The Art of Mothering Yourself 
Join us on Saturday, June 24th!
This powerful healing workshop and Q+A Panel will be hosted by Lani G, a spiritual life coach and Wayneisha Walker, a licensed therapist, to hold space for women needing a safe space to process inner child healing.

At The Art of Mothering Yourself, you'll receive:

- a light brunch (with plant-based options),
- inner child guided meditation,
- guided journal prompts,
- sister circle sharing,
- sound healing, and more!

This will be an intimate event with limited spots available so register today!
Houston, TX
(Heights Area)
Date & Time
June 24, 2023
11AM - 2PM
Flow of Events
10:45 AM
Doors Open
Guests are welcomed into the space and invited to get comfortable.
11:00 AM
Brunch + Mingle
Guests are serenaded by a light R&B playlist while eating and mingle with one another and hosts Lani + Way. 
11:30 AM
Introductions - Lani + Way introduce themselves to guests and invite guests to share about themselves to add to the safety and sacredness of the space.
11:40 AM
Art of Mothering Workshop Begins
Lani leads the workshop that features a guided inner child meditation, journal prompts and sister circle sharing to facilitate deep inner child healing for each guest. To close out the workshop, each guest makes a commitment to their inner child.
1:00 PM
Workshop Concludes
Lani guides each guest through a visualization to help them release the old energy that came up during the workshop so they may move forward in a lighter space.
1:15 PM
Q+A Panel
Guests have time to ask Lani + Way follow-up questions on how to integrate what they've learned into their healing journey moving forward.
1:30 PM
Wind Down + Social Time
Guests have time to mingle with one another and hosts while eating and communing to reground before carrying on with their day. 
We highly recommend that guests leave their afternoons open to rest and recuperate following the workshop. Having deep emotional releases and newfound awareness can be jarring and we advise you give yourself time to rest afterwards. 
Check out some testimonials below from past guests of the Art of Mothering Yourself Workshop.
"The Art of Mothering workshop was hella intentional and supportive. Conversing with other Black women who were experiencing similar things helped normalize talking about our traumas in a way that's honest, healthy and free. I'm super grateful for a space to be vulnerable and feel safe. I will definitely attend another workshop like this with Lani."

-Maya C. 
"I was able to let it out and cry. Like I had the chance to visualize myself as a child and speak to her. What I told her was important to me and her to move forward. I'd definitely attend another event like this and recommend it to anyone who wants to heal."

- J.B.
Lani G, Certified Spiritual Life Coach
CEO + Founder of Loving The Journey, Lani serves the community as a spiritual life coach and intuitive healer for Black women by creating safe and sacred spaces for them to heal. Lani's mission is to empower 1 million Black women worldwide to love themselves fully and out loud by 2030. She hosts retreats and workshops, like this one, for Black women to do their healing work. As a coach, her focus lies in helping Black women to break generational "curses" aka generational choices so they can live their most liberated life.
Wayneisha Walker, LCSW-S
A Las Vegas native and owner of Inherent Wellness PLLC, a wellness collective located in Houston, Texas. Wayneisha is a licensed psychotherapist that specializes in treating trauma, mood disorders, and adjustment disorders. Inherent Wellness PLLC offers various avenues of healing, including therapy, yoga, reiki, and massage therapy. 
 Join us on June 24th 

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