As part of our community commitment to creating healthy communities, we have partnered with the Arts for EveryBody Campaign and the National League of Cities which have created a national call for action which identifies July 27th as Arts and Health Day for the City of Lakeland.

The Arts play a crucial role in enhancing our lives, contributing significantly to our mental, physical, and community health. Engaging in artistic activities can improve mental health and physical wellness, foster a sense of community and social connection, and help to create equitable and accessible community connections.

We invite you to participate in Arts and Health week from July 22nd-27th. Throughout the week, we will explore the transformative power of the arts through daily activities. Individuals and organizations are welcome to participate. You don't have to be creative, you only need a willingness to try! The Arts are about connection, not perfection.
Lakeland, FL
Date & Time
July 22, 2024, 12:00 AM - July 27, 2024 - 11:30 PM
How to participate
There are so many ways to participate in Arts and Health Week from sharing our posts on social media, to getting together with friends to experience something creative!  Check out the schedule below and participate in daily arts-based challenges. Share your experience on social media using the tag #ArtsandhealthLakeland. You can also visit local participating arts organizations or be part of our Community Canvas Artwork by painting or coloring a hexagon to be part of the art! 
If you're an organization that values our community health, or the Arts, then we welcome you to participate in Arts and Health week.  Did you know that incorporating Arts activities for employees can actually reduce burn out and improve retention? Whether it is posting on social media to shed a light on the benefits of art and health, or having a hands on experience, let us know you'd like to participate!  We have a list of activities and a press kit that almost any organization can easily implement for Arts and Health Week.

We have ready made resources for you!  Our goal is to increase awareness and engagement while limiting the burden for organizations. Please reach and be a part of this amazing week! Don't forget to add the hashtag #ArtsandHealthLakeland and tag Watson Clinic Foundation when sharing on social media
Community-wide artwork project
Watson Clinic Foundation’s Arts in Medicine Program is coordinating a community-wide art project called “Hexagon Harmony”.  Beginning Monday July 22nd, You can pick up a small hexagon with directions at the Watson Clinic Cancer Center, along with other organizations throughout Lakeland (listed below) which can be sketched, colored, or painted on to create your own masterpiece.  Simply put it into the drop box provided when it is finished and it will be combined with others throughout our community to create a beautiful collage canvas artwork which will hang in the Watson Clinic Cancer Center providing inspiration to patients and caregivers.    

You can pick up your project and participate by stopping at any of these participating organizations:

Watson Clinic Cancer Center (Arts in Medicine Studio 2nd Floor)
1730 Lakeland Hills Blvd.

Larry R. Jackson Branch Library (front desk)
1700 N. Florida Ave.

Lakeland Public Library (front desk)
100 Lake Morton Dr.

Polk Museum of Art (front desk)
800 E. Palmetto St.

Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine (front desk)
600 W. Peachtree St.

July 22nd
Arts for Mental Health
  • Daily Challenge: Encourage followers to create and share art that expresses their feelings.
  • Did You Know Post: Share a fact about how the arts improve mental health*
  • Daily Showcase: Highlight a story or testimonial from someone in your community who uses art for mental health.
July 23rd
Arts for Physical Health
  • Daily Challenge: Promote a movement-based arts activity like dance or yoga
  • Did you Know: Share a fact about how the arts can benefit physical health*
  • Daily Showcase: Feature an individual or group who incorporates arts for physical wellness
July 24th
Arts for Community Health
  • Daily Challenge: Create a collaborative art piece with your community, we will have pickup and drop off locations around town for your part of the project (let us know if you'd like to be a pickup/drop off location)
  • Did You Know Post: Share a fact about the role of arts in fostering community well-being*
  • Daily Showcase: Highlight a community project or event that uses arts to bring people together.
Arts for Social Health
  • Daily Challenge: Encourage followers to participate in an art activity with friends or family
  • Did You Know Post: Share a fact about how arts can bridge social gaps and enhance connections*
  • Daily Showcase: Show how your organization uses arts to build social connections.
The Arts are for Everyone!
  • Daily Challenge: Invite everyone to create and share their art, emphasizing inclusivity.
  • Did You Know Post: Share a fact about the universal benefits of the Arts*
  • Daily Showcase: Celebrate the diversity of your participants and their artistic contributions.
Arts and Health Day!
  • Daily Challenge: Share your favorite moment during Arts and Health Week
  • Did You Know Post: Share your favorite local way to participate in the Arts*
  • Daily Showcase: Celebrate the various ways you participated in Arts and Health Week
  • Drawing for Community Canvas Quest winner!
Free Resources!
  • Click the link below to receive free resources for the daily Did you Know posts, and other resources for participating
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We look forward to your participation!

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