Balanced island retreat
yoga, soundmeditation, health coaching
Imagine that you are in the sunny Spain on Balanced island at La Bruguera de Púbol. Imagine you start and finish your days with yoga, the gentle vibes of the Himalayan singing bowls, and you refill your body with delicious nourishing meals. Imagine a safe place where you can dig up and say goodbye to old energies, emotions, what does not serve you anymore, where you can lay down a foundation, create space for something new. Imagine you enter back to your daily life with this new mindset, and you step into it with a flame in your heart.
4 days - 3 nights , Full board retreat
Spring · 2023
La Bruguera de Púbol -SPAIN
Shared, double rooms with bathrooms.
Some single occupancies are available
but strictly limited and incur an additional fee.
3 delicious, vegetarian meals by our private chef,
Daniel Gomes Duran @vegbamboo
All day long you can find infusions, teas, juices, healthy snacks.
See our prices and how to apply
short overview
From beginner to experienced yogis are welcome
A morning vinyasa and an afternoon yin yoga
Let the gentle waves of the Himalayan singing bowls,
chimes and drums help you meditate.
Health Coaching
Group sessions with Eva
Special events
Chocolate and wine, full moon yoga with candles and relaxing soundmeditation... Every evening has something to offer for you.
Your workplace always demands the same, high-energy level from you, the holidays are pre-advertised, keeping your focus on the one big event of the year, your summer holiday, where you should recharge for the whole year within a few weeks. It is advertised and expected that you can let go of everything in those days, that those days are perfect, full of fun, adventure, happiness, and everything what's happening during your holiday is in your favour and gives you energy, as much that you don't even think about leaving your job until Christmas. You can't escape the constant push towards the perfect holidays with huge expectations ...
Or can you?
With these thoughts in our minds we created a retreat called Balanced island, positioned in the Spring to recharge ourselves, to disconnect from everything to be able to reconnect with ourselves. End of the year burn out is so common we don't even notice it any more, and we don't realize it built up during the year. Usually, we're just shrugging our shoulders in January wishing for an extra month of holidays, and put all the expectations and responsibility on our summer holiday. Break the circle. Give yourself a break in the Spring.
Púbol, Spain
the PRICES  
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/ 4 days - 3 nights, full board:
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/ 4 days - 3 nights, full board:
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La Bruguera de Púbol
Púbol 17120 Girona, Spain
Date and time
SPRING ·  2023
Niveau | ALL LEVEL
From beginner to advanced yogis
everybody is welcome
Contact us via email, and we will send you all the details about how to secure your reservation.
[email protected] or click here:
We will send you via email all the details about the payment.
[email protected]
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The team
Balanced by eva & silent island
Balanced by Eva
yoga and health from Barcelona
Eva is a passionate yoga teacher and trainer with over thousands of classes taught, both in private and group settings. Her specialties are Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, prenatal yoga, and Yoga Trapeze.

"Yoga has changed my life, helped me through some very difficult times in life, and taught me to see and appreciate my own strength and potential.
One of my purposes with teaching is to help others to discover their own strengths and capacity, on and off the mat."

Nutrition, health and natural remedies became her passion, and she has always been sharing her knowledge with others, with the intention of helping them feel healthy and balanced.

More about Eva:
Silent island
sounds from Amsterdam
I inherited the love for music from my family. Since my early childhood, I played musical instruments, and I was surrounded by musicians and music enthusiasts.
My deeper inner journey started about 12 years ago with hot yoga. Thanks to yoga, my body and soul started to heal, my mind could rest, and it became focused. I have always had a desire to make this world a tiny bit a better and more peaceful place by doing something meaningful and kind with the least compromise to my own soul. Private and group sound meditation sessions are providing me with that deeper purpose I was searching for before.

Let the gentle waves of the Himalayan singing bowls, drums, chimes and many more instruments rock you to Balanced island.

More about Hajni:
December 08-11,
Púbol, Spain
The Balance
of our retreat
The yoga
The former Casademont Art Gallery has been transformed for creative, active and well-being activities. It boasts underfloor heating, 4m high ceilings, is fully-equipped for yoga, and has a huge glass wall which opens out over an Asian-style cloistered fishpond, with views into the forest. There are bathrooms and a shower, and air conditioning for summer.

During the retreat, we will be practicing yoga twice a day.

Morning classes will be vinyasa, flow style, that will help to awaken both the body and the soul while helping to quiet your mind and thoughts. A moving meditation that will help you be present in the moment, feel envigored and alive.
Afternoon classes will be slower with fewer poses that will be held for a longer time. This will allow you to open and stretch your body at a much deeper level.
The sounds
Bathe in melodic music during a peaceful soundmeditation, allowing the soothing vibrations to flow through your body, filling you with love and light. Let the gentle waves of the Himalayan singing bowls, drums, chimes, and many more instruments sail you away to silent island.
Relax, recharge, reconnect, and enjoy the sounds. Meditate with the help of music. Let the sounds guide you, let your body rest, and your soul fly. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

After the morning yoga classes, we will have a mini soundmeditation. The evening yin yoga classes will be gently guided all the way.
The Health coaching
During our retreat, there will be a couple of group sessions where Eva will be offering guidance and tips to make your next year your best year.

"As an Integrative Health Coach I strongly believe in the saying "Give the body half the chance, so it can heal itself". Our lifestyle and dietary choices can either make us healthy and radiant or can make us sick and miserable. I don't believe in fast results, fad diets or changes overnight, but I do believe in consistency and long lasting results that balance and transform your life."
moon meditaton
We are preparing a very special moon meditation for you.
The moon is always a good occasion for meaningful meditation. It symbolizes fulfillment and culmination and is a time to look back on your successes and challenges.
The Chef and the Food
We will have a private chef cooking only for us, 3 delicious, healthy, energetic, and vegetarian meals. There will be a vegan option available as well as dietary intolerances can be taken into account. Menus are created to be seasonal, ingredients are local (km0) and come from sustainable sources whenever possible.
Meet OUR PRIVATE CHEF, Daniel Duran
"Since 2008, I have had the opportunity to work with the most different types of cuisine at events, festivals, retreats, and workshops. This experience provided me with a unique way of dealing with all the issues and challenges involved in managing and operating a kitchen, from logistical issues to the relationship with the team. Over the years, I discovered a synthetic way of working, where attention is primarily concerned with generating a solid structure in the work environment and, once achieved, gives way to an attitude that is flexible and relaxed, essential for creativity to participate in the action.It was the discovery of that attentive and at the same time relaxed attitude at work that led me to baptize the project COCINA PRESENTE and that today I have added it to the services I offer from BAMBOO COCINA&STUDIO."
-Daniel Duran

THE chocolate and wine
The consumption of wine and chocolate (and actually any food on Earth) has been studied and labeled for decades.
Some say they are bad for your health, others say they have benefits, and their consumption with moderation can have significant health benefits.
During this workshop we will have some local (Catalan) red wines and some vegan dark chocolate to taste while we discuss their possible health benefits and listen to some tips on having a healthier relationship with food.

"Healthy" means finding a balance.
The guest house consists of 6 twin bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.
There are many dining areas, both interior and exterior and out, including a massive, glass-walled dining room overlooking the forest garden.
There is a large double living room and a fully equipped, stunning modern kitchen.
The castle tower atop the villa offers views of the Pyrenees and Garrotxa mountains, as well as the neighbouring Gavarres hills and the valley leading to the villages of Púbol and La Pera.
We are located a few hundred metres south of the medieval village of Púbol.

All of our energy is from renewable sources at La Bruguera. We produce electricity from photovoltaic solar panels, and store the excess in batteries for night-time usage.

Our mission is to provide our guests with a place they can focus on themselves, at no cost to the environment. We don't say this lightly-it is hard to achieve, and we are not there yet. It is a collaborative exercise, which we undertake with our guests—a mission we share. We seek to be regenerative, not merely sustainable. We apply the 3 ethics of Permaculture to our business processes: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.
The private yoga class
The Yoga Trapeze is a unique tool for not only inversion therapy, but you can also experience much deeper yoga backbends, have a functional workout for core & upper body strength.  Students are often attracted to the Yoga Trapeze for spinal traction and passive backbends, but very quickly they learn that the functional pulling and grip strength offered complement a mat-based yoga practice to create a full-body fitness routine.
Yoga Trapeze may also help to relieve back pain and many times sciatic pain.
On site, there will be 2 yoga trapezes available to be booked for private or semi-private classes.

THE private soundmeditation
You can pre-book a private 30 minutes soundmeditation sesion with Hajni.
La Bruguera de Púbol
Púbol 17120 Girona, Spain
We are located a few hundred metres south of the medieval village of Púbol, site of the Gala and Salvador Dali castle museum, in the Baix Empordà region of Girona province, which borders France to the North, the Mediterranean Sea to the East, the Pyrenees and Garrotxa mountains to the West, and the Catalan capital region of Barcelona, to the South.
December 08-11,
Púbol, Spain
Spain | Barcelona

WhatsApp | +34 6 5309 5092
facebook | @balancedbyeva
insta | @balancedbyeva

SILENT ISLAND | Hajni Kornacker
The Netherlands | Amsterdam

WhatsApp | +31 6 2700 2756
| @silent.island.sounds
insta | @silent.island.sounds
For registration and payment info please contact
[email protected]
the reminder
Accomodation | 4 days, 3 nights
Double-bed rooms / LIMITED single-bed rooms
Each room has its own bathroom ( two “suites” with en-suite bathrooms, and 4 bedrooms with adjacent bathrooms.)
Bed linen and towels

Daily -3 times delicious and nutritious meals
Water, infusion tea, coffe and healthy snacks

Daily - 2 Yoga classes
Yoga mats, blocks and extra equipments
Daily - 2 soundmeditation sessions
2 group health coaching session
Special Full Moon event
Special Chocolate and Wine event

Free time to explore
Pre and post support from our team

not included
Transfer from/to the airport/trainstation (we can help you)
Flight/travel costs
Travel insurance
Health insurance

Private yoga class
Private soundmeditation
Personal expenses
Additional activities not included in the itinerary

Extra meals or special drinks on top of our offer
If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us:
The Cancellation
In case of you need to cancel your reservation:
20% deposite of your chosen package price is NON-refundable.

In case Balanced island REATREAT is being cancelled by Us, you have 100% refund of your payed price.
 Join us on December 08 
We look forward to hosting you!
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La Bruguera de Púbol
Púbol 17120 Girona, Spain
Date & Time
from December 8, 2022, 16:00
to December 11, 2022 - 10:00

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