Accelerate is an invitation-only virtual event tailored for MessageGears’ enterprise customers and strategic partners. This half-day event will showcase valuable, informative stories and ideas and give marketers a chance to hear from their peers on how they’re connecting with their customers at scale. Request your invite today to learn how to forge strong customer relationships with innovative, data-driven marketing, and how to develop marketing strategies that will deliver success into the future.
Date & Time
September 15, 2020
12:30 PM - 6:00 PM ET
Hear from marketing leaders, practitioners, and product strategists on how you can create happier, more loyal customers with data-driven marketing.
Horst Schulze
Founder - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
Mark Stange-Tregear
Liz Haferkorn
Himanshu Sinha
VP, Media and Performance Marketing
Dave Smith
Practice Area Lead
Alison Lindland
SVP Strategy
Roger Barnette
Natalie Johnson
VP Global Sales
12:30 pM ET
Kick-off & Welcome
12:45 pM ET
Keynote: Horst Schulze on Generating Extraordinary Customer Loyalty
As a founding member of Ritz Carlton Hotels and a leading consultant, Horst Schulze is a world-renowned expert on helping companies deliver experiences that produce unparalleled customer satisfaction and loyalty. The kind that results in greater profitability and separates you from your competitors. Horst will share what you must do to create a healthy corporate culture, the secret to exceeding customer expectations, and the words no customer ever wants to hear.
1:30 pM ET
State of the Industry: Why Now is the Time to Accelerate
2020 has forced brands to accelerate their digital transformations and find better, more efficient ways to reach their customers. MessageGears' CEO Roger Barnette will highlight some examples of how brands have met this challenge head-on, and what everyone needs to be aware of in the coming years in order to stay ahead.
2 pM ET
Breakout Rooms: Making the Most of Customer Data
Get to know fellow MessageGears users, partners, and employees in a fun, guided conversation.
2:30 pM ET
Data-Driven Tactics that Strengthen Customer Loyalty
Marketing practitioners from Culver's, Phrasee, Movable Ink and more talk about how they’re using data to deliver programs that strengthen customer loyalty.
3:35 pM ET
Achieving and Activating a 360-Degree Customer View
Marketing and technology leaders from Blue Nile, Slalom, and Stylist discuss the importance of a comprehensive, consolidated view of customer information and how that helps them serve those customers better.
4:15 pM ET
Breakout Rooms: Innovative Ways to Increase Engagement
Another chance to get to know fellow MessageGears users, partners, and employees in a fun, guided conversation.
5 pM ET
Fireside Chat: Mark Stange-Tregear from Rakuten Rewards
5:20 pM ET
A Frictionless Future: MessageGears Product Roadmap
Data will continue to fuel meaningful interactions and help brands stay on top of customer expectations in the coming years, and how brands are able to quickly and easily access and utilize it will be critical for success. MessageGears will showcase where we're heading with our product and future direction as we close out Accelerate.
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