Kōkiri ki Tua: Moving Forward as a Collective
11am, Wednesday 17th April 2024
The Dean of Learning & Teaching, alongside our newly appointed Kaikōkiri (coordinators), will delve into the dynamics of their roles and the work they are undertaking within the Kōkiri ki Tua (the Education Network). This session serves as an opportunity to grasp the inner workings of Kōkiri ki Tua, showcasing how it aligns with the principles of Pae Tata and positively impacts both individual members and the wider university community. Attendees will gain insights directly from the Kaikōkiri and the Dean on how they are tackling the complexities of their positions, fostering engagement, and driving collaboration.

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About the 'CALT Kōrero' series
The Committee for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching is proud to present a new talk series launched in February 2023.

A speaker or panel of speakers will be invited each month to share their knowledge and experiences in their field. With both in-person and online registrations available, we hope that people from across our campuses and beyond will join us as we probe the questions that lie at the heart of advancing learning and teaching.
Previous CALT Kōrero
Nurturing Success and Wellbeing: Student Centred Teaching and Support Strategies
Thursday 26th October 2023
Panel: Claire Gallop, Melissa Lethaby, Nicola Beatson.
About: Centring students is at the heart of the work we do in universities. This creates exiting opportunities as well as challenges. We need to tailor the teaching and support we give to the students we have, not some fictional students we would like to have. This kōrero explores the exceptional pastoral care students can receive from both academic and professional staff at Otago. We will focus on how to ensure that staff and students know what support can be put around a student to ensure they are as successful as possible.
Busting the myths about online, flexible and distance learning (OFDL)
Thursday 28th September 2023
Panel: Dr Bronwyn Thompson, Dr Keryn Pratt, Dr James Harding & Dr Sarah Carr.
About: Online, flexible and distance learning (OFDL) is often viewed as a poor substitute for in-person education; students dislike it; teachers find it to be educationally lacking; one would only contemplate OFDL as a last option. The panel in this CALT Korero will bust the many myths that surround OFDL as they talk about the frustrations and challenges as well as the joys and the immense satisfaction that can be attained through teaching well-designed courses that meet student needs.
Student voice in decolonising education at Otago
Thursday 20th July 2023

Panel: Dr Kim Brown, Dr Rachel Martin & Professor Alex Gunn
About: In our kōrero, we will be talking about our place and the space of the University of Otago, what this means for decolonising and Indigenising education, for students, and ourselves as educators and researchers. We placed student voice at the heart of our project to learn more about the ways that students encounter Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and mana whenua relationships and partnerships in their education here.
Student perspectives on the shifting landscape of education
Thursday 22nd June 2023

Panel: Patrick Mazzocco, Quintine Jane, Annabelle Parata Vaughan, Tessa Worthington.
About:  A dynamic student panel discussion on the transforming educational landscape. Hear students share their experiences and insights on navigating the impact of recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of emerging technologies like ChatGPT, and shifts in higher education practices. 
Fostering student engagement: the value of students coming to class
Friday 26th May 2023

Panel: Dr John Williams, Dr Ruth Toumu'a, Dr Sylvia Robertson and Dr Sheila Skeaff. Facilitated by Dr Sarah Stein.
About: Digital technologies have revolutionised the educational landscape, offering unparalleled accessibility and flexibility to students. In this new era, students' motivations for attending classes have shifted, and as educators, we must adapt accordingly. In this CALT Kōrero session we look at how we can navigate a dynamic environment, tailor our teaching methods to fulfil students' learning needs, and foster greater engagement.
Assessment - Now and in the Future
Friday 21st April 2023

Panel: Professor Simone Marshall, Professor Blair Blakie, Dr Angela Clark, Dr Nave Wald
About: Our panel come together in this CALT Kōrero session to discuss the objectives and challenges of assessment. Together they shared their personal experiences in using innovative assessment methods and what their thoughts are on the impact advancing technologies may have in this area.
Implications of Generative AI such as ChatGPT in Higher Education
Thursday 9th March 2023

Panel: Associate Professor Grant Dick, Senior Lecturer Lech Szymanski, Professor Brendan McCane, Professor James Maclaurin
About: Our panel come together in this CALT Kōrero session to discuss the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and language models like ChatGPT into higher education. Together they explore how AI can be utilised to presonalise learning experiences for students and free up workloads for educators while also touching on the concerns of privacy, ethics and the potential impact on employment has context menu. 
Open Resources in Education
Wednesday 8th February 2023

Panel: Richard White, Dr Lynnaire Sheridan, Christine Yip and Dr Sophie Briggs
About: Students encounter many barriers when it comes to access to resources. Whether it's buying text books, getting to the library or downloading ebooks that have user limits, these obstacles can get in the way of student learning. In this first CALT Kōrero we talk to tertiary teachers about what lead them down the path of creating open resources as well as the challenges and benefits.
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