AXYZ Router & WARDJet Waterjet and Expo - Burlington, ON 
Join us on June 8th and 9th for an event filled with live CNC demonstrations!
Join us at our North American Router Manufacturing HQ in Burlington, ON for two days filled with Router and Waterjet Applications demos and training. See live demos on a full range of both WARDJet Waterjets and AXYZ Router systems.

Each system will be running various materials and applications. Our experienced Applications and Product Experts are on-site to train attendees in best practices and to answer all of your questions.

Tour our router manufacturing facility to see the entire process of how these incredible systems are made.

Join us for lunch and get the chance to walk around all of the systems to see their capabilities. Don't see your material or application on the expo schedule below? We will have many different materials on-site and our team of experts can answer all of your questions. Please reach out to us and we'll be happy to plan accordingly to your needs.

We look forward to hosting you and your team for this wonderful event!
AXYZ Automation Group & WARDJet Waterjets
5324 South Service Rd. Burlington, ON, L7L 5H5
Date & Time
June 8, 2022, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

June 9, 2022, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Live System Demonstrations
X-1530 with APEX 60 5-Axis Head
• Complex Weld Preps with APEX 60 5-Axis
• Increase Production with Multiple Cutting Heads
• Minimize Noise and Spray with Water-Level Control
A-Series Small Format Waterjet with Enclosure
• Quickly Produce Parts with Simple Fixturing
• See the Only Waterjet in it's Class with a Full Cutting Enclosure 
• Minimize Noise and Spray with Water-Level Control
• Quickly Transition from Fixture Cutting to Thick Materials for Prototyping
Router & Knife Systems
• Complete ACM Processing Solution
Trident Knife & Router System
• Print-to-Cut Applications
• Packaging Fabrication
AXYZ Infinite Router System
• Industrial Plastic Fabrication
• Aluminum Processing
AXYZ Innovator Router System
• Aluminum Processing
AXYZ METALWorker Router System
• Aluminum Processing
•Non-ferrous Metal Processing
The PANELBuilder system for ACM/MCM, High Pressure Laminate and Fibre Cement Board fabricators is designed, built and delivered by AXYZ, a global leader in CNC Routers. Hundreds of fabricators big and small around the world have invested in their manufacturing facilities by installing PANELBuilder CNC Routers. With a low cost of entry and high return on investment, it is easy to see why.

AXYZ Trident
Faster, quieter, and more powerful than ever before!

Optimize your multi-material production for all types of exterior and interior signage. From routing aluminum and acrylic to cutting and trimming paper, vinyl, foam board, and rubber, the opportunities to create new products are endless.

A compact and fully integrated 5-Axis solution, the Apex 60 allows for 5-Axis cuts up to 60° and Taper Angle Control . Weld prep, bevel, and cut complex 5-axis shapes with the APEX 60.

Open a whole new dimension of cutting by adding an APEX 60 to your WARDJet Waterjet System!
WARDJet A-Series Waterjet
Introducing the incredibly powerful and unbelievably compact A-Series waterjet. Equipped with the same cutting power as our most industrial waterjets, the A-Series does not compromise on functionality or versatility. See first hand how the A-Series can fit into your current production workflow

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