Are you a science communicator, or aspiring to be one?
Join our network by attending the 3rd edition of BE.SciComm, the one and only Belgian network meeting for science communicators, on Thu Dec 8th!

We bring together (future) science communicators, from academic scientists to journalists, press officers, communication officers, policy workers, etc.

The 2022 edition of BE.SciComm focuses on science trust and mistrust. We take a closer look at who trusts science and who doesn't, how to distinguish trustworthy science from fraudulent science, how fact-checking may or may not restore trust in science and what happens when things go wrong.
Museum of Natural History
Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussels
Date & Time
December 8th, 2022
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Elisabeth Bik
[online talk]
Science integrity detective
Julie De Smedt
Science communicator
Karim Douieb
Data scientist
Kelle Moreau
rbi natural sciences
Science communicator
Jean-luc Doumont
Effective comms consultant
Guillaume Corradino
pint of science
Science outreach & impact
Siham Habichi
Student and activist
Maria Zolotonosa
co-founder at Stickydot
Charlotte Michils
Legal advisor for VVJ
Emmanuel André
KU Leuven / UZ Leuven
Clinical Microbiologist
09:30 AM

10:00 AM

Welcome to BE.SciComm 2022
Welcome & introductions by the meeting organizers Liesbeth Aerts, Ingrid van Marion, Bart Vanhaelewyn & Elisa Nelissen
10:10 AM

Everyone's favorite mistakes 
We live with assumptions, because we believe almost anything. We believe what we see and we believe what is convenient. In this opening talk on critical thinking, effective communication consultant Jean-luc Doumont (Principiae) challenges us to question our own assumptions.
11:00 AM

Do we have a trust problem? 
In this panel session we zoom in on the different types of stakeholders and their (mis)trust in science. Who do we reach with our efforts? Are we preaching to the choir? We dive into the latest Science Barometer results and gather perspectives from practitioners in the field, including Julie De Smedt (freelance science communicator), Guillaume Corradino (Pint of Science) and Siham Habichi (Buurtmakers & Risaala).
12:00 pM

01:00 PM

What makes great science communication?
What standards do we need to meet, to ensure excellent science communication and build trust with our audiences? Maria Zolotonosa, co-founder at Stickydot, will talk to us about the ENJOI project. With partners all across Europe, the aim of ENJOI is to co-create a set of standards, principles and indicators along with tools that can support us in our work. [Read more]
01:45 PM

How charts lie
Karim Douïeb, a Brussels-based data scientist, co-founder of and the creator of an unexpectedly-viral US election map, joins us to talk about "data visualization crime" and how to avoid it. [Read more]
02:30 pM
03:00 pM

The dark side of science
How big is the problem when it comes to scientific misconduct and research that is simply untrustworthy? How should we handle the integrity question as science communicators? Image duplication expert Elisabeth Bik joins us virtually from the US West Coast to provide some answers. She was awarded with the John Maddox prize last year for exposing data and manipulation, plagiarism or methodological concerns in almost 5000 scientific papers. [Read more]
03:45 pM

Communication in the absence of trust
What to do when the relationship with the audience turns nasty? How to respond to an overflowing inbox or even (online) threats and insults resulting from communicating on scientific topics that are perhaps controversial? We get some perspectives on how to handle difficult conversations in a panel with Kelle Moreau (RBI Natural Sciences), Charlotte Michils (Persveilig) and Emmanuel André (KU Leuven).
04:30 pM

Networking & poster session 
Time to meet other participants and discover more about their work or research. We get the conversation going over drinks during our poster and networking session.
Museum of Natural History
Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussels
500 m to Bruxelles-Luxembourg train station
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Meeting organizers
Liesbeth Aerts
Elisa Nelissen
Ingrid van Marion
Bart Vanhaelwyn

The Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences

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