To Our Family, Friends, Colleagues, Partners & Associates:

We hope this Invitation finds you and your family in good health and spirit!  We are personally inviting you to join us and a host of guests and dignitaries to celebrate our 10th Pastoral Anniversary and (George's) 42nd Birthday at the 10/42 Sneaker Ball!

We took the time to handpick this guest list, so please know that your are appreciated by us both. This is going to be an evening full of Entertainment, Encouragement & Excellence! We hope your schedule will allow us to see you in the place!

In A Season of Gratitude,

George & Tasha Rich
Pompano Beach Cultural Center
50 W. Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach, 33060
Date & Time
June 30, 2023, 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Dress code
When you’re invited to a Sneaker Ball for the first time, you might be confused about the dress code. Don’t let the casualness of "sneakers" throw you off. This is still a semi-formal to formal event with a strictly enforced dress code

In general, men are expected to wear a suit and women are expected to wear a dress (pant suits are welcome!) or any other event-appropriate attire from the ankle up. Sneakers might not be a regular part of your wardrobe, but a Sneaker Ball is a fun way to indulge your fashion sense without spoiling a special event with jeans and t-shirts.

COLOR THEME is "Blue, Black & Gold". Although neither is a required color for entry, all guests are encouraged to wear at least one of the three.

Tips for Ladies:
Ladies can wear nearly any type of dress to a Sneaker Ball while still looking trendy and chic. It’s all about choosing the right combination. If you don’t want to pick a shorter dress to show off your sneakers, consider wearing a dress with a decent slit. This will allow you to show off your footwear without sacrificing the length you want. If a cocktail dress isn’t your thing, you can also wear skirts to a sneaker ball without running afoul of the dress code. For women who prefer not to wear a dress or skirt, you can go with a pant suit instead for an edgy, striking style. Look for pants that are cut off at Capri or ankle length to fully showcase your sneakers. Wider pant legs or tapered ankles also do an amazing job of advertising your shoes.

Tips for Gentlemen:
You aren't as complicated as the Ladies! (LOL) Grab your favorite suit and match it with your favorite pair of sneakers. Of course, choose a good color combination. Basketball style sneakers are most commonly worn by men at Sneaker Balls. Although dress shirts and ties (or bowties) are encouraged, it is not required. And feel free to wear a pair of socks that POP!

10/42 Sneaker Ball is an elevated, evening affair that will capture three events into one. Your five senses will be engaged for this 4.5 hour experience that will leave us all with memories for years to come.
6:30-8:00 pm
Music & mingle
The evening kicks off on the Rooftop with live entertainment from Vibe Nation Band performing some of our favorite Top 40, while guests connect and network with new and familiar faces.

- Hors D'oeuvres
- Skyline of Downtown Pompano Beach
8:00-9:30 pm
Dinner celebration
From the Rooftop, we will be ushered into the upstairs, open-air Lobby for the seated Dinner Celebration. Your taste buds will be captivated by a 3-course dinner that has been inspired by a professional chef, while listening to the soothing sounds of Violinist Ian Mann.

- Presentations
- Sing "Happy Birthday"
- Surprise Master of Ceremony
9:30-11:00 pm
Karaoke & KOMEDY
No Spell Check needed! (LOL) In other words, the final hour of the evening is for everyone to unwind and “let their hair down” as we approach the end of this elevated affair.  Comedian Chicken George will begin with a comedy set that will leave us laughing and gasping for air.  Then a few of George & Tasha's Friends will be hitting the mic for some good Karaoke.

Friends for Karaoke:
- Cyndy Floyd, Emeritus Commissioner
- London Williams
- More to come...
$100 Ticket - Per Person
This Sneaker Ball is to celebrate the 10th Pastoral Anniversary of Pastor George & Tasha Rich...and to celebrate George's 42nd Birthday.  As an alternative to only accepting gifts and monies, they have sought to plan a "Night of Excellence" to spend time enjoying the company of people they love, appreciate and respect.

Your $100 Contribution covers both your fair-share portion of the event and a small token of appreciation to George & Tasha.

-- From Event Team, 10/42 Sneaker Ball

Join us on June 30
We look forward to celebrating with you!

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