“Nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated”
- Anne Roe

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We'll share experiences and insights from across industries and settings. We'll hear from scientists, journalists, press officers, as well as communication and outreach specialists from across different settings and industries. By building a strong collaborative network, we can enlarge the impact of science communication initiatives in Belgium and beyond.

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Virtual zoom meeting
Date & Time
Tue November 17th, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Subject to change
9:00 AM
Science in the press: lessons from COVID
2020 has been a uniquely challenging year for all of us, but also a year in which scientists were more prominently featured in the public space than ever before. We’ll hear from some protagonist Corona-communicators on their lessons learned during the roller coaster of the last few months.
- Panel conversation with Bart Mesuere, Niel Hens & Marius Gilbert
10:00 AM
Open Science: on doubt and open dialogue
The move away from paywalled journals towards open science that’s accessible to all is undoubtedly a good thing, but it comes with a new set of challenges and responsibilities. How do scientists and journalists communicate about preprints? How do we report on scientific fields under full development, with new evidence emerging each day? How do we handle retractions or, worse, flawed science? How do we communicate about doubt?
- Panel conversation with Katrien Bollen, Marjan Doom & Bronwen Martin
11:00 AM
Perspectives on science journalism in Belgium
Perspectives from science journalists and their thoughts on the state of our trade. What's working well? What's not working so well? What can scientists, press officers, journalists and media officers do to help?
- Panel conversation with Dirk Draulans, Maxie Eckert, Dieter Decleene & Anne-Sophie Leurquin
1:00 PM
Speaking up on sensitive topics
Climate change, GMOs, animal research, vaccination… When science communication becomes a debate and scientists become activists, how do we navigate a world of facts and alternative facts?
- Panel conversation with Nick Vangheluwe, Vinoy Vijayan, Rozemien De Troch & Femke van Garderen
2:00 pM
The story the data tell
Dataviz insights on how to tell the complicated stories that are hidden deep within a sea of numbers and data.
- Talks by Jo Noppe & Maarten Lambrechts
3:00 pM
Who are the experts?
Everyone is an expert, at least that’s what it looks like on twitter nowadays. But who do you turn to for expert insight? Who has the right skills and expertise? How do we avoid bias when amplifying certain voices?
- Panel conversation with Katleen Bracke, Damya Laoui & Jess Wade
Meet the speakers
We have a wide range of experts who will share their insights and experiences
Katrien Bollen
KU Leuven
Press officer at KU Leuven
Katleen Bracke
Universiteit van vlaanderen
Chief editor at 'Universiteit van Vlaanderen'
Dirk Draulans
Biologist, journalist and writer
Niel Hens
uhasselt, uantwerpen
Professor of Biostatistics
Maarten Lambrechts
data journalist
Data journalist, data designer and visualization consultant
Damya Laoui
vub, vib, 'jonge academie'
Professor on Tumor Immunology, diversity and scicomm advocate at the Young Academy
Bart Mesuere
Researcher computational biology and data science
Nick Vangheluwe
gene sprout initiative
Research project assistant at Euroseeds and Plants for the Future, board member at Gene Sprout BE
Marjan Doom
Veterinarian at Ghent University, director of the Ghent University Museum exploring the interface between science, art, and society
Vinoy Vijayan
infopunt proefdieronderzoek
Postdoc at VIB and KU Leuven, advocate on animal research at 'Infopunt Proefdieronderzoek'
Jess Wade
imperial college london
Physicist studying polymer-based organic light emitting diodes, champion for diversity and inclusion in STEM, tackling systemic biases such as gender and racial bias on Wikipedia
Marius Gilbert
FNRS senior research associate and Head of the Spatial Epidemiology lab (SpELL)
Maxie Eckert
Journalist, head of the science team at 'De Standaard'
Jo Noppe
statistics flanders
Advisor and spokesperson at Statistics Flanders, a network producing key figures and data about Flanders 
Rozemien De Troch
Climate scientist at the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Dieter De Cleene
Science journalist and editor
Femke van Garderen
Investigative journalist, health and wellbeing
Bronwen Martin
Scientific editor and research communicator
Anne-Sophie Leurquin
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