Newark, New Jersey, has accumulated large amounts of vacant land and unused property space over the past few decades. Unfortunately, these areas have unofficially served as garbage disposals and dumping areas for a variety of debris. About a year and a half ago, Lot 50 on Grafton Avenue was considered one of those spaces.

Today, Lot 50, now dubbed “Jannah on Grafton,” serves as a productive community garden and social event hub. The concept of this garden was developed by the consulting firm Al-Munir LLC and is committed to providing affordable and healthy produce for approximately 20 local families. In addition to providing healthy food, Jannah on Grafton also doubles as a place for community open mic nights, youth-oriented employment programs, and educational forums related to sustainability and wellness. Jannah on Grafton has inspired and transformed the neighborhood in an uplifting way. When looking at the impact this place has on the community, it’s hard to believe this didn’t exist three years ago.

Al Munir teamed up with Newark Stories to host AGROFEST 2022. Newark Stories is a team of residents, content creators, organizers, and organizers that commit acts of journalism to make sure Newark residents are engaged and informed.

AGROFEST 2022 will have health testing, fruit and vegetable giveaways, live music, community vendors, and more. We will also be celebrating Newark Community Champions who serve the greater Newark community in their life and work. WE LOOK FORWARD TO CELEBRATING WITH YOU!

The line up of activities and experiences
Garden tours

Storytelling/art installations

Garden art
@iamdejahmonai | @blakthebrand

Afro-exercise and dance @d_fogo

Music @djsick_

@broadwayblake and @vibesinthecity

HIV testing
Newark Community Health Center
Jannah on Grafton
29 Grafton Avenue Newark, New Jersey
Date & Time
June 25, 2022, 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Join us on June 25
We look forward to celebrating with you!

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