Birds, Bees, and IUDs
Join us on May 21
3pm & 7pm Performances
5pm Reproductive Rights Panel
Artivism Dance Theatre presents in partnership with NOMA and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast...

Birds, Bees, and IUDs

May 21st 3pm & 7pm Performance
Reproductive Rights Panel at 5pm

Birds, Bees, and IUDs utilizes the art of dance and theatre to speak directly about reproductive rights, health care, and sexual education from a personal and intersectional perspective. With honesty, vulnerability, and a splash of humor, this production challenges the standard of silence around our bodies. We make a point of weaving in humor and satire while also embracing the heavy hitting realities of living in a body that is both objectified and shrouded in mystery. In holding space for sorrow and celebration, Birds, Bees, and IUDs takes a raw and open look at real life experiences to facilitate a collective conversation around our bodies and the universal right to health, education, and dignity.
Artistic Direction: Sophia Rabinovitz
Cast: Madyson Barbain, Eris Noelle, Bayleigh Breanne, Alysha JeanCharles, Sophia Rabinovitz, and Brittney A. Williams-Reese

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Panel:
Panelists from several organizations that are fighting for reproductive justice will talk about the Louisiana landscape and legislative session and the work that they are doing to fight for equity and access for all.

Artivism Dance Theatre
Artivism is a collective dedicated to bringing awareness of social issues to a wide range of audiences through dance theatre. Artivism prioritizes communication of social message over esoteric performance, often using multimedia techniques in our work. We believe that art, and specifically movement, can communicate perspective and experience across gaps in culture, language, and tradition that might otherwise remain unbreachable.
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or on Facebook, Instagram: @artivismdance
New Orleans Museum of Art
1 Collins Diboll Circle, New Orleans, LA 70124
Date & Time
May 21, 2023, 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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