​​​​This training certification was created for individuals who wish to start a career in specialty coffee either as a Barista or Coffee Shop owner, as well as individuals who love coffee and wish to learn how to become better at-home Baristas! We all know there is a shortage of labor in coffee shops across the country. The reason being, it takes too long inside an active store environment to properly train a new Barista, so they learn on the fly in a rushed and inconsistent manner. This class gives students an advantage over regular applicants in the hiring process as well as new coffee shop owners just starting out, by exposing them to core Barista fundamentals and coffee education. Once students are certified, if they're looking for employment, we will work with our specialty coffee partners to get them working as soon as possible. Students will receive their very own Barista Basics binder, recipe cards and a certificate of completion.!

Refund Policy:

BaristaSource LLC. has a no-refund policy.

If you cancel a workshop: There is no refund, but you can apply the fee toward a future fee-based workshop in the amount of the fee paid. Payments made are kept on record by BaristaSource LLC.
  • If you must cancel, please call ( or email BaristaSource LLC.  at [email protected]
  • Payment credits not used within six months from date of issuance are forfeited.
  • Please plan your schedule carefully and mark your calendar with workshop information.
Just as you are building a successful business through patronization of customers, we depend on your enrollment for successful workshops. Thank you.

If BaristaSource LLC., cancels a workshop: Receive a refund or a credit toward a fee-based class in the amount of the fee paid. BaristaSource LLC., reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient registration, extreme weather or instructor emergency. You will be notified by phone and email. Refunds may require at least two weeks to process.

BaristaSource LLC. is not a career school or vocational school as defined by the Georgia Education Code.

Allergen Alert
In compliance with the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004, please note that the Cooking School facilities may contain milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy, which account for most known allergens. Be aware that cross contact may occur among food products and take appropriate safety


Guest Conduct
As a condition of participating in BaristaSource LLC workshops/classes, and to protect the health and safety of our guests and others, our guests are required to agree to the following conditions: Each guest must agree that he/she/they will (a) follow all rules of conduct related to the use of the Barista class facilities during his/her/they class(es); (b) not attend his /her or they Barista class(es) if he/she/they has, or has been exposed to, any communicable diseases including cold, flu, etc.; (c) release BaristaSource LLC. and Black Coffee Company from all claims, damages, and causes of action or liabilities that may arise as a result of participation in a Barista class, except if solely due to the gross negligence of BaristaSource LLC.
Black Coffee Atlanta
Date & Time
 Welcome to day 1!

Coffee Origins
Break (15 min)
Introduction to Barista tools and fundamentals
Lunch (30 min)
Coffee and Barista training (espresso basics and milk steaming) (part 1)
Welcome to Day 2, no more fear of the unknown!

Coffee and Barista training (milk steaming and drink preparation) (part 2)
Break (15 min)
Coffee and Barista training (putting it all together) (part 3)
Lunch (30 min)
Testing and Certification
Meet your Host
Kelley Smith
CEO & founder
"The Coffee Sensei"
About Me
Kelley Smith is CEO and Founder of BaristaSource LLC, the Southeast's only fully accredited Barista Training Facility and Barista Talent Acquisition firm. With over 25years of leading diverse teams in the retail, Food and Beverage, and Speciality coffee industries, Kelley was ready to venture out on her own. She created BaristaSource LLC because after working for Specialty Coffee in various positions she personally witnessed the lack of promotional opportunities for Minorities as well as reoccurring issues with staffing and training within Speciality Coffee that continue to cause heartburn for the industry to this day.
To build BaristaSource, she brought together a core team of growth minded Veterans and up and coming Leaders to provide critical analysis and strategic planning on how to effectively solve the problem at hand in such a way that it can be replicated easily for quick scalability and at the same time, could underserved communities.
Kelley supports a diverse portfolio of 501c3 organizations that specifically support underserved communities, at-risk youth, and job placement programs for re-entry candidates.
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