In 2017, the New York Times published an article calling tapioca pearls “blobs” and referred to bubble tea as “exotic.” Readers sounded off, and the Times revised their piece, but this much was clear: despite the proliferation of bubble tea beyond Chinatown, Flushing, and Sunset Park, there are still people out there who know nothing about Taiwan’s “National drink.”

At that time, we brought bubble tea to the crossroads of the world: Times Square. In the first ever NYC bubble tea festival, a stretch of Broadway right above Times Square was transformed into a one-of-a-kind festival. We are doing it again this year.

Buy a ticket below or day of (while supplies last) and you’ll be able to sample cups of bubble tea from major players and boutiques in the bubble tea business.
Tasting ticket - $10
Taiwanese Bubble Tea Festival
Location: 51 St and Seventh Ave
Time: 11AM-5PM
Date: Aug 26, 2023 (Saturday)

1. Go to the designated vendors and take a tasting cup. Your ticket will be marked accordingly.

2. After you have tried all vendors, pick from vendor and you can purchase 2 drinks for discounted price of $5. (You can buy 2 drinks from 1 vendor or 1 drink each from 2 vendors)

3. Bring the ticket to "It's Boba Time" at TaiwanFest.NYC and receive $2 off from ONE item.

4. Use the ticket at any 3 non-bubble tea vendors at TaiwanFest.NYC and receive $2 off ONE item.

4. Bring the ticket back to the info booth of TaiwanFest.NYC to receive the following:
- Ocean Bomb Anime carbonated soda (MSRP $3)
- Chance to win a bubble tea trinket. (MSRP $10)
Absolutely the best Festival to attend for boba lovers.
- St. Louis Times
times Square
(51 Street and Seventh Avenue)
790 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019 
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I bring my dog?
Sure! The event is on NYC public street (closed off for safety of course)
Do you have other vendors besides bubble tea?
Yes! The Bubble Tea Festival is part of our Beloved TaiwanFest.NYC Street Fair, so besides bubble tea vendors, there will be food vendors, artisan vendors and Taiwan Tourism Bureau to provide info to travel to Taiwan!
Is the event rain or shine?
Yes! In the city that never sleeps, we do not stop! (Unless the City really tell us to)
If you're a BOBA lover, you'd be crazy to miss this.
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