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The furniture is crafted by Lee Doezema and Zak Doezema in our shop at Red on Blue. As LLDesign Build, we are available for custom furniture, custom cabinetry, and custom homes.

  Lee Doezema and Fen Bassett share the gallery space with furniture pieces from our design studio.

Lee Doezema
A Millisecond on the Surface of Water  30 1/2" x 44"
Water can be friend, threat, necessity, and disaster. We build houses on the shores of lakes, then we defend ourselves and our property against them. We love to swim and boat but face the threat of drowning and sinking. We pray for rain and also pray for the end of rain.

Water is beautiful.  It’s movement is beautiful.  The surface of water, of the lake, describes a constantly changing volume below with an endless variety of interlocking organic forms.

My thought was to study the surface of water, to ignore the element of color, reflection, and transparency. I’ve chosen graphite, which is pure carbon, mainly in a powder form applied with a rag or brush, on the flat surface of paper with smudges and marks, and the subtraction of those marks with an eraser, to describe the nature of the surface of water. I want to take a fresh look, to investigate. So I’ve only just begun. This is what I have so far.

Fen Bassett
    Willa  7 1/2" x 7 1/2"

While Lee is nearing the end of his career, Fen Basset, his grand daughter, is at the beginning. Her series of small drawings shows an ability to observe and study the human form in its environment in a unique and fresh way. There is an intriguing open narrative to each small drawing. Fen has spent a year at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and is finding her way into the future.
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