Are you a creative? Have your own brand and are looking to elevate it? Need leadership training for the business you work for? Ever struggle with your online presence? Not sure what social media channels are the best to invest time into? Curious about the best new tools, apps, or how to manage your time. How do you promote yourself and get brand recognition on TV and print media? What is SEO and how do you set up a strategy to attract paying leads and clients?

These are all questions (and more!) that will be answered at the BizCom Summit 2022, by some of the most savvy brands, influencers, leadership coaches, and online marketing geniuses.

Join us for a unique conference to learn from industry professionals about marketing, social media, business development, and so much more. Food and drinks included within the ticket sale.
The Whim
655 19th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
Date & Time
November 3, 2022, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Meet the ladies behind Bizcom 2022!
Morgan Molitor 
Co-founder, Construction2style
Morgan is the other half and co-founder of construction2style, alongside her husband Jamie. For 10 years, they’ve been tearing houses apart and creating new dream spaces not only for their clients but for themselves; starting off as a DIY home improvement blog in 2012, they quickly transitioned into a full-service interior residential design + build company in 2015. Her husband Jamie went to school for carpentry and is the talented GC behind c2s.

They started c2s from the ground up. With now over 1.7M + monthly website impressions, and 150K+ social media following, Morgan now teaches their readers how they can implement various marketing strategies and produce multiple streams of revenue through the construction industry. Whether you want to use their home improvement or marketing tutorials to DIY yourself, or hire them to completely do it for you, they’re an open book.

MN-based, but nationwide, Morgan graduated from college in Long Beach, CA with a fashion merchandising and marketing degree. Morgan has now taken that creativity and knowledge to use within their client’s homes and websites.

Morgan oversees all content creation, manages the brand partnerships, is the writing guru, and lead designer. She also heads up their online education courses and in-house monthly marketing workshops.

You can always find an infectious smile on Morgan’s face and hear her contagious laugh. She’s a forward thinker, risk-taker, and nothing makes her happier than when she gets to play a small part in making people’s lives thrive.
Emmy Ross
Founder, alta Events
Emmy is the owner of Alta Events Co, which provides event design, planning, coordination and marketing services for a wide range of professional companies and events. She also is the co-owner of Revel & Flourish, a full service design and floral boutique that specializes in weddings, corporate and non-profit events, every day floral occasions, and so much in between.

She is a full time work-from-home mom to four kids, 6 and under. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with dual degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management and has owned and operated several small businesses in the wedding and events industry. She is a meticulous list maker and always goes the extra mile to make sure every detail is perfect for her clients. Her number one rule is not to stress!

When Emmy is not working she is spending time with her husband and non-stop kids, playing volleyball, cheering on the Badgers, or catching up on her General Hospital guilty pleasure.
Get ready for BizCom by reading about all the goodness coming your way. We'll be kicking off the first hour with a keynote, and then breaking out into three different breakout options, where you can pick one to attend. Then, we'll come back together again for the final panel!

Before the BizCom agenda begins, we're opening an intimate, roundtable discussion event at the new Mercury Mosaics design studio down the street. This portion of the event is limited to 30 people, and you'll get to meet with a handful speakers that will be presenting at BizCom to ask your one on one questions to before BizCom begins. 
4:00-5:00 pM
Network with faces new and old, enjoy some drinks and food. We'll be having Brasa come in with unlimited taco's for you to enjoy! Don’t forget to bring your business cards!

Drinks sponsored by Voyage Wealth Architects
5:00-6:00 PM
Keynote | The Best Way to Build a Following with Brad Leavitt, AFT Construction
Listen and learn from Brad Leavitt of AFT Construction all about The Best Way to Build a Following: From LinkedIn to TikTok and everything in between.

Brad Leavitt is President and Founder of “A Finer Touch Construction” - a Scottsdale based luxury residential and commercial builder. AFT Construction, as known throughout the industry, is an award-winning construction firm and has been nationally published in magazines such as: Fine Home Building, Luxe Interiors and Design, and Professional Builder. Brad Leavitt is an energetic public speaker and ambassador for many national brands including Kohler, Pella, Subzero-Wolf, Cambria, Elkay and Post-it Notes. Brad completed a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from BYU in 2005 and worked on notable projects around Phoenix, including the Omni Montelucia in Paradise Valley.

His Podcast, “The AFT Construction Podcast”, is focused on bringing value to its listeners, no matter their industry. The topics are focused on marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, organization, building science and construction. AFT has continued to exceed industry standards and create strong client relationships based on integrity, reliability and quality. Brad is married to Ashley Leavitt. Together, they have 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy. Brad is active with all 6 of his children, serves in his local community, and loves all sports.
6:00-7:00 PM
Breakout | Captivating Your Dream Client with Branding with Sara Schultz 
Sara Schultz is a creative director, community builder, and cheerleader of equality designing visual identities and creative strategies for brands, capturing and captivating their ideal clientele. Through her brand agency, Free Afternoon™, Sara and her team have a love for sharing brand stories. Whether creating impactful content for social media or developing a brand’s identity, storytelling is a central point in the process. Her personal website, Hey Sara Schultz, provides educational resources for the budding entrepreneur giving them the confidence to build a brand that fully represents them.

6:00-7:00 pM
Breakout | Danielle & Michael Gutelli from Clark & Aldine
Husband and wife team, owners of Clark + Aldine, design build firm, are talking about How to Turn your Blog into a Business!

Named after the Chicago streets where Danielle + Michael first met, Clark + Aldine was born out of a love for design and everyday functionality. Their collective chemistry was discovered and nurtured by updating each of the 7 apartments they lived in over the 10 years they spent together in Chicago. A move to Michigan, and nearly 5 years later, their passion and design influence continued to grow, pushing them to leave their established careers behind in pursuit of building Clark + Aldine.

C+A is a full-service residential Design + Build firm comprised of in-house Designers, Builders and Creators, as well as an extended group of trusted specialized trade professionals. Together, we lead our clients throughout the entire process from ideation to completion assisting with space planning and renderings, selection and fulfillment of all fixtures and finishes, creation of custom elements such as built-ins, and, of course, installation and styling to deliver a one of a kind space where memories are created and cherished forever.

Currently Danielle serves as Director of Design and Content Strategy, while Michael is Director of Operations and oversees all building.

They currently reside in and operate the Clark + Aldine Studio and Warehouse spaces in Downtown Plymouth, MI with their two boys and dog, Niko.

6:00-7:00 pM
​​​​Breakout | Bridge to Accountability: Empowering Your Team with Catherine Fitzgerald
In this session, you will discover how to develop a business that fuels your life rather than consumes it. Catherine will be coming in all the way from CA to teach on leadership training. Morgan and Jamie from construction2style can speak to this as she's been their business coach this year and has elevated their brand.

Are you the HUB of your organization? Are the details keeping you up a night? Are you struggling to get out of the weeds so you have time to focus on your Horizon?

Fostering a Bridge to Accountability means letting go of the Doing and developing the Doers. If your team owns your brand standard and can take accountability for solving problems, you no longer need to spend your time in the minutiae of the business. Imagine having the freedom to think, create, and innovate without anxiety about the details being completed to your standards.

"I was a CEO, VP and Executive Director. I’ve experienced the exhilarating takeoffs and bumpy landings that come with the job: building the plane while you fly it. You’re feeling the rush of the ROI for all your sweat equity, signing the biggest deals to date, and being recognized in your industry. Yet at the same time you recognize what got your plane to this altitude isn’t going to get your plane to 35,000 feet. I am a coach for heart-centered founders, and executives of growing midsize companies. I help leaders to develop new ways to communicate that free them from the burden of holding mental accountability for every area of their business. With me as your coach you will discover the keys to unlock scaling your business with a process that fuels your life, not consumes it." - Catherine Fitzgerald, Executive Coach and Founder Catapult Leadership Group

7:00 pM
Panel Discussion on Business Growth | Featuring Katie Kath, Jordyn DiOrio, Tyler Grace, Gregory Lasker and Mercedes Austin - Moderated by Brad Leavitt
An entrepreneur at heart, Katie Kath owned a local restaurant in the Minneapolis community after she graduated with a degree in business. After several years of growth and a leading event venue in town, Katie was able to sell her business to move into a new career. After meeting her husband, Katie partnered with his existing business, Jkath Design Build + Reinvent, to follow her passion for interior design. Renovating homes for clients and documenting the details along the way has earned their firm a top ranking social media profile in their community.

Celebrating over 10 years in business, Jkath Design Build has expanded their interior design services nationally and lean into their tag line of Live In the Details© while continuing to partner with clients for high end renovations and occasional new construction. The Kath's rely on approachable design for family friendly lifestyles that prioritize comfort and function.

Additionally, Katie aligns herself with fellow women owned businesses in the Twin Cities community as a facilitator for The Business Women's Circle. This organization creates a space that connects, builds communities and creates experiences for women to grow.
Jordyn is a fiery entrepreneur with an insatiable passion for helping
women owned businesses of all sizes grow and scale. She’s worked with startups and created her own ventures in the past five years, one receiving investment funding and scaling to six figures in less than two years.
She successfully launched three ventures: MEND Jewelry, Founders Co. and JDPConsult. When she’s not full steam ahead on entrepreneurship, she's reading nonfiction, listening to crime podcasts and exploring the latest coffee shop for an oat milk latte.
Tyler Grace | TRG Home Concepts
Tyler is the owner/operator of TRG Home Concepts, a boutique residential remodeling company, specializing in detail-oriented renovations of older homes.  Their efforts are primarily focused on smaller projects that afford them adequate time and the budgets necessary for proper design, extensive site-protection, quality installations, comprehensive processes, and the ability to self-perform various trades.  He believes that by remaining small, and maintaining intense control over his projects, he is able to deliver an uncompromising product and experience.  

Tyler's entire youth revolved around becoming a white collar professional, and steering clear of trades.  There was a heavy emphasis on NOT working with his hands as his father did.  During his college internships working for civil and commercial construction contractors, he quickly realized he wanted to pursue a more hands-on, self-gratifying path.  Despite all the warnings, he started his own residential remodeling company shortly after graduation from Drexel University.  It was there he met his eventual wife, Rachel, and they now have two beautiful daughters who keep them on their toes.  He currently works with his hands every day, and hopes to be able to do so indefinitely.
Gregory Lasker | Lifestyle Homes
Founder of Lifestyle Homes. I am both a firm believer in, and work to be a creator of, salubrious, sustainable community in every part of my life. The past three decades of my life have been an incredible journey, with victories and achievements spanning academia, the construction industry, and on the gridiron of the NFL. I have always striven towards self-immersion amongst the best and brightest and followed a missional approach to life.

As an athlete, I worked to inspire teamwork, as an academic, collaboration and corporate responsibility, and now, as a father, professional, and member of society, leading and living in a way that creates a harmonious environment in which my family and community can flourish, promoting well-being at home, in enterprise, and throughout the world around us.

We often forget in our trending 'Relationship Economy' that "Not everything that matters can be measured, and not everything that is measured matters." ~Elliot Eisner

The experiences of my past and a healthy curiosity for the future continually whet my appetite for new opportunities and to be part of solutions in the rapid-paced and ever-changing landscape of our global community.

Ideally, I’m convinced my God given gifts (sweet spot) is in the space of relational authenticity via client relations/community engagement. I believe my unique selling proposition or value add is rooted in my passion for and ability to link and build integrated sustainable relationships. Having built notable successes in Athletics, Business and Academia, I see myself as the consummate Master Builder, yet, one that has moved beyond bricks and mortar…to Humanity… a Social Architect of sorts."
Mercedes Austin | Mercury Mosaics
In 2002 I set out to create a day job at Mercury Mosaics related to my mosaic art. This wasn't a norm at that time, most artists I knew had a real job and art came second. Entrepreneurship wasn't a mainstream thing - it was pretty lonely. Fortunately, I am someone who thrives in challenges.

Mercury Mosaics is a misfit in the tile industry. Our makers and designers are the heart of the operation. Our conference room floor is dusty from our work boots, decisions don't just flow through a P&L. There's a lot of grit and tenacity fueling the enterprise. We make our tiles on Midwest soil. Many have bet against us, and continuously for 20 years Mercury Mosaics has pivoted in its business model to adapt to the changing times. We're creating tiles and mosaics at scale, we sell direct to consumer, yet we're operating with our roots in an artisan studio atmosphere. Our tiles show up in Stadiums, Universities, Fortune 500 lobbies, yet we're curating that special custom shower design for your neighbor next door. It all matters. It doesn't always make sense for other C-Suites, but it makes sense to us. Handmade tile can uplift any space.

This is why my team and I show up every day (some remotely), through economic crashes, market slows, global pandemics - we are committed to craft, to handmade objects and to making one of the most important spaces, your home, into a space you love. For this I am grateful and I will forever live in service to help people through bringing beauty to the world through the vehicle of craftspeople and color on these marvelous ceramics from our humble Midwest home. My philosophy is to build a home you love and your life will launch off that!

A bit about me:
I have an in-progress education in Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota and a mini-MBA through the Small Business Administration. I am a ScaleUp graduate through Women Venture and have trained with nationally renowned mosaic artist Sonia King. I've completed the program CEO Next. I'm also certified in Ancient Mosaic Techniques through the School of Mosaic in Ravenna, Italy where I learned from one of the few artists permitted by the Italian government to restore ancient mosaics.

The Location
The Whim 
655 19th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Immersed in natural light and 1920’s industrial beauty, The Whim is a Northeast Minneapolis wedding and event venue that features a design-ready space of sweeping white brick and elevated timber ceilings allowing you complete freedom to curate the event of your dreams.
Catering will be from the delicious American Creole Restaurant - Brasa.
Delicious, nourishing food inspired by the traditional ingredients and flavors of the southern U.S., Caribbean and Mexico. We feature fresh produce, 100% natural & regionally sourced meats, organic eggs, beans and fair trade coffee & teas.
 Join us on November 03 
We look forward to hosting you!
Past Events
Check out this video from last years Bizcom! An event you don't want to miss. The energy alone, will fuel your fire and fill your cup.

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