2024 U.S. Virgin Islands
 Paradise Jam 
 St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
MEN   Nov. 21-26
WOMEN  Nov. 26-Dec. 1
Men's Tournament
November 21-26, 2024
The Paradise Jam men's event consists of an eight-team bracket with each team playing three games. Competing in the field this year are UAB, George Washington, Illinois State, Kansas State, Liberty, McNeese State, and two other teams to be announced soon.
Women's Tournaments
November 26 - December 1, 2024
The Paradise Jam women's event consists of two separate four-team events, the Island and Reef tournaments. This year, the Island Tournament is Auburn, Kansas, Northern Iowa, and Pittsburgh. The Reef Tournament is Florida State, Gonzaga, Missouri State, and Texas Tech. Each team will play each team in its respective tournament once.
The Westin Beach Resort & Spa at Frenchman's Reef : What's Included
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
The fan package for the Paradise Jam includes accommodations at The Westin Beach Resort & Spa at Frenchman's Reef, tickets to all tournament games, transportation to and from games at the University of Virgin Islands Elridge Blake Sports and Fitness Center, a gift, as well as tournament representatives on-site at the hotel to help with whatever needs you may have.

Against a stunning backdrop of tropic blue, you are immersed in a dreamy, world-class resort experience. One that draws inspiration from the abundance and diversity of the natural elements and life that surrounds us. Within this thriving ecosystem, we distill the very best of our island environment and seamlessly translate it to you; creating an entirely unique travel experience that’s as richly colorful and lively as the coral reefs that ring these islands.
Are flights included?
No, flights are NOT included with the purchase of this fan package. You are responsible for organizing your own flights to/from St. Thomas. Additionally, if your flights arrive or depart outside of your corresponding package dates, you will be responsible for organizing any extra accommodations not covered by the package.
Is the fan package refundable?
 No, the package is not fully refundable under any circumstances even with CFAR insurance. If you are 60 days or more away from arrival, you can receive a 50% refund. Full cancellation terms are outlined in the Terms & Conditions which are available at the top of this page. 
What is CFAR Insurance?
With Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) Insurance, it doesn't matter why you have to cancel your trip, you just can! This allows the traveler to cancel if uncomfortable with leaving for the trip - second thoughts, injury, illness, fear of safety, or a bad omen appeared.
• CFAR can only be purchased at the time of the initial package purchase.
• Insurance ends 7 days before the trip begins. For example, if your package starts on November 21, you cannot cancel with insurance coverage after 12:00am November 14.
• Covers 75% of tour package cost.
Do I need a passport?
No, passports are not required to enter the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Terms & Conditions
Waiver, Refund and Cancellation Policies – Basketball Travelers, Inc.
This information is very important, please read it carefully. It is the responsibility of the traveler to read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before signing up or making payment for any tournament package. You purchasing a tournament package, hotel rooms or other tournament products signify your agreement with the following terms and conditions.
The advertised package is based upon the competition schedule for the U.S. Virgin Islands Paradise Jam and extra activities organized by Basketball Travelers, Inc. Game dates and times could change at the sole discretion of Basketball Travelers, Inc. You will be notified in advance of any major changes.
Basketball Travelers, Inc. (BTI) acts as a sales agent for any airline, hotel, car-rental company, tour operator, cruise line, or other service provider used in your package (Suppliers). BTI is not responsible for acts or omissions of the Suppliers or their failure to provide services or adhere to their own schedules. The suppliers or independent contractors providing transportation, accommodations and all other services are not agents or employees of BTI. By utilizing the services of all suppliers, the passenger agrees that neither BTI, nor any representatives shall be liable for any accident, injury, including loss of life, damage, loss, delay, irregularity or expenses arising from acts of God, strikes, war, weather, pandemics, quarantines, sickness, terrorist activity, government restrictions or regulations, from any act or omission of any individual, firm, or corporation furnishing transportation, sight-seeing, accommodations, or any services in connection with such travel plans or from any other occurrences whatsoever. All such expenses or losses are the responsibility of the traveler. By commencing travel, the traveler willingly assumes all risks and responsibilities expected or unexpected involved with such travel. We urge purchase of travel insurance to protect against such risks, including tour cancellation due to unanticipated events.
Cancellation Fees: If you did not purchase the CFAR travel insurance (Cancel For Any Reason Insurance is available on initial registration), the following cancellation fees apply:
  • 60 days prior to arrival = 50% of tour price
  • 59 days or less prior to departure date forfeits full tour price, including no shows
If the tournament is canceled, a full refund of all deposits and/or payments will be given by January 21, 2024. Basketball Travelers, Inc. will not refund for other costs such as airfare that have not been purchased directly from BTI. Please purchase comprehensive travel insurance that protects your other travel arrangements.

Trip Cancellation, Health, Accident, Medical Evacuation & Baggage Insurance: For your protection comprehensive travel insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and in the best interest of each traveler, to protect you before and during the trip. Travel insurance is not included in the price of the package. Please purchase travel in addition to your tour package at: http://www.squaremouth.com/ or another vendor of your choice.
Proof of Citizenship, Passports & Visas: US citizens must have government issued ID such as a valid driver’s license. Carrying a passport will speed the process on departure.
For all non-US Citizens, travelers are required to provide passports, visas, and proper identification for customs and immigration. ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE IN YOUR NAME AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR PASSPORT. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN PROPER IDENTIFICATION, PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP, PASSPORT AND VISAS FOR ALL
TRAVEL TO THIS USA TERRITORY. Passengers who are denied boarding or entry for improper documentation will not be eligible for a refund of any amount.
Transportation and Transfers: The type of transportation varies by destination, group size, and dates. Transfers may not be included, so check the specific itinerary. In the event you miss a scheduled departure for any tour, transfer or event, it is your responsibility to arrange transportation to the hotel to begin or rejoin the scheduled tour/itinerary. No refunds will be issued for missed transportation or delayed arrival.
Air Transportation and Baggage: BTI has no control over and assumes no liability for airline strikes, schedule changes, flight delays, flight cancellations or other airline initiated changes. In the event of such an occurrence, the airline is responsible and will determine what action will be taken. Baggage checked or carried on board an aircraft, vessel or vehicle are subject to fees based on weight, number and size. Many airlines have implemented a policy for charging for checked and/or carry-on baggage. These charges are payable directly to the carrier. Please contact your airline for exact details. BTI is not responsible or liable for any delay, loss or damage to baggage and personal property. We recommend one bag/suitcase per person, plus a small carry-on. We recommend you purchase Travel Insurance with baggage protection to protect you for cancelled or delayed flights and/or lost or damaged baggage.
Mobility and Fitness to Travel: Travelers requiring special facilities, services or accommodations must disclose such needs to BTI at time of reservation.
Action if a Disability or Sickness occurs on Tour: Traveler understands and agrees that if they become ill or incapacitated, BTI and its employees may take any action they deem necessary for the traveler’s safety and well-being, including securing medical treatment (at the traveler’s expense) and transporting the traveler home. BTI retains the right and has the traveler’s authorization, in BTI’s sole discretion, to contact the traveler’s emergency contact(s), family, or traveling companions with regard to health issues or any matter whatsoever that relates to the tour. In the event of a medical emergency, BTI will attempt to cause appropriate treatment to be administered, and the traveler authorizes BTI to do so. BTI, however, makes no warranty that it will be able to cause effective (or any) emergency treatment to be administered.
Responsibility of Basketball Travelers, Inc.: The invalidity or unenforceability of any part of this Agreement, or the invalidity of its application to a specific situation or circumstance, shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this Agreement, or its application to other situations or circumstances.
Responsibility of Traveler: Any provision of this Agreement held invalid or unenforceable only in part or degree will remain in full force and effect to the extent not held invalid or unenforceable.
Claims or Disputes/Arbitration: In the event of a dispute or claim made by the traveler concerning, relating or referring to this Agreement, promotion of tour, tour inclusions, performance of BTI or any claim made against BTI, Basketball Travelers, Inc. will make every effort to resolve said dispute or claim between the individual parties involved. If the dispute or claim cannot be resolved between the traveler and BTI, the traveler agrees that any dispute or claim shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration according to the then existing rules of the American Arbitration Association in an arbitration conducted in, and governed by the laws of King County, Washington, USA. In connection with any action or legal proceeding arising out of this Agreement, the parties hereby specifically and knowingly waive any rights that either party might have to demand a jury trial.
Entire Agreement: These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between BTI and the traveler with reference to the subject matter herein, and the traveler does not rely upon any promises, inducements or agreements not herein, including but not limited to any oral statements made to them by any agents or employees of BTI. This agreement may be amended or modified only in writing, signed by both parties. The waiver by BTI of any provision of this agreement shall in no way affect the remaining provisions of this agreement, and this agreement shall be interpreted as if such clause or provision were not contained herein.
By purchasing a tournament package, hotel room, or other tour product on this website, the traveler states that they have read and understand this document or other communications and acknowledge that it affects their legal rights and agree to be bound by its terms. By accepting this Agreement, it further signifies the traveler’s intention to relieve and indemnify Basketball Travelers, Inc., its owners, officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, and subcontractors from any liability for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death which might occur during their travel on the scheduled tour. In addition, the traveler has noted the policy on cancellations, refunds, and limitations of responsibility.

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