial Communities (UAM) through its fleet of Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) known as Crimson S8. Its heavy-lift vertical take-off and landing (VTO) platform can also be deployed for logistics and transportation sectors.
Connected Freight
CF is a Shell-incubated digital venture, offers a suite of digital SaaS solutions to business users in the B2B freight ecosystem (Suppliers, Retailers, Logistics Companies) in Asia Pacific. We not only aim to tackle the inefficiencies of the logistics ecosystem, but also to disrupt the industry through our advanced and proprietary algorithm and technology.
DRE is positioned to be a leader in the Corporate Travel market.  The DRE platform will enable the booking and managing of travel expenses while connecting directly to clients expense software. Starting in Asia with limousine bookings and airport transfers, DRE will expand to other corporate travel needs (restaurant reservations and entertainment). Transactions will be handled by expense management software or a proprietary payment gateway."
Gozem is a transport technology platform developed to rapidly improve lives across Africa. Working with various stakeholders across the private, public, and informal sectors, we aim to unlock the true potential of the region by solving problems that hinder progress, starting first by addressing the relative dearth of efficiency & security within segments of the transportation sector in West & Central Africa. Our initial focus is on utilizing data & technology to bring convenience, security, and reliability to riders & drivers of motorcycle taxis.
PAIR, the mobility brand of Aspiring Citizens Cleantech, provides world-leading big data operating system (OS) for digitalizing and electrifying city’s fleets. In a plug-and-play ease of scaling, PAIR’s cloud-based OS now processes data of about 2.8 million taxi and ride-hailing trips, and serves 4 major Chinese cities of more than 60,000 taxis (30,000 of which are electric vehicles).
Reit EV
Reit EV is an energy start-up enabling adoption of electric motorbikes in SEA. We focus on all barriers - high upfront cost, low range, unreliable charging infrastructure and long charging times. By retailing electric motorbikes and developing a battery swapping service, we provide the full suite of solutions for customers to allow for seamless ownership and operation of these bikes.
Vox Dei
Vox Dei makes text analysis software to help market researchers, academics and data-miners do their job faster and more accurately. Combining an advanced topic-modeling AI with an intuitive UI, it cuts the time needed to analyse text data from weeks to hours.  
Motorist is a Singapore-based automotive startup that provides drivers with smart solutions to simplify their vehicle ownership. It boasts an ecosystem of auto services and tools for a seamless driving experience, which also includes the Motorist App.
Botsync is a Singapore based robotics startup with the vision to provide easily deployable and cost-effective mobile robotic solutions to enable companies in the Asia Pacific region to improve their labor productivity. With over 10 years of cumulative experience designing automation products, our team has the capability to build and deliver state of the art robotic systems.
Resembler is developing Artificial Intelligence tools that mimics how the human brain learns and recognises traffic situations that could become dangerous. The technology combines human driving behaviour with cutting-edge automated driving technology to provide patterns and situations that can be used for Intelligent Transportation Systems, Cooperative Driving, Smart Accident Prevention, Defensive Driving, and support the validation of future-generation ADAS and Level 4 automated driving systems.  
Carmen Automotive
Carmen Automotive seeded by National Research Foundation and investors in 2017. The promise of delivering easy-to-understand information derive from complex vehicle data spur the creation of our innovative Vehicle Analytics and Data Mining. Today, Carmen has won the hearts of over 1300 Singapore car owners and B2B customers like ExxonMobil and SMRT Bus. We are also OEMing our technology to car manufacturers like Ford and Toyota. Our endgame is to provide Data-as-a-Service to achieve efficiencies and a greener driving environment, regionally.
Brain Pool
Brain Pool Tech provides solutions for fleet management, crowd control and logistics optimization in large spaces. We are at the forefront of deep technology utilizing drone mapping techniques integrated with IoT, AI,  and real time tracking in order to create seamless digitization for the sports industry, real estate, construction and disaster mitigation. We are an international group of like-minded scientists and entrepreneurs who believe 21st century technology should make life easier.
Xnergy is a Venture and Sovereign-backed startup in Singapore that pioneers leading contactless technology (universal and high power) in the areas of AGV, AMR, Mobile robots and E-mobility applications globally.
The mission of Xnergy is to simplify and unify charging process with its unmatched large tolerance charger. This will speed up adoption that will make charging of battery becomes effortless for the user.
Join us on 12 February, 2020
Shaw Foundation Alumni House @ NUS
11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244
MoveSG is a global acceleration program aiming to catalyse the growth of future technology champions in the area of mobility, transport and logistics and push for solutions to real problems in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific.

In the strategic and global technology hub of Singapore, the program promises to allow the selected participants to access the booming APAC markets and gain support from key industry partners such as Shell, Avis Budget Group, ComfortDelGro Ventures, Momentum, AIRmaker and Enterprise Singapore.

MoveSG is currently the only mobility accelerator among partners participating in Enterprise Singapore's Startup SG Accelerator initiative, and the first mobility accelerator in Singapore that is run by a homegrown leading mobility business.
The National University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore’s flagship university, which offers a global approach to education, research and entrepreneurship, with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise. We have 17 faculties across three campuses in Singapore, as well as 12 NUS Overseas Colleges across the world. Close to 40,000 students from 100 countries enrich our vibrant and diverse campus community.

Our multidisciplinary and real-world approach to education, research and entrepreneurship enables us to work closely with industry, governments and academia to address crucial and complex issues relevant to Asia and the world. Researchers in our faculties, 29 university-level research institutes, research centres of excellence and corporate labs focus on themes that include energy, environmental and urban sustainability; treatment and prevention of diseases common among Asians; active ageing; advanced materials; as well as risk management and resilience of financial systems. Our latest research focus is on the use of data science, operations research and cybersecurity to support Singapore's Smart Nation initiative.

For more information on NUS, please visit
Goldbell Group is Singapore’s largest player in leasing and distribution of commercial and industrial vehicles. Literally a driving force behind Singapore’s growing economy, Goldbell has been providing industry-wide transport and logistic solutions – passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as material handling equipment – for nearly four decades.

Understanding the importance of innovating its core business through tech and the need to venture into new capabilities to future proof its business, Goldbell Group sets up a Future Mobility division with the vision to be a leading player in the future mobility landscape for smart cities.

Goldbell Group is one of the high-growth local companies identified by Enterprise Singapore to be part of the Scale Up SG programme.

Visit for more information.
Enterprise Singapore is the government agency championing enterprise
development. It also supports the growth of Singapore as a hub for
global trading and startups with a robust pro-enterprise environment.
The agency builds trust in Singapore’s products and services through
quality and standards. Renowned for their dedication to quality and
innovation, Singapore companies make ideal business partners.

With its global network in over 35 locations spanning many developed
and emerging markets, Enterprise Singapore connects businesses with
relevant Singapore companies for their business expansion.

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