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Blanchard Leadership Coach Certification Program Q&A and Walk-Through
Wouldn’t you like to be known as the leadership and executive coach to go to for results?  

As an experienced coach, you help your clients overcome myriad challenges on their paths to personal growth and career satisfaction, but do you have the right leadership coaching tools in your skillset to confidently help senior leaders be more impactful?

That’s why many experienced coaches turn to a trusted partner like Blanchard to enhance their leadership coaching practice instead of searching for the best ideas and hoping for the best.

Join us for a look inside the Blanchard Leadership Coach Certification program. Program author, Madeleine Homan Blanchard, will walk you through the different parts/scenarios for the 15-week program and answer questions.

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About Madeleine
Madeleine Homan Blanchard is the Chief Coaching Architect and a Blanchard Leadership Certified Coach for Blanchard® and is a co-founder of Blanchard Coaching Services. She is a co-creator of the Coaching Management System, Blanchard’s proprietary software designed to help deliver coaching on a large scale in organizations.

Madeleine has 30 years of experience in the coaching profession and a deep understanding of working with organizations to leverage professional coaching, teach coaching skills to leaders, and create a coaching culture.

About Lora
Lora L. Lebo, MHRM, PCC, SPHR, is a Coaching Service Manager as well as a Coach for Blanchard®. Lora’s style of coaching creates a supportive environment to create forward movement and look at situations from different perspectives, much like picking up a 3-D puzzle and turning it in your hands.

She is results oriented, lending considerable weight to the means as well as to the ends. Lora is successful with all levels of managers due to her ability to meet each client where they are.
"I am glad that I waited to get a leadership coach certification until now, when Blanchard Leadership Coach Certification was launched. I highly value the quality and usefulness of Blanchard's models and concepts. Going through a program where in addition to coaching concepts you solidify the learning of Blanchard's leadership models, concepts, skills and mindsets has raised my level as a Leadership and Executive Coach."
- Antonio Estrada
"Whether you are new to our profession as a coach or one like me, who has been coaching for over 20 years, this work will take even the most experienced coach to the next level. In order for us to take our coaching work to the next level with our clients, we need to do the same with ourselves and continue to learn and grow. This program will challenge you to do both. I encourage you to take a deep and curious look into this wonderful program, with an incredibly gifted team, amazingly powerful content and make the investment for yourself and your clients."
- John S. Arnold
"The Blanchard Leadership Coach certification was a well-designed, high value learning experience. The content was thought provoking and useful, the participants inspiring and the facilitators incredibly generous and knowledgeable. ABSOLUTELY time worthy because I've developed valuable connections and added tools and perspectives to my coaching toolkit that will directly impact my clients coaching experience! I highly recommend this program for leadership coaches!"
- Maria Kyriakos 
"This course covers most issues you encounter in your work with clients in a corporate environment. A great toolbox - for leaders and coaches! Tested and approved and fun to learn."
- Norbert Horn 
"If you have been at a coaching stage when you need more belief in yourself and consolidate all your skill in readiness to impact your clients and the coaching World, this is the Coach development program to take asap."
Jared Douglas Ouko 
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