Your Ancestors Have Called
We join together to honor our ancestors, and your ancestors have led you here. Let us join our voices in prayer, giving our ancestors the praise, honor, and respect they are due.
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 2023 Ancestral Souls Rising 
We are our Ancestors, we carry them in our bodies.
The women and men of the Egungun societies have taken sacred oaths to oversee rituals of caring for The Ancestors who protect the living. Members of these societies have come together as The Council for Global Ancestral Reverence to create an international event that honors the sacred rites of elevation known as the Nine-Day Elevation of the Souls ritual. We invite you to join The Council as we stand together to honor the spirits of those we have lost during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the continued violence in our communities as well as those who have peacefully joined the ancestors when it was their time in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner.

With the blessings of the Àwíse Àgbáyé Baba Wande Abimbola and organized by The Elders of the Council and with elders from African cultural traditions found around the world, we will pray together on December 21, and for the next 9 days sharing insights on the Nine Layers of the Soul, ending on December 29.

For many generations, our elders have known and taught us the power of prayer, ritual, song, and breath. We are calling upon that ancient wisdom at this time of crisis in our community as we are denied breath - “I can’t breathe” - in our lives and families, as we are denied access to voting, books, accurate history, power over our bodies and important cultural acknowledgment. This year the Ancestors spoke, reminding us that as witnesses to history, we carry that history in our bodies.

We know that we carry the DNA of our ancestors in our bodies. We are their living embodiment. We hear them urging us to continue the fight for what they started and died for. We keep it going: we VOTE, and we EDUCATE and ADVOCATE for our lives and for the empowerment of the generations forward to do the same!

Registered participants will receive information about the rituals and activities presented during this sacred period of illumination.

Contact The Council at [email protected] with media inquiries, as well as questions about sponsorship to support the event or in order to attend. 
Date & Time
December 21, 2023, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Daily from December 21 through December 29.
Artwork by Ohene Nedra Williams
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About the council
The Council for Global Ancestral Reverence is a consortium of globally recognized and respected spiritualists, artists and cultural leaders. The mission of the council is to honor the ancestors through various public and private activities and to provide broad access to culturally relevant solutions to the Global African Community's most pressing problems.
Our spiritual leaders
Our spiritual leaders have raised their voices with us, and give prayers and offerings to our ancestors.
Their guided words will appear here as we move together towards this ceremony.
May our memories stay full with the guidance and love of our Ancestors. Maferefun Egun.
- Ohen Nedra Williams

 As people of the diaspora, and those who love our heritage we must vote! Here on "Great Turtle Island" we must determine our destiny. Carry the words of our ancestors to deliver our future.
Iya Beji

Good character is what the Ancestors bring to heaven. Let each of us strive to become an Ancestor.
-Sangoyemi Barbara Eaton

We must heal the wounds of the colonial past, and harvest the gifts of our ancestors.
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are in our hands.
We are the Ancestors of the Future.

- Yeye Luisah Teish

"Let us lift up our voices to call on our Ancestor’s to assist us during this time of global crisis." 
- OsunKemi Liz Coleman


Contact Us
We are open to questions and inquiries about the event, as well as requests to for sponsorship in order to participate and pray with us.
Any questions about sponsoring the event or supporting The Council in further activities may be sent directly to: [email protected].

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