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September 23, 2023  1-2:30pm
Yoga Circle Studio, 
Snohomish, WA
$44 per person
About the Experience
As we transition into the Autumn Equinox, it is a great time to consider and invite balance into our lives. The changing seasons can prompt us to reevaluate what brings us equilibrium and to make necessary adjustments.

Balance is a dynamic process, and it's natural for your needs and priorities to change as the seasons shift. This Sound Bath Experience is specifically designed to help you embrace this time of transition as an opportunity to realign with yourself and find harmony in your life.

By listening inwardly and taking intentional steps, you can make the most of the Autumn Equinox to nurture and balance your body, mind, and spirit.
What to expect
This 90-minute sound bath experience will begin with self-reflection and a release meditation followed by an immersive sound journey experience.
Sound vibrations offer deep healing by releasing stuck emotional energy as well as bringing balance to the chakras.
You are encouraged to bring a journal and pen to make note of any visions or messages that come through during the experience.

Yoga Circle Studio in Snohomish, WA has everything you need, including mats, blankets and bolsters, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.
Please dress comfortably for this event as you will be laying down to fully absorb into the vibrations of the sound bowls.

Meet Rebecca
SARAS Sound Healing
Rebecca is a highly skilled and passionate musician who is dedicated to promoting healing and balance through music. Her experience in performance and education, combined with her knowledge of music theory, has allowed her to expand her musical and spiritual practice to include various forms of sound healing therapy, including Sound Bath Healing, Chakra and Crystal Healing, and Tuning Fork Healing.
That was amazing! The sound bath was such a relaxing and euphoric experience. I was able to completely escape and be. It was very refreshing.
- Desirae Gallagher
Join us on September 23, 2023

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