Cacao Connection Concerts, or CCC if you're into brevity, are PLATONIC, connection- and consent-based, embodiment, music & community-playing & building events.
CCCs are a HYBRID workshop & CONCERT!
There'll be... authentic sharing, cacao, dancing & music…
Opportunities to share a song or a poem, & LOTS of playfulness, healing, fun and connection!

Many who have experienced this event for the first time say this is their FAVORITE event & leave LIT UP with JOY & ENERGY! They share how important these events are - that we ALL need connection, music, play, and community in the ways that these events create & facilitate!

That we need to share AUTHENTICALLY, connect, create environments where we can be together, be playful/have FUN, share MUSIC, DANCE, and HEAL in community, with presence, love, PLAYFULNESS, music, dancing, platonic touch and JOY!
Note - all participation is optional. We encourage everyone to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable throughout the event.

Arrival window 5:00-6pm
LOCATION Minneapolis, MN near Powderhorn Park (will be provided once you secure your spot with a ticket).
IF the weather is NICE (above 60, not too windy), we might be outside with a big shade tree.
Please bring picnic blankets, yoga mats & other cushions/pillows for comfort. Contact Katie or Peter about what you're brining to share & to help with set up!

We start with some guided movement starting at 6pm, an opening circle & cacao shortly thereafter.
Closing Circle & ending/resetting the space around 8:30-9pm

For this SPRINGTIME April 2024 Cacao Connection Concert, the theme is CREATIVITY! (It's spring, after all!)
What do you notice about CREATIVITY in your life & how does CREATIVITY show up/impact how you live!? What would it look like & feel like for you to be CREATIVE more? How could you easily weave creativity into your daily life?!
Also, if the skies are clear, we will experience the SUNSET together!

Please arrive by 5:45pm so you have time to say hello & settle in before we start at 6pm.

We are experimenting with different ways of ticketing & offering events. For this event we are offering tiered ticketing and trust our community to choose the option that most aligns with their current financial and life situation.
(Note: there are limited number of tier 1 tickets available.)

Tier 1 (Limited Means or Volunteer): $20
Tier 2 (Regular Ticket): $25
Tier 3 (Patron): $30
Tier 4 (Mentorship): $40+ (includes one session of coaching/consultation with Katie Strand)

Please connect with Katie if you’re interested volunteering/helping with this event! We need support with set-up (arriving 30-60 minutes early), clean-up after the event (potentially staying a little late after closing circle), photography/video support & sound support (someone who can provide sound equipment &/or is comfortable adjusting sound system).

Please claim your spot & grab your ticket as soon as possible, we only have a certain amount of tickets/space and this event often fills up quickly & sells out!

It’s important & part of our values that these events prioritize community-building & healing! And are accessible to humans who feel a strong calling to be a part of this type of healing, connection & collaboration, so please reach out if the cost of tickets is untenable for you to connect about how we can work something out!
"I've never been! What IS a Connection Concert?"
There will be...
~ Guided embodiment exercises, movement/dance
~ An opening circle with cacao ceremony
~ Guided consent conversation & code of conduct for the event
~ Practice asking for, receiving and giving care, holding space, with optional touch & cuddling
~ Music & storytelling by Katie Strand… including the 4 pillars of traditional healing, ascension and transmuting challenge into connection & growth
~ Open Mic-style sharing from the participants*

*Poetry, music, movement, dance... & singalongs also happen, often spontaneously. That's part of the magic! At the first Cuddle Concert, we had a "Cuddle Quartet" sing Hallelujah!

Pot Luck Healthy Snacks:
Connection, playing & cuddling often create hearty appetites!
Please bring healthy finger food like organic veggies, hummus, nuts, fruit, meat or hard-boiled eggs (humanely raised only, please) to share with community to continue nourishing our bodies.

Adults only. We will have kid-friendly events in the future.

Important substance NOTE: This is an alcohol-free event.

Covid/Symptom note: if you have ANY symptoms that could be contagious, please care for yourself & community, stay home & come to the next event! We’ll miss you, but care & consideration of everybody’s health is important. Thank you!

Katiee Strand brief bio:
Katie Strand (aka Kate or Mama Kate) is a multi-passionate singer, musician, songwriter, teacher, producer, facilitator & spiritual being having a profound human experience.
Kate continues to compost & transmute the intense experience of being caregiver and death doula for her two closest loved ones, partner/husband of 9 years Marcus Lovemore in 2017 & her beloved Mama Kay in 2023, into these events... and into learning, healing, growth, love, teaching/coaching.

Kate is passionate about teaching how transmute and gain resilience within life's challenging experiences through creativity and connection, and traditional healing pillars which are shared & embedded in Cacao Connection Concerts. Kate has over 25 years of training in spiritual, embodiment & healing arts & teaching. Katie earned a MA in Spiritual Psychology from USM in 2008. Katie is also an Emmy-winning & nominated documentary filmmaker (Nanking), and loves coaching & leading teams to create expansive, transformational events, projects, performances and films/programs.
Minneapolis, MN (address shared with ticket confirmation)
Date & Time
Saturday, April 27th, 5:00pm
 Join us Sunday, February 25th, 2024
We look forward to hosting you!

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