Against All Odds: Producers Panel
During what feels like an impossible time to be an independent filmmaker, producers from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival discuss how they make it happen against all odds.

From the complexities of casting, to selling projects in a streaming era, and what it takes to keep momentum going over the long life of making your film, these producers will share the lessons they’ve learned.

Conversation presented by Dear Producer.
Event hosted by Portrait.

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Portrait House @ Home Studios
Suite 401

873 Broadway, across from AMC 19th St East 6 Theater
Wheelchair Accessible

For ASL inquiries, email [email protected]
Date & Time
June 11, 2023
1:45 pm Doors Open
2:00 pm Panel Begins

Ticket Price $15
Rebecca Green
Moderator. producer
Downtown Owl
Editor-in-chief, Dear Producer
Allison Rose Carter
panelist. Producer
The Adults
Lizzie Shapiro
panelist. Producer
Bad Things, Songs About Fucking
Taylor Shung
panelist. Producer
The Graduates, Somewhere Quiet
Join us Sunday, June 11th
A special conversation presented by Dear Producer.
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