Over $50,000 in prizes!
No experience needed!  Registrations accepted up until submissions are due on July 10, 2020!
The Zuckerberg Institute, Microsoft Alumni Network, Phoenix Ivy Council, and 33 North Partners have been joined together by the creators of the Great AZ Code Challenge, to bring you the inaugural Arizona Social Impact Business Plan Challenge for high school students--our state’s very first social impact business competition. 

High school students are invited to work in teams of up to four people as they identify and develop novel approaches to help disabled or special needs persons enhance the quality of their lives. Throughout the Challenge, they will be provided with experienced and successful mentors to assist them in the process of building a truly viable business plan, and work alongside public and private industry experts, mentors, and social entrepreneurial thought leaders that will set them up for success in school, business, civic engagement and in their lives.

To receive information on how to register free of charge, or to support the program, contact [email protected].
Date & Time
June, 1 2020
Mentors are available to work with teams

July, 10 2020
Business plan submittals due by 4pm

July 22 & 23, 2020
Pitch presentations

July 24, 2020
Closing Ceremony 
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June 11, 2020
2:00pm PST
Register to Participate

July 24, 2020
10:00am PST
Over $50,000 in Prizes!
Grand Prize
he Top Winning Team will win an exclusive, private mentoring session with the Zuckerberg Institute--including Randi Zuckerberg herself, in addition to to the Top Eight Teams prize!

Top Eight Teams
The Top 8 Teams will get free entrance to the Post Pandemic Task Force Program or Become an Influencer for Good Program- which will begin on August 3rd and run through the 19th of August.

Zuckerberg Institute’s Post Pandemic Task Force is an incredible opportunity for highly motivated high school students to identify an industry that has been substantially disrupted by COVID-19, come up with innovative solutions, and present their ideas to industry leaders and experts. Successful applicants will join Randi Zuckerberg and her team to produce positive change in their own neighborhoods while growing into innovators ready to change the world.

How to Become an Influencer...For Good is a 3-week, live online course led by Randi Zuckerberg and the founders of the Zuckerberg Institute.  This program helps students develop the skills necessary to be seen as an influencer.  How to Become an Influencer...For Good teaches students to authentically differentiate themselves and increase their success as an influencer, while introducing them to a small, dedicated team of peers and mentors.  
The Problem
Too often youth and adults with disabilities do not have the adequate services, support, access to meaningful work, and personal relationships they want and need to lead a full life in the community. Moreover, they often lack opportunities to participate in and contribute to their communities. This Business Challenge is designed to identify and develop new novel
approaches to helping disabled persons enhance their quality of lives.

Teams are asked to focus on one of more of the quality of life problem areas for our youth and adults with disabilities, which are organized into six (6) categories:

1) Employment and Poor Job Prospects
2) Healthcare Disparities
3) Independent Living and Economic Insecurity
4) Attitudinal and Communications Barriers
5) Education
6) Select your own disability issue

Each team can select one or more of these disability problems or identify other common disability problems that their team would like to address by their social impact venture. We have created a separate reference document titled “An Overview of the Common Barriers Experienced by Persons with Disabilities”.

For more information on The Problem Statement, click here.
The Opening and Closing Ceremonies are open to the public, join us to see them speak and announce the winners of the Challenge!

World-class business leaders, such as Closing Ceremony Keynote Speaker MIT Professor Robert Langer, Jamie Casap of Google, Professor Hugh Herr, and Rowland Hanson, former Microsoft executive hired by Bill Gates to launch Windows, are scheduled to speak at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as to make some appearances throughout the Challenge.
Professor Robert Langer
Langer Lab, MIT
Jamie Casap
Education Evangelist
Professor Hugh Herr
Professor at MIT Media Lab
MIT Media Lab
Rowland Hansen
Board member and trustee
Microsoft Alumni Network and Microsoft Foundation
Professor Hugh Herr--MIT Media Lab
Opening Ceremony Speaker

Hugh Herr, who heads the Biomechatronics group at the MIT Media Lab, is creating bionic limbs that emulate the function of natural limbs. In 2011, TIME magazine coined him the “Leader of the Bionic Age” because of his revolutionary work in the emerging field of biomechatronics – technology that marries human physiology with electromechanics.

A double amputee himself, Herr is responsible for breakthrough advances in bionic limbs that provide greater mobility and new hope to those with physical disabilities. He is the author and co-author of more than 150 peer-reviewed papers and patents, chronicling the science and technology behind his many innovations. These publications span the scientific fields of biomechanics and biological motion control, as well as the technological innovations of human rehabilitation and augmentation technologies. As published in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation in 2014, Herr’s team advanced the first autonomous exoskeleton to reduce the metabolic cost of human walking, a goal that has eluded scientists for over a century.

Herr’s Biomechatronics group has developed gait-adaptive knee prostheses for transfemoral amputees and variable impedance ankle-foot orthoses for patients suffering from drop foot, a gait pathology caused by stroke, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis. He has also designed his own bionic limbs, the world's first bionic lower leg called the BiOM Ankle System. As published in the 2012 Proceedings of the Royal Society, the BiOM Ankle System has been clinically shown to be the first leg prosthesis to achieve biomechanical and physiological normalization, allowing persons with leg amputation to walk with normal levels of speed and metabolism as if their legs were biological once again.

Herr has received many accolades for his groundbreaking innovations, including the 13th Annual Heinz Award for Technology, the Economy and Employment; the Prince Salman Award for Disability Research; the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award in Technology; the 14th Innovator of the Year Award; the 41st Inventor of the Year Award; and the 2016 Princess of Asturias Award for Technical & Scientific Research.
Jamie Casap--Google Education Evangelist
Opening Ceremony Speaker

Jaime Casap is the Chief Education Evangelist at Google. Jaime evangelizes the potential of digitalization as an enabling capability in pursuit of promoting inquiry-based learning models. Jaime collaborates with school systems, educational organizations, and leaders focused on building innovation into our education policies and practices.  
In addition to his role at Google, Jaime serves as an advisor to dozens of organizations focused on learning, skill development, and the future of work.  He is the coauthor of “Our First Talk About Poverty,” as a way to talk to children about poverty.  Jaime helped launch the Phoenix Coding Academy, a public high school in Phoenix, AZ, focused on computer science as part of an inquiry-based learning model.  He teaches a 10th-grade communication class at the school.  He also guest lectures at Arizona State University.
He speaks on education, digitalization, innovation, generation z, and the future of work at events around the world. You can follow and reach him on Twitter at @jcasap and watch his YouTube career advice videos at www.youtube.com/jaimecasap.
Professor Robert Langer--Langer Lab, MIT
Closing Ceremony Speaker

Not many people in the world can lay claim to having helped, by some estimates, over 2 billion people. Professor Langer is perhaps the foremost Social Impact Entrepreneur of our generation. Having been dubbed the “Edison of Medicine” by Harvard Business Review, Professor Langer has accomplished so very much to benefit the world in his career:

  • 40+ companies founded from his lab with a market value of 23B++, including Moderna Inc., first to clinical trials with a vaccine for COVID
  • He is one of twelve Institute Professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his research laboratory is the largest biomedical engineering lab in the world
  • His publications have been cited over 305,000 times, making his one the of 10 most cited individuals in history
  • Holds more than 1,360 patents
  • Langer is the youngest person in history (at 43) to be elected to all three American science academies: the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine
  • Langer has received more than 220 major awards.
    • One of four living recipients of both the National Medal of Science AND the National Medal of Technology and Innovation
    • Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for his contributions to medicine
  • Has honorary degrees from 34 universities from around the world including, Harvard and Yale
We have provided a number of summary papers and short instructional videos on key topics related to preparation of your business plan. Below are some of the curriculum topics designed to help ignite your creative thinking:

General Social Entrepreneurship Topics
What is Social Entrepreneurship?
Examples of Innovative Social Ventures
The Rapid Growth of Social Innovation at American Universities
Importance of Forming Strategic and Collaborative Partnerships
The Future of Social Impact Ventures and Social Impact Investing

Preparation of the Social Impact Business Plan
How to Identify your Mission
How to Analyze your Problem
How to Conduct a Market Analysis
Plan for Sustainability
Bring your Idea to Scale
How to Prepare Financial Proformas
How to Measure your Social Impact
How to Prepare an Elevator Pitch

Other Leadership and Entrepreneurship Topics
What are the characteristics of social entrepreneurs' leadership?
The Blurring Boundaries between Nonprofits, Government Agencies, and Businesses
Team Building Exercises
How to Fundraise Like a Pro
Media and Public Speaking Training
Mindfulness and Secular Ethics
Business School 101-- How to Start a Business
Business School 102-- Defining Early Success

AzSIBC Business Plan Rules, Guidelines and Judging Criteria Information
June 1
The Challenge Begins
Mentors are available to all teams to help in the development of the business concept, business plan, and pitch presentation.  
July 10
Business Plan Submissions Due
Registration period ends.  Business plans must submitted by 4 pm, July 10, 2020 to qualify to win these incredible prizes.  
july 22, 23
Pitch Presentations
Each team from the selected top eight will select one member of their team to make a brief three (3) minute “Elevator Pitch” presentation via Zoom to a judging panel that will be followed by an eight (8) minute question and answer period.  The pitch presentation will include a brief summary of how the product/service is going to solve the selected problem and the business venture’s anticipated social impact.  All members of the team may participate in the Q&A session.
july 24
Closing Ceremony, Winning Teams Announced
The Closing Ceremony will include appearances from world class speakers including MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer. The panel judges’ will then announce the top five ranked teams, and award prizes, trophies, and medals (which will be mailed out after the ceremony).

The top winning teams will also receive the opportunity to be announced via a press release and social media announcements. We can't help it if we are so proud that we want to shout it from the rooftops.
Make a Difference--Donate Now!
Donations and sponsors make this event possible, so thank you for your consideration!  
World Class Workshops
June 4
Turning an Idea into a Business--Olenka Cullinan
Imagine – you’re in the shower and inspiration struck you with a genius idea!  You run out, scribble it on a piece of paper – and now what?  How do you transfer your vision on a napkin into a full function scalable company?  Olenka will walk you through some fundamental steps & decisions that every starting entrepreneur can take to set your idea in motion.
June 10
Master Your Brag--Olenka Cullinan
Fact:  Women still earn 81 percent of what their male counterparts do, according to the Labor Department’s 2019 data.  The question is, “Why?!”  What propels men to the status of superheroes in business or workplace?  The “Brag”.  The mastery of unapologetic, ‘in-your-face’ self-belief and ability to showcase their best side to employers, business partners, and potential investors, even if they “wing it”.   Join Olenka to learn what it takes to “master your brag!”
June 18
Exercise in Startup Ideation—Ron Remy
Join the Mobile Heartbeat CEO and Executive at Hospital Corporation of America (the largest hospital group in the country) in this fun and interactive ideation session.  As we emerge from the worst pandemic in 100 years, everything that we used to take for granted is being analyzed on how to do things better and differently.  For hospitals, they are asking many questions on how they can work more efficiently and safely.  The COVID-19 pandemic has hospitals asking a really important question; “Why do we still have waiting rooms where sick people often are in close proximity to one another?”  The answer: That’s how things have always been done.  Now, there is an immediate need to rethink how everything is done.
June 23
My Entrepreneurial Journey with Steve Jobs—Ron Weissman
Many know of Steve Jobs’ success in founding and leading Apple.  Less well known are two other startups: Pixar (Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc., and WALL*E), and Next Computer.  Join Ron Weissman of Band of Angels (one of the very first technology investment groups) as he shares his entrepreneurial journey as Steve's right hand man.  Moderated by Armando Viteri, CEO of Neubloc, a multinational software firm.
AZSIBC Partner, SEED SPOT Launches New Camp
SEED SPOT 2-Day Launch Camp in Partnership with FINNOVATION Lab July 9 and July 10

Start or develop a new business in a community of other entrepreneurs at SEED SPOT’s VIRTUAL 2-Day Launch Camp.  Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, or just exploring a business idea, the 2-Day Launch Camp is sure to equip you with the tools necessary to be successful.

Over the two days, you will propel your idea to market with the help of SEED SPOT’s globally-ranked curriculum in a collaborative environment, receive one-on-one mentorship from the SEED SPOT Mentor Network, and participate in a virtual pitch event to celebrate your wins! Reserve your spot at this incredible program

SEED SPOT Pivot Camp
Tackle a business pivot that responds to new market opportunities and customer needs, and increases your revenue potential!  This SEED SPOT program is designed for entrepreneurs looking to rapidly iterate their product or service, reach new customers, and explore additional revenue streams. In this two day camp, you will work 1:1 with experts in tech, marketing, HR, legal, & sales on the latest trends that you can take advantage of in your business.  Urgency is crucial, and making meaningful changes as soon as possible is important for the success of your business.  Guarantee your spot at this game-changing program here.
We are thrilled to provide a team of incredibly experienced and successful mentors.

Mark Allen                              
Arizona State University BS, W.P. Carey School of Business, Finance Manager, General Motors

Negin Behzadian
Stanford BS, MS, Electrical Engineering, GE Healthcare
Liana Burtsava
INSEAD MBA, CEO Connected, Lecturer INSEAD, former Consultant - Digital Marketing Practice

Janice Cain
University of Chicago MBA, CMO of 1010 Marketing

Jonathan Curley
Junior, Arizona State University, enrolled in nonprofit management and social enterprise classes

Curt Feldtkeller
Arizona State University BA, NBC Radio/TV host, Experience in Ed Tech, Founding Partner of GrowthX Academy

Herman Flores
Junior, Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business

Lyndsey Fry
Harvard BA, Arizona State University MBA, Marketing Director, Arizona Coyotes, US Olympic Silver Medalist, 2014 Olympics

Megan Garlapow
University of Chicago BA, NCSU PhD, President, Line Medical Communications

Lauren Garner Smith
BA, Florida JD, Partner, Jaburg & Wilk

Adam Gravely
Junior, Arizona State University, Fulton School of Engineering

Jonathan Hall
Harvard BA, Stanford MBA, Social Enterpreneurship Lecturer, Partner, 33 North Partners and DreamBrands

Rowland Hanson
U Penn Wharton MBA, Serial entrepreneur, former Microsoft executive

Francine Hardaway
Cornell, Co-founder Stealthmode Partners, active in startup community

Paul Harraka
Duke BA, Stanford MBA, Managing Partner, Anodize Capital Partners

Alicia Holmes
Managing Partner, 33 North Partners

Morgan Lerette
Tufts MS, IT Manager of Cigna Healthcare

Raghav Jandhyala
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological BS, Harvard AI, Senior Director, Product Management , SAP

Jean-Moise Jeanty
Cornell MBA, Senior Director Strategy & Analytics, ASU, Senior Finance Manager, Molson Coors

Sam Jones 
University of Pennsylvania BS, Associate, Colliers International

Billy Nichols
Harvard BA, Product Manager, Axon

Kästle Olson
Columbia BA, Graphic Design and Website, KO Concepts

Adrain Pajaro
Senior, Arizona State University, Computational Mathematics

Marco Rosero
MIT BS Architecture & Civil Engineering, Associate, Orcutt Winslow

Melissa Pullon
Northwestern BA, Director, Special Needs Ministry

Jessica Sarceda
Arizona State University BS, Engineering, Product Director, Paradox.ai

Natalie Stephens
Arizona State University, BS, W.P. Carey School of Business, thesis on social enterprise

William Thomas 
University of Pennsylvania BS, Product Marketing, Terminus

Dominique van de Stadt
Harvard BA, Columbia MA, journalism, nonprofit management and arts

Armando Viteri
MIT BS, Managing Partner, 33 North Partners and Neubloc

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact us at [email protected].

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