Join us on April 27th
Ticket SOLD OUT at the all previous events! Don't wait to get it!
Anime Food NYC Festival : YODAYO X Upstairs NYC
This one of a kind event will feature anime-inspired cuisine. Come with costume!

Event highlights include, special guests, voice actors for Pokémon, Emily Cramer, Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS and The Winx Club to name a few!!! And a Japanese Taiko Drum performance!!!

Mouth watering Asian food & our selected special Shochu & Sake menu includes "Beans Cocktail" & Special Cocktails! And Raffle by Yodayo! Come hungry!

TICKET INFORMATION: PRE SALE : $12, Regular : $15, Last-Minute/Door : $25 (Includes One drink)

* A portion of the proceeds from Sakura Festival will be donated to Taiwan Earthquake through Redcross and Noto Earthquake in Japan through directly Ishikawa prefecture.

A note to interested Vendors:
If you would like to participate in the Anime Food Festival, please send us details of what items you offer along with relevant website/social media information at [email protected]
 Join us on April 27th
Ticket SOLD OUT at the all previous events! Don't wait to get it!
Anime Food NYC Festival : YODAYO AI X Upstairs NYC
Join us on April 27th
A little more about this exciting event:
This one of a kind event will include anime-inspired food. We are thrilled to announce that we will have a very special guest, the Pokémon voice actor Emily Cramer! 

Moreover, you will get to indulge in the true YODAYO AI X Upstairs NYC Anime Food Festival experience featuring:

  • Special guest, Pokémon voice actor Emily Cramer! Autograph, photo sessions with fans, the chance to chat with Emily and special goods! All this excitement will take place 

  • Mouthwatering Anime-inspired food menu to explore! The price range for the delicious food items is between $5-$15. Uru-Kara
    Fried Chicken, Franky’s Shaken Fries, Chiaotzu’s Crispy Dumplings, Ruffly's Sausages, Sakuragi's Lou Rou Fan, Nami's Fruit sandwiches, Chihiro's Buns, Bond's Burgers, Mitsuri's Sakura matcha Panna cotta
    & Hanami Dango, Tanjiro's Onigiri, Anya's Mochi Brownies, Goku's Buns, Pikachu Pineapple cakes, Sarotu's Mochi cookie and some more!

  • Special Sake & Shochu & Cocktails Selection : "Beans Cocktails" named by YODAYO currency, Beans and Japanese Sake selection! We have special cocktail menu for this Anime Festival!

  • Popular anime goods vendors! 

  • Raffle by Yodayo! Chance to win Figures!
    You can draw the raffle at YODAYO booth by sign up YODAYO account. Prize: 5 Prizes of Figures! Good news! We make sure everyone sign up for the account goes home with something special!

  • Traditional Japanese Taiko Drum performance!

  • A dedicated photo booth where you and your friends can snap unforgettable memories with costumes.

  • Glass ceilings, incredible panoramic NYC cityscape views! DJ will be spinning Anime songs and K-pop throughout the event hours!

  • It is highly encouraged to come with costume!

More to follow! Disclaimer: Menu may change.

The Penthouse
617 West 46th Street, PH 6th Floor, New York, NY 10036
Date & Time
Saturday, April 27, 2024, 3:30 PM - 9:30 PM
 Join us on April 27th
Ticket SOLD OUT at the all previous events! Don't wait to get it!
Voice actor, Emily Cramer presents
Autograph, Taking photo together, chat with Emily, special goods! 
Emily is a voice actor and singer, whose work can be heard internationally in commercials, animated television shows, movies, video games, dark rides, and audio dramas.
Her most notable titles are currently Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS, The Winx Club, Bread Barbershop, Battle Game In 5 Seconds, EDF World Brothers, many Yu-Gi-Oh video games, and Genshin Impact. Before falling in love with voiceover, Emily performed for many years in broadway and national touring productions of Shrek the Musical, Mary Poppins, Les Misérables, and School of Rock.
Emily grew up in Boston, has lived in NYC for nearly 20 years, and loves to figure skate in her spare time!

Togedemaru, Pheromosa, Minior, Spinarak, Pyukumuku, Swablu, Altaria, Curly Pikachu

Pikala, Sarah
Japanese Traditional Taiko Drum Performance by COBU
6:15PM~, 7:15PM~
COBU Official Site 
Japanese Taiko Drum & Dance company. Based in NY, HipHop x Drumming new world. “ Dance like Drumming, Drum like Dancing “

Cobu, based in New York City, was created as a Live Rhythm Performing Arts Group in 2000. Yako Miyamoto, the founder of Cobu is a current member of the off broadway-hit STOMP.
Cobu combines elements of the Japanese traditional Taiko drumming with rhythmic Tap dancing. The extremely positive impact of the performance has received rave reviews from The New York Times and The Chicago Sun Times. and has touched audiences through major festivals in Boston and Chicago.
Takara Shuzo
Takara Sake USA Inc. was established in 1983 in Berkeley, California. The main products produced in Berkeley are the "Sho Chiku Bai" brand of sake, flavored sake, plum sake, mirin and others. Takara Sake USA has taken pure snow melt from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and superior rice from the fertile Sacramento Valley. To this, they apply traditional sake-making craftsmanship and modern technology to produce a sake worthy of the Takara mark. Various products like premium sake and shochu are imported from our parent company in Japan.

Since launching sake brewing operations in 1842, in the late Edo period, we have been providing for more than 170 years a wide variety of products underpinned by our creative and proven technology responding to the values and tastes of consumers.
NYC’s first tsukemen focused restaurant with our special 60-hour broth, all made in-house.
Named after its founder chef tomo, tabetomo (pronounced ‘ta-beh-to-mo’) translates directly from japanese to “eating buddy.” the restaurant serves a signature tonkotsu pork broth that prepared over 60 hours and specializes in jiro-style. located in the heart of manhattan’s east village, on the busy cross streets of st. marks and avenue a, tabetomo caters to an eclectic crowd, ranging from native connoisseurs of noodles to the first-time customer of tsukemen.
AM Cake & Dessert
Handmade, fresh Ingredients & Tasty bites. specializing in Asian/Taiwanese/Japanese Cupcakes & Cookies, Buns, Sushi, Dumplings.
Taiwanese Buns Shop & Sweets
Taiwanese buns. Super popular at street fair, sold more than 1,000 buns one day.
Japanese-inspired cafe. Crafting inventive onigiri
The Boiis co
The Boiis Co is a Filipino-owned mochi bakery located in the heart of New York City. They are known for creating unique and delicious mochi treats that are sure to satisfy any mochi cravings. One of their most popular and well-known goodies is the Mochi Filled Cookies a.k.a Mooks which have caught the attention of many in 2021. These cookies have been featured in Eater NY, NBC News, and Time Out NY and more. They are a unique twist on the classic shortbread style cookie, with a chewy and soft mochi center that is surrounded by a crispy cookie exterior.
Anime tumblers, libby cups and shirts/hoodies
meloncholy co.
Alice is a Hakka-Cantonese native New Yorker, illustrator, and the owner of Meloncholy Co. She creates artwork and products inspired by her culture, heritage, love of food, and video games of her childhood. Meloncholy Co. stocks amusing, cute, nostalgic small gifts and stationery such as greeting cards, stickers, keychains, and washi tape meant to spread happiness and bring smiles to your faces.
M&J Collectibles
Selling funko pops, Naruto, One piece, etc.
Stationery, totes, caps, and other goodies  of the gifty kind.
Growing up, I watched a lot of anime and the lessons I've learned from watching certain Anime has helped form me into the person I am today. BentoThreads is a small embroidery business that I began as a side passion but has quickly grown to become a small business that aims to bring everyone’s favorite characters from screens to streets and to share the appreciation of anime and video games all over! I'll be bringing embroidered caps and sweaters all made within my home!
Brooklyn Kaiju
Brooklyn Kaiju is an apparel and lifestyle brand that creates high end products with an urban chic aesthetic. Our team of artists and designers, passionate about fashion, design, illustration, games, and toys, brings a unique perspective to every creation. We don't just make products we love; we craft pieces that empower self-expression and inspire creativity in others.
funko pop / collectibles
The Penthouse
617 West 46th Street, PH 6th Floor, New York, NY 10036
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  • Will tickets also be sold at the door?
    Yes, if they have not been sold out and while supplies last.

  • Is this Kids friendly event?
    Yes, 10 years old and under doesn't need tickets, need to be with 21+. We do ID check at the door for alcohol drinks.

  • How does check-in work?
    We will scan in in the QR code in correspondence with your ticket at the The Penthouse venue and give you one drink voucher.
  • What if I cannot make it?
    Please refer to the refund policy below.

  • Can I bring my kids?
    Yes, we just check ID at the entrance. Attendees 21 years of age or older will be provided a wristband at the check-in. Please be sure to wear the wristband while you attend the event since we strictly provide alcohol drinks to the guests who wear the wristband.

  • What if I lose a drink voucher?
    Please make sure not to lose your voucher. Unfortunately, We are unable to replace these items if you misplace them. As they say, use it or lose it ;)
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