2023 Carolina Region Dressage Rally
Join us on March 31
Deadline March 15, 2023 11:30 AM FIRM
Stable Manager/ASM- $45

Other additional items:
Please do not forget to add the quantity of each item under add-ons at the bottom of the page.
Additional Friday night meals are $10.50
Shavings $8.50 per bag
Shirts Youth SML Short sleeved-$15.75 Long sleeved-$18.75
Adult SML Short sleeved-$15.75/XL-$17.75 Long Sleeved $18.75/XL-$21.00

Tests 2023:
Championships: All levels perform test 2 and 3 at their level, scoring at least 60% on test 3, and all levels must perform either a musical freestyle, Pas de Deux or Quadrille.
Modified: All levels perform test 1 and 2, scoring at least 55% on test 2

Western Dressage:
Certification requirements for Championship levels:
Basic Level C-1 DR/Flat/EV/HSE/WST 12-17
Level 1 and Up C-1 DR/Flat/EV/HSE/WST 12-17

Stable managers must meet the minimum age criteria of their division, and be a D-2 HM for modified divisions and a D-3 HM for all other divisions.

Championships qualifying

Western Dressage:
Championships: All levels test 3 and 4, scoring at least 60% on test 4, and all levels perform a musical freestyle.
Modified: All levels test 2 and 3, scoring at least 55% on test 3

The current (2022) tests can be found at: https://www.westerndressageassociation.org/wdaa-tests

Dress: Please refer to the 2023 USPC Horse Management Rulebook for information about appropriate dress for all rating levels for turnout inspection at rallies. Volunteers and Participants must dress appropriately and wear proper footwear in the barn area. Coats may be waived by the Ground Jury President if it is too hot. REMEMBER: Jog-out attire DOES NOT include jeans or short shorts or pajama pants!

Pinneys: Each participant will be assigned a numbered pinney which is to be worn at all times while on the grounds. Pinneys will be turned in at the end of the competition on Sunday. There will be a $25 fee assessed per lost pinney.

Armbands: Participants must wear a medical bracelet or armband at all times. The armband must be worn on the upper arm and the USPC medical form must be inside the armband.
Neutral Zone: For this rally, the Neutral Zone is defined as the area around the show office and concessions area. Remember this because we don’t want any participants to be awarded a penalty for unauthorized assistance.

On-Ground Concessions: Available Saturday and Sunday

Briefing: Friday night at 6 pm sharp.

Friday night dinner: Dinner is included in your registration fee. Dinner will occur immediately following the briefing.

Tack Room Coolers: Clubs please make arrangements to have a cooler in each tack room filled with hydrating liquids for your participants. Glass bottles outside of tack rooms must be taped so as to not shatter.

Dogs: Please leave your dogs at home. Dogs on the ground must be leashed. For safety’s sake, we ask that there be NO DOGS in Arenas. NO EXCEPTIONS!! A $50 fee per occurrence will be charged for loose dogs, payable to the rally facility.

Unloading/Parking: We will have volunteers to assist you in directing you to your stall assignment and parking. Please move quickly but safely to unload your horses and equipment. Please remember that parents are not allowed in the barns from the official start of the rally until the official end of the rally. Please see the HM Rulebook pages 5-6 for more details on this subject.

Tack Rooms: We will use stalls for tack rooms. Participants are responsible for cleaning tack rooms, feed rooms, and stalls of all trash, twine, paper, etc. DO NOT use any additional nails or screw eyes when setting up your tack room.

Feed Stalls: We plan to use stalls for feed rooms, but may change based on number of entries.

Stabling: Two bags of shavings are included with your entry fee. Additional bags of shavings are available for $8.50 per bag and should be ordered on your entry form. Stalls must be stripped clean & swept prior to departure.

Refunds: Prior to the closing date, written notification is required and the entry fee, minus $25 office fee, will be refunded. After the closing date, a refund will only be given with a doctor’s or vet’s note and will be the entry fee, minus $25 office fee.

Stall deposits: We are not requiring stall deposits. Please note that if your stall is not left clean a fee of $75 will be assessed and this will prevent future participation in rallies and other Pony Club events until it is paid. Feed and Tack stalls that are not cleaned will have the fee assessed to all members of the team(s) using that stall.

Note: If stall walls are tampered with in any way (staples, nails, screw eyes, etc.) the entire team will be responsible for payment to Carolina Region regardless of whether or not the stalls are cleaned.

For questions about the website or issue registering contact Betsy DeVault: [email protected]
For questions about the Dressage Rally contact Sandy Larson: [email protected]

Riverbend Equestrian Park
175 River Bend Rd, Greenville, SC 29617
Date & Time
March 31, 2023, 3:00 PM - April 2, 2023 - 3:00 PM

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