Anakay Meekwewin
The Passing Of Gifts
We are getting ready to host our annual Elders’ Gathering, Anakay Meekwewin: The Passing of Gifts, September 25th - 28th at the Nor'wester Hotel, in Thunder Bay. We are grateful to hold this important gathering on the Treaty Territory of Fort William First Nation.

This will be our third gathering, with Elders joining us from Lac Seul, Ogoki Post Marten Falls First Nation, and from the James Bay coast. All are welcome. 

Anakay Meekwewin gives us time to spend with Elders and reflect, come together, talk and learn from each other. This year, the gathering will focus around Traditional Healing and Medicines. 

Anakay Meekwewin begins with a sacred fire, and daily programming runs from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. In the evenings, there will be sweat lodges hosted by various Elders.

If your community, organization, or business would like to be a part of supporting Anakay Meekwewin, please contact us at: [email protected].
Best Western Plus Norwester Hotel & Conference Centre
2080 Hwy 61, Thunder Bay, ON P7J 1B8
Date & Time
Mon Sept 25, 2023
3 pm
Tue Sept 26, 2023
9 am - 5 pm
Wed Sept 27, 2023
9 am - 5 pm
Thur Sept 28, 2023
9 am - 2 pm
*See agenda for full schedule
Preparing for gathering:

I'm sharing information shared by Elder Sam Achneepineskum to prepare for gathering.
Please bring the following:

♥️ A small gift to contribute to the giveaway.

Be prepared for ceremonies , wear your skirt, bring lots of tobacco.

Tobacco is your reponsibility and gifts and cloth.

When you want prayers , you need to offer tobacco and cloth and a gift.

Bring your own towel, skirt/shorts for sweat. Hotel doesnt appreciate using their towels.

Any questions , feel free to ask.

That's what learning is all about.

Though some Elders have their own way of doing things , better to ask them.

We might use more than one lodge , depending on the numbers. We can fit 10 or 12 comfortably in a lodge and these are big lodges.

Safe travels and feel free to reach out.

Contact Us
Anakay Meekwein is made possible with funds from the Spirit to Soar Fund: a charity from Makwa Creative that supports Indigenous youth living in and around Thunder Bay with resources, cultural programming, and community connection and support. Our partners, Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) and the Matawa Education Council provide additional support and contributions.

However, we need your help too.

If your community, organization, or business would like to be a part of supporting Anakay Meekwewin, please contact us at:
[email protected].
September 25 - 28, 2023 
All are Welcome!

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