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We bring together (future) science communicators, from academic scientists to journalists, press officers, communication officers, policy workers, etc.

The 2021 edition of BE.SciComm focuses on professionalizing science communication in Belgium, at the level of education, research and practice. We take a closer look at success formulas across the border and discuss how we can elevate science communication efforts locally.
Museum of Natural History
Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussel

Date & Time
December 10, 2021
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Meet the speakers
Alexander Gerber
Science communication professor
& research director
Ini Vanwesenbeeck
tilburg university
Assistant professor (persuasive) communication
Marina Joubert
stEllenbosch university
Science communication researcher and lecturer
Annelies Duerinckx
Coordinator citizen science
Carlo Gubitosa
PhD researcher on trust in science communication
Kim Barbé
Advisor communication
Lise Van der Haegen
Artevelde hogeschool
Science communicator
Bart Vanhaelewyn
ghent university
Doctoral researcher Center for Journalism Studies
Marc Vanholsbeeck
ULB & Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Lecturer science communication 
Reinout Verbeke
RBI Natural Sciences
Science communicator
Sofie Verkest
ghent university
PhD researcher
Katrien Kolenberg
Professor science communicaton & outreach
Arnaud Zonderman
scimingo (scriptie vzw)
Elisa Nelissen
K U  L E U V E N
PhD researcher
Ingrid van Marion
SciComm researcher
Preliminary schedule
9:30 AM

Why #BEscicomm21
Welcome & introductions by the meeting organizers Liesbeth Aerts, Ingrid van Marion & Bart Vanhaelewyn.
From research to practice and education: how can we boost science communication in Belgium?
9:45 AM

SciComm research in Belgium 
Four PhD researchers share their journey that led them to embark on a PhD on science communication and their experience navigating this field. Elisa Nelissen studies the circulation of science news in pandemic times. Carlo Gubitosa is a writer and journalist who embarked on a PhD on trust in science communication. Bart Vanhaelewyn studies reporting on climate change. Sofie Verkest explores the interaction between science, media and politics in a collaborative citizen science project.
11:00 AM

11:20 PM

Perspectives from across the border
International experts Alexander Gerber (DE), Ini Vanwesembeeck (NL) and Marina Joubert (SA) share their expertise on science communication education, practice or research. Their story can serve as an inspiration for the growth and development of science communication in Belgium.
12:45 pM
01:30 pM

A multitude of audiences: what does it take to be a professional science communicator
Our panel of professional science communicators shares what they do, and what path has led them to their current role as science communicators. With boots on the ground, how they perceive the current and future local scicomm landscape?
Reinout Verbeke works as a science communicator at the Royal National Institute of Natural Sciences, Lise Van der Haegen is science communicator at Artevelde Hogeschool, and Annelies Duerinckx is coordinator citizen science at SciVil and RVO Society.
02:30 pM

02:45 pM

Teaching why and how to scicomm
How do we train scientists, researchers and professionals in science communication? What should be our targets and are we on track? Do we need more dedicated science communication training in Belgium? We ask Katrien Kolenberg, who teaches science communication and outreach to MSc students, and Arnaud Zonderman, who coordinates SciMingo, an organization that has launched a sci comm academy for researchers. Ingrid van Marion, a scicomm researcher who went to the Netherlands to pursue a master's degree in science communication, completes the panel.
03:45 pM

04:00 pM

The future of science communication in Belgium
We close the day with a panel discussion wrapping up new insights from the earlier sessions. Marc Vanholsbeeck is PhD lecturer and trainer in science communication at ULB, but also serves as Deputy Director General Higher Education and Scientific Research at the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Kim Barbé is communication advisor at the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO). 
Museum of Natural History
Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussel
500 m to Bruxelles-Luxembourg train station
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Meeting organizers
Liesbeth Aerts
Ingrid van Marion
Bart Vanhaelwyn

The Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences

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