The Burn Series Pass
Save 10% On Full Admission to ALL remaining Series Events!
We All Love To Save Money, Especially These Days!
Saving money is the best thing you can do! Whether it is at the pump, or in the grocery store, why would you not want to save money for your climbing events? So sign up once, kick your feet back, and appreciate your savings! Your body and wallet will thank you!

What You Get:
- Free Burn 2022-2023 T- Shirt
- Easy one-and-done registration
- 10% Savings for all remaining events
How it works
You’ll have three hours to climb as much as humanly possible in a super fun amped-up climbing session with all of your friends.

Each climb is worth points based on the difficulty of the climb. Your five highest point value climbs are compared to everyone else’s in your category.

The Novice category grades start at VB, so anyone can participate, even if you’ve never competed before!
come for the climbs, stay for the show!
At the end of each event, there will be a Finals Round for the Open category: 16 competitors duke it out to see who can make it to the top of three excruciatingly hard boulders displaying their strength and expertise. Come watch, we have beer!

Youth Categories
-9 & under
-10 to 11
-12 to 14
-15 & up

*NOTE: If you are a youth competitor (under 18) who wants to compete in the Open Category, please be sure to fill out an Adult Registration Ticket.

Adult Categories
Novice - First time competitors or newer climbers.
Age Group- Everyone that isn't new to the Burn Series. Rankings will be based on age.
Open - High level competitor, has the chance to be in finals.
questions about the series?
See our Burn Series Rules and Guidelines or email us!

If you do not have a waiver signed after October 8, 2021, please fill out a new PRG Waiver before registering.
Get Your Savings!
Total price for remaining events- $165.05

The Price you pay:

Series Pass will not be availible after the Winter Burn (December 10th)

Burn Bouldering Series T-Shirt
 Join us for WINTER burn ON DECEMBER 10TH
We look forward to watching you SEND!

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