BUMP presents
Danny Krivit
The King of Disco & House Cometh 
Friday March 31
The Legendary DJ, Producer, And King Of The Re-Edit Brings His 50+ Years Of Dancefloor Bumping Experience To Turn Up The Party At Our First Public Session In 3 Years. Come One, Come All – This Party Is For The People.
You wanted to bring more friends to the party, and we heard you loud and clear — we're opening our doors wide at a venue with plenty of space to glide, and this party will be at THE MERROW in Hillcrest with help from our friends at JUNE SHINE.

Anticipate the BUMP you love with our venue transformation expertise and full production execution of fog, lights, and balloons, on a large and full soundsystem, and with fresh made organic Japanese food by Yakitori Master Ryoji Kajikawa outside on patio. More to come.

One of the most seasoned selectors on Earth and a pivotal member of New York dance music culture, Danny is a DJ that has stood the test of time. We look forward to this special dance and seeing you back on the dancefloor.

Danny Krivit [718 Sessions, NYC]
Shige  [BUMP, Convoy Music Bar]
Filoso [BUMP, Acid Varsity]
Bob Dazzla [BUMP, PB Playback, Mumford Society]

About Danny:

"Danny Krivit's 50-year DJ career reads like the evolution of dance music itself. He grew up in the '60s, experiencing the very earliest days of New York disco, and later gained a musical education at some of the world's most legendary nightspots. The Loft, The Gallery, The Paradise Garage — Danny was a regular at them all. Krivit's experiences in the '70s and '80s have had a lasting effect on him, informing almost every move he's made since. His legendary Body & Soul night, co-founded with François Kevorkian and Joe Claussell now celebrating 30 years, and 718 Sessions, his still hugely popular monthly party, were established on principles laid down during this golden period.

Aside from his illustrious DJ career, Krivit is also a production legend. His Producer/Editor/Mixer credits include well over 1,000 songs and has earned the status of "King Of the Re-edit", being a major force in bringing attention & world acceptance to the art of editing, even spawning an onslaught of imitators. His vinyl record collection is now well over 80,000. He has also contributed to many historical films & literature such as: “Maestro”, “Love Saves The Day”, “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”, & Mel Cheren’s “My Life & The Paradise Garage”, “Downtown Calling”, “All Hopped Up and Ready To Go”, "The Disco Files".

All include Danny Krivit as a legendary key player in the history of NY nightlife & Most definitely one of the very few people who can honestly say he’s consistently DJ’d in all the hottest clubs in NY & around the world for the past 50 years."

Buy the ticket while you can — there's more surprises to be announced.



1271 University Ave
San Diego, California 92103
Date & Time & INFO
March 31 Friday
7PM - 2AM
21+, Valid ID Required for Entry
LA Weekly Interview: DJ Danny Krivit on the Foundations of Disco, the Birth of House, and Vinyl vs. Hard Drive
Danny Krivit: The 5 Magazine Interview 
Five Magazine
The video shines light on him as a DJ, but most importantly highlights what has been keeping Krivit in the game for such a long time. Next to letting Krivit telling the story, the video involves close (music) friends and family like his partner Akemi Krivit, Abigail Adams (Movin’ Records), Elbin Reyes, Juhsoong Sun and Paul Raffaele (Most Excellent Unlimited Records), who all explain what make Danny a true DJ’s DJ.

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