Buildings for me represent opportunities of agency, transformation, and storytelling. They are not just artifacts. There is this big tradition of buildings-as-artifacts - constructed artifacts - but for me they are these incredible sites of negotiation.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                _David Adjaye

Interpreting architecture as artifact is a matter of reading a building and its environment. To best comprehend the language of buildings, designers often consider form and material grammar in terms of assemblies, details, and systems. How a building reads depends on how all these elements are composed with the intent of being realized as a built object. Today, we are witnessing a reformulation of the grammar of materials leading to a more eco-sustainable syntax of construction and building structure. Rather than seeing architecture from the ‘outside as object’ or built artifact, we need to instead understand the built realm as a form of production ‘from within’ to create a site of negotiation.

This conference will explore this intention to demystify architecture by reconsidering how we critique a discipline whose role in the built world lies mainly in the reception of its built products, and not in their material production. In using the term ‘material production,’ Adjaye means more than just detailing a building. He is discussing the realignment of the profession concerning the democratization of knowledge, acknowledging architects as active protagonists rather than the consumers that we have arguably become as a profession.

Meeting at 2-locations: Arcosanti and Cosanti, this gathering of minds will engage architecture in its role as a cultural agent and examine the way buildings establish and organize dynamic relationships not only between site, program, and material but also architecture and ecology. Attendees will experience both Cosanti and Arcosanti that were built by hand by more than 8000 students and volunteers who came from all over the world to participate in The Cosanti Foundation’s signature multi-week workshop program.

AIRPORT: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

HOTEL(s): special conference rates below that are located approx. 1-3 miles from Cosanti the primary conference site.

VENUE(s): Cosanti in Paradise Valley (primary location) & Arcosanti in Mayer (day trip included)

Date & Time
Thurs. June 1, 2023, 4:00 PM -  Sat.    June 3, 2023 - 8:00 PM

Conference chairs
Giovanni Loreto
Associate Dean of Research
Kennesaw State University
College of Architecture & Construction Management
Marietta, GA

Liz Martin-Malikian
CEO/Executive Director
The Cosanti Foundation
Paradise Valley, AZ 

6433 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Included Saturday day trip with paper sessions, tours & dinner:

13555 S Cross L Rd
Mayer, AZ 86555
September 19, 2022      Call for Papers and Posters announced
October 3, 2022              Submission portal opens
October 31, 2022            Abstract submission deadline
December 10, 2022        Preliminary notification to authors
January 23, 2023            Full Papers and Posters due
February 27, 2023          Notification of Paper and Poster acceptance
April 7, 2023                   Final revised Papers and Posters due
April 17, 2023                Early Bird Registration Deadline
May 15, 2023                Deadline for accepted authors to register
June 1, 2023                   Late registration

SUBMIT ABSTRACTS using the submission portal HERE.

For questions, please email the conference co-chairs:  Giovanni Loreto <[email protected]> or Liz Martin-Malikian <[email protected]>

HOTEL Information

We have reserved hotel room blocks at three hotels at the:

7300 East Gainey Suites Drive (& Doubletree Ranch Rd) 85258
BTES Conference Rate (code: 06012023BTES):
1-Bedroom King Suite: $124.00 per night, plus 14.02% tax*
1-Bedroom Double Queen Suite: $147.10 per night, plus 14.02% tax*
2-Bedroom King (1)/Queen (2): $215.50 per night, plus 14.02% tax*
Reservations will need to be booked by May 1st to receive special rate.
(please note: * resort fee of $25 per night will be waived)

THE McCORMICK | Scottsdale
BTES Conference Rate: $99.00 per night, plus 14.02% tax*
7421 North Scottsdale Road 85253
Reservations will need to be booked by May 22nd to receive special rate.
(please note: * resort fee of $30 per night will be waived)

Hotel Check-in time is 4:00pm and check out is 11:00am
BTES 2023 | Session Schedule

Cosanti in Paradise Valley (metro-Phoenix/Scottsdale)
4:30 PM. Registration and Tours of Cosanti
5:00 PM. Session #1: Constraints
                 Location: Cat Cast
Linking sustainability and housing affordability to neighborhood design compatibility
    Michael L. Garrison, The University of Texas at Austin
Learning via making, a hands-on approach
    Pablo Moyano Fernandez, Washington University in St. Louis
Energy retrofit evaluation of a naturally ventilated historic building in a hot and humid climate
    Layla Iskandar, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Antonio Martinez-Molina, Drexel University
    Saadet Beeson, The University of Texas at San Antonio

6:00 PM. Registration and Tours of Cosanti
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM. Welcome Reception
Catered by Urban Phoenix with a Sonora desert-inspired menu of appetizers & taco bar; water station with watermelon fresca & spa water, and beer/wine.

FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2023
Cosanti in Paradise Valley (metro-Phoenix/Scottsdale)
7:30 AM. Registration Open
8:00 AM. Plenary Session: Architecture Education in Arizona
                Location: Student Apse
The School of Architecture (TSOA), Chris Lasch, President
Arizona State University (ASU), Paola Sanguinetti, Director of The Design School
The University of Arizona (UA), Courtney Crosson, Director, The Drachman Institute

9:15 AM. Water Break

9:30 AM. Session #2: Constructability
                Location: Cat Cast
Precision and Constructability: Formwork Design for the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis
    Liane Hancock, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
The Miser’s Ruin – Circular Economies and the Architecture of Atypical Forestry in the Great Plains
    Jason Griffiths, The University of Lincoln Nebraska
Earth-made urban living: earthen construction materials and techniques for contemporary housing
    Robert Holton, Louisiana State University
Carbon Sequestering and Structural Abilities of Eucalyptus Cloeziana
    Holly Sandberg, Oklahoma State University
    Christina McCoy, Oklahoma State University
    Khaled Mansy, Oklahoma State University

11:00 AM. Session #3: Constructability
                   Location: Cat Cast
The Site of Ornament
    Genevieve Baudoin, Kansas State University
    Bruce A. Johnson, Dual Ecologies
Housing and Concrete, a Design Build Studio
    Gernot Riether, New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Mohamed Mahgoub, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Learning Climate Limits: energy and undergraduate research
     Nik Nikolov, Lehigh University
Agricultural Waste Fiber in "An Economy That Is Restorative and Regenerative by Design"
    Mark S Taylor, University of Illinois
    Kyle Smith, University of Illinois

12:30 PM. Lunchbox Break

1:30 PM. Session #4: Constructability
                Location: Cat Cast
Weaving and Tuning Cast in Place Falsework
    Kristopher M. Palagi, Louisiana State University
Remote Control: Attuned Interventions in Mass Timber for Inuit Housing
    Peter S. Raab, Texas Tech University
The Virtual Facade Mockup for Architectural Education
    Roger Schroeder, SUNY Alfred State
    Alan Vlakancic, SUNY Alfred State
    Joseph A Ebert, California Lutheran University
XX-LAM: The Architecture of Curved Cross-Laminated Timber
    Jason Griffiths, The University of Lincoln Nebraska

3:00 PM. End of session – hotel pool time

Dinner on your own

Arcosanti in Mayer (70 miles North of metro Phoenix)
Day trip included with registration
6:30 AM. Charter Bus Departure from hotels

8:00 AM. Welcome Tour of Arcosanti
    Nadia Bégin, Architectural Designer at Architecture Works Green, Inc.
    Danny Fields, Guest Services, The Cosanti Foundation
    Liz Martin-Malikian, CEO/Executive Director, The Cosanti Foundation

9:30 AM. Red Room Keynote: group 1_Yasaman Esmaili
                 SOD Studio Keynote: group 2_Tomiaki Tamura

11:00 AM. Red Room Keynote: group 2_Yasaman Esmaili
                    SOD Studio Keynote: group 1_Tomiaki Tamura

12:30 PM. Lunch in ArcoCafè
BTES Membership Meeting

2:00 PM. Archive Tour: group #1
2:00 PM. Session #5: Complexity
                Location: Solar Classroom
Framing a tectonics of place: The Arizona School
    Chad Schwartz, Kansas State University
A tale of three stones
    Keith Peiffer, Oklahoma State University
Avoiding the Imperialist Agenda when Designing for the Developing World
    Elizabeth L. McCormick, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Lochana Deshpande, North Carolina State University
Performative Periodic Tessellations:
A Study of Parametric, Light-Responsive Façade Systems in the Museum Setting
    Arash Soleimani, Woodbury University
    Mostafa Alani, Al Iraqia University

2:00 PM. Session #6: Constructability
                Location: SOD Studio
Learning Through Lightness
    Nate Imai, Texas Tech University
    Matthew Conway, UCLA and USC
Building Ecosystems: Hybrid materialities for collective urban infrastructures
    Juan Jose Castellon, Rice University
Living Surfaces: Defying Walls
    Zamila Karimi, Kennesaw State University
    Cody Kucharski, Kennesaw State University
    Ana Valdez Tello, Kennesaw State University
Ecological Tectonics: Rethinking Construction through Material Reuse, Recycle, and Reclaim
    Jongwan Kwon, Kansas State University

2:00 PM. Session #7: Constraints
                Location: Red Room
Proactive not Reactive: Pandemic-Proof Commercial Architecture
    Sydney Garceau, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Liz McCormick, North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina at Charlotte
(In)Determinacy: Material and joint constraints to unleash tectonic thinking
    Michelle Laboy, Northeastern University
    KSU Mini Pavilion: A Constructed Ecology + Didactic Tool for Learning
    Michael Carroll, Kennesaw State University
    Billy Kihei, Kennesaw State University
Tectonics & Stereotomy
    Regin Schwaen, North Dakota State University

3:30 PM. Archive Tour: group #2
3:30 PM. Session 8: Constraints
                Location: Solar Classroom
Techne: Teaching Iterative Tectonics to Architecture Students
    Eric Weber, University of Arizona
Matter, Making, and Testing: Designing with Next Generation Precast Concrete
    Lisa Knust, University of Pennsylvania
    Richard Garber, University of Pennsylvania
    Riley Engelberger, University of Pennsylvania
The COTE Student Design Competition as a Vehicle for Integrative Architectural Education
    Peter S. Raab, Texas Tech University
From Integration to Embodiment: An evolving approach to teaching design and building technology
    Rob Williams, University of Massachusetts Amherst
    Jordan Kanter, University of Massachusetts Amherst

3:30 PM. Session 9: Constraints
                Location: Red Room
How much does your building (model) weigh? On heightening awareness of embodied carbon in the design studio
    Mike Christenson, University of Minnesota
    Malini Srivastava, University of Minnesota
Lessons from an Integrated Design Course
    Clifton Fordham, Tempe University
Design for Industrialized Construction in Architecture Education: Case Study Integrating DFMA and Digital Twin in the Design Studio
    Paola Sanguinetti, Arizona State University
    Luz Rodríguez, Arizona State University
Teaching carbon responsibility to first-year architecture and engineering design students
    Clare Olsen, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    Tom di Santo, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    Casey Benito, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

3:30 PM. Session 10: Constraints
                Location: SOD Studio
Designing Water Self-Sustaining International Projects Using Comprehensive Water Auditing
    Courtney Crosson, University of Arizona
A Case Study of Design as Scholarship in Undergraduate Coursework
    Kristopher M. Palagi, Louisiana State University
Negotiating the ground plane: calibrating the geometry of climate-adaptive urban surfaces
    Kentaro Tsubaki, Tulane School of Architecture
    Charles Jones, Tulane School of Architecture
Direct Housing for Post-Disaster Recovery: Design and Logistics for Alternative Solutions
    Dustin Albright, Clemson University
    Elly Hall, Clemson University
    Yongjia Song, Clemson University
    Weichiang Pang, Clemson University
    Michael Stoner, Clemson University

5:00 PM. Archive Tour: group #3
5:00 PM. Session #11 POSTERs
                Location: Red Room
The Unknowing of Outcome: The Exploration of Components and Structural Form in Architecture Foundations Studios
    Silvina Lopez Barrera, Mississippi State University
    Duane McLemore, Mississippi State University
    John Ross, Mississippi State University
Integrating Performance Thinking and Sustainability Knowledge in Architecture Pedagogy
    Atefe Makhmalbaf, University of Texas at Arlington
Ambient Intelligence in Smart Buildings for Supporting Occupants' Circadian Rhythms
    Qingqing Sun, Appalachian State University, UNC
    Jason Griffiths, The University of Lincoln Nebraska
    Caroline Goertz, The University of Lincoln Nebraska
    Jacob Urban, The University of Lincoln Nebraska
Deep Learning for Estimating Energy Savings of Early-Stage Facade Design Decisions
    Mohsen Shahandashti, University of Texas at Arlington
    Santosh Acharya, University of Texas at Arlington
    Bahram Abediniangerabi, University of Texas at Arlington

5:00 PM. Session #12: ARTIFACT 
                Location: SOD Studio
Introducing robotics to students: Through novel architectural fabrication
    Erin Hunt, Texas Tech Huckabee College of Architecture
A tectonics of ontogenetic materialism: three projects
    Dwaine Carver, University of Idaho
Having it both ways: building as object, building as artifact
    Emily McGlohn, Auburn University
    Mackenzie Stagg, Auburn University
    Elizabeth Farrell Garcia, Auburn University
    Rusty Smith, Auburn University
Pneumatic reality: an exploration of inflatables as a pedagogical design tool
    Shawn Protz, NC State University

6:00 PM. Dinner in the Vaults
8:00 PM. Charter Bus Return to hotel(s)

Please note the Arcosanti pool will be open and available to conference attendees. Recommend bringing a towel & bathing suit.

SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2023
Special Tour of FLW & Soleri Inspired Work 
Additional Fee will Apply
Sign up for this optional tour during registration as an "add-on".
The fee will be added to your registration.
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Scientific Committee
Name Affiliation
DustinAlbrightClemson University
RobertArensCal Poly
EmilyBakerUniversity of Arkansas
ShannonBassett McEwenLaurentian University
GenevieveBaudoinKansas State University
RichardBettiniKean University
TerriBoakeUniversity of Waterloo in Canada
Mary BenBonhamMiami University in Oxford
CarynBrauseUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
NathanBrownPenn State University
MichaelCarrollKennesaw State University
MikeChristensonUniversity of Minnesota
JeffCollinsKennesaw State University
UlrichDangelThe University of Texas at Austin
LucianaDi Gennaro Università degli Studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"
ShelbyDoyleIowa State University
JeremyFiccaCarnegie Mellon University
TraceGaineyKennesaw State University
JudyGordonKansas State University
LianeHancockUniversity of Louisiana
KatelynHudsonCushman Design Group
ChrisHunterMississippi State University
CaglaKelesDrexel University
MichellleLaboyNortheastern University
Sang PilLeeKennesaw State University
ThomasLeslieIowa State University
AtefeMakhmalbafUniversity of Texas at Arlington
NeaMalooHoward University
KhaledMansyOklahoma State University
AntonioMartinez-MolinaDrexel University
LizMcCormickUNC Charlotte
ChristinaMcCoyOklahoma State University
MargotMcDonaldUNC Charlotte
MartyMcIntyrePCI Foundation
WinifredNewmanClemson University
NikNikolovLehigh University
KristopherPalagiLouisiana State University
PeterRaabTexas Tech
JohnRossMississippi State University
RosemarieRuschBond University
AriefSetiawanKennesaw State University
ArashSoleimaniWoodbury University
TylerSpragueUniversity of Washington
QingqingSunAppalachian State University
MarkTaylorUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
CarmenTrudellCal Poly, San Luis Obispo
KentaroTsubakiTulane University
EricWeberArizona State University
AaronWhiteMississippi State University
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