The Acuiti Asset Managers' Meeting
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Acuiti's Asset Managers' Meeting is a closed-door, invite-only event for Senior Executives in asset management to come together to discuss the pressing issues of the day.

Acuiti events stand out from the crowd. We have pioneered the concept of the embedded panel to create a genuinely interactive forum where both speakers and attendees can take part in the discussion.
Furniture Makers’ Hall, 12 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HE

Date & Time
Thursday, October 19th 2023
15:00 - 18:30
(followed by an optional informal dinner)
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This event is exclusive to Senior Executives and our event partners. Attendance is free. To request an invitation, please click below.
Registration, welcome drinks and networking
Join your peers and a series of market experts for an interactive and wide-ranging discussion on a range of topics pertaining to asset management.

Provisional topics:

Theme 1: Optimising markets for asset managers
  • How are rising margins and the cost of financing impacting trading strategies?
  • What impact has UMR had on engagement with the listed markets? Where are the gaps?
  • How are firms managing liquidity in volatile markets? 
  • What new products could help asset managers reduce costs and inefficiencies? 
  • Is market structure stacked against asset managers and what can exchanges do to level the playing field? 

Theme 2: ESG and climate investing
  • Is ESG investing becoming a competitive disadvantage? 
  • Should the EU scrap the Article 8 and 9 definitions? 
  • Are markets meeting the demand from asset managers for ESG?
  • How to invest in the transition? 

Theme 3: Innovation and growth
  • Does asset management have an innovation problem? 
  • Where are the key international markets and products for growth for European asset managers? 
  • How is the rising importance of alternatives disrupting portfolios and asset allocation? 

17:30 - 18:30
Drinks reception and networking followed by optional informal dinner 
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Acuiti is a management intelligence platform for senior executives in capital markets. Our invite-only events are designed to ensure an active and engaged discussion between participants and to break the mould of dull panel discussions in front of half-empty rooms.

Our focus is on providing the most engaged and interactive discussion of any event and our managers meeting will give you the opportunity to share ideas with your peers and industry experts to arrive at common solutions that will help you grow your business.

At Acuiti events, everyone is a potential speaker. Rather than the traditional panel format, we embed the panel in the audience and offer you the opportunity to speak on the theme in what one delegate to a previous Acuiti event described as "the most engaging event format I have seen".

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