Berkshire's Strongest 2024 
6th July 2024
BCA College - Maidenhead - Berkshire
Join us once again as we along with 80 athletes embark on a journey to find
Berkshire's Strongest!
Taking place in the grounds of the beautiful Berkshire College of Agriculture, this years event promises to be bigger, better and more competitive than ever before!

With the addition of Womens Open Athletes we are really excited to showcase just how much the sport of Strongman has grown and encourage more incredible athletes to take up the challenge.

With Giant's Live referees Rob Frampton and Katie Smith at the helm once more, you can be sure of an incredible contest, judged to standards you've come to expect from a Red Beard Barbell Club event!

Each event will be preceded with a full rules briefing followed by a 10-15 minute warm up period. Please use this briefing to ask any questions about the event.

Spectator tickets will be available from 1st March

Max reps - 60 seconds
Athletes will not be allowed Straps or suits. Talc is permitted on thighs.
Sandbag over Yoke & Yoke push
10m - 75 Second time cap
Pick up sandbag, put it over the yoke,. Push the yoke over the sandbag and repeat to cover 10m!
Time stops when Yoke is pushed so that the crossbar is over the 10m line
Athlete should be able to pick the sandbag up and get it over the yoke without stepping/walking to it. 
Overhead Medley
4 items - 60 second time cap

Athletes can select the order they wish to lift the implements, but cannot move on until they have pressed the one they are on
Reps must be controlled, fully locked out overhead and lowered to the floor/mats once given a down signal.
'One off the wrist'
Athletes will need to pull a sled or vehicle(tbc on sponsors!) 10m by wrapping its tow rope around a fixed roller!
One for the grip athletes!
Loading Race
Athletes will have 60 seconds to load 4 items
Stone, Keg and Sandbag to a 4 foot platform
Single Farmers handle to be carried into a marked spot next to the platform.

Stone from 5m, Keg from 10m, Sandbag from 15m and Farmers 20m.

Farmers handle must be carried as a suitcase (No duck walk or straddling) but can be put down and swapped to the other hand if needed. 
BCA College
Hall Place, Burchetts Green Rd, Burchett's Green, Maidenhead SL6 6QR, UK
Date & Time
6th July 2024
9am Registration
10am Lift off
5pm Medals
Full details and rough timings will be released closer to the event date.
For now though, registration will take place at 9am with Event 1 lift off at 10am.
We will aim to be finished by 5pm with awards presentation to follow. 

There will be 80 spaces for Athletes, please allow plenty of time of you are not going to be able to compete to let us know.

Once you have entered, your space is secured and no refunds will be offered. Also on the day, if you turn up but don't compete, you are not entitled to your competition t-shirt!
No compete, no shirt!
BCA College
Hall Place, Burchetts Green Rd, Burchett's Green, Maidenhead SL6 6QR, UK
Join us on July 06
We look forward to hosting you!

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