Last year, on the 4th of July, 275 people gathered to witness the remarkable launch of H2A Association, formed by Amsterdam-based businesses and international partners in green hydrogen.

Featuring speakers from every segment of the value chain, including a notable contribution from EU Chief of Staff Diederik Samsom from Brussels, and a room full of those who believe in the power of hydrogen, our launch event was everything we dreamed of.

Since then, we've been tirelessly working to build a solid foundation of knowledge for our members, partners, and stakeholders. Now, we are ready to enter the next phase towards our mission: establishing an import hub for green hydrogen in the port of Amsterdam. It is with great pleasure that we invite you once again to join us on the 4th of July for a Symposium brimming with inspiration and energy. We kindly request you to save this date on your calendar.

 We look forward to the opportunity to reconnect and share our progress with you on the 4th of July 2024.
July 4, 2024
 Join us on July 4th

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