What is Chem2Change?
The online conference Chem2Change will take place through invited presentations and open discussions to support high-level knowledge exchange and discussion between early-career scientists. The event will focus on environmental chemistry and the applications in addressing current global challenges. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop to map research interests and scope links to develop networks and facilitate new/continued engagement and collaboration between participants. 

Are you an early-career scientists?
For this event early-career scientists are all of you currently enrolled in post-graduate studies (Masters or PhD students) and all of you post-graduates that obtained your degree no more than five years ago. 

The organisation of the event will be supported by the Association of Chemistry and the Environment (ACE). An organisation that promotes collaboration between scientists in academia and research institutes, the commercial sector and social representatives within governmental and regulatory bodies to address environmental problems. This event will discuss establishing an early-career scientist network within ACE, that will support the ACE Board with the view to merge into a management role. 
Latest news regarding the Chem2Change, early-career researchers' event
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Who will choose the best presentation in each session?
Posted JANUARY 24
We are happy to announce the members of the Scientific Committee for the upcoming Chem2Change conference. The best presentation in each session will be chosen by:

- Gilles Mailhot, University of Clermont Auvergne, France
- Iwona Malgorzata Szynkowska, Lodz University of Technology,                Poland

- Juan Facetti, National University of Asuncion, Paraguay
- Polonca Trebše, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
- Nuno Ratola, University of Porto, Portugal

- Nuria Fiol, University of Girona, Spain
- Marian Olazabal, University of the Basque Country, Spain

European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry 2021 (EMEC21)

Posted OCTOBER 26
Chem2Change online conference was presented and advertised at the European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry, in Novi Sad, Serbia.
The feedback was remarkable and we are looking forward to welcoming all the early-stage researchers.
Register now to get this amazing opportunity to network with other environmental chemists.
Session Topics
Discussion Themes
We are extremely excited to showcase the session topics where you can choose to present your research work.
Global challenges: Corona virus, climate, & nature restoration
Session 1
Instrumental analysis & method development in environmental chemistry
Session 2
Sustainability & the environment: Circular economy, treatment technologies, agriculture & industry
Session 3
Discussion Themes based on participants' choice
1) ACE & you – a network of early-career ACE members
2) Women in STEMM – supporting early-career researchers
3) “How to live greener every day” with a quiz
100 € award to be given to the best presentation in each session. Best presentations will be chosen by the scientific committee featuring representatives from the ACE Board. 

Please note this programme is subject to change and final programme will be available by 10th March 2022.
Tuesday, 15th March
|     12:00 PM
Welcome (1st day)
|     12:15 PM
Invited speaker
|     13:00 PM
Session 1 with Q&A: 
Global challenges: Corona virus, climate, & nature restoration
|     14:20 PM
Coffee Break
|     14:30 PM
Session 2 with Q&A:
Instrumental analysis & method development in environmental chemistry
|     16:00 PM
Breakout discussion themes
|     17:00 PM
Closing remarks for the 1st day
Wednesday, 16th March
|     12:00 PM
Welcome (2nd day)
|     12:10 PM
Invited speaker on Chemistry and Sustainability
|     13:00 PM 
Session 3 with Q&A:
Sustainability & the environment: Circular economy, treatment technologies, agriculture & industry
|     14:30 PM  
Coffee Break
|     14:40 PM  
Mapping research interests and identifying potential synergies
|     15:30 PM  
Closing remarks and actions going forward
|     16:00 PM  
Social closing of the conference
The organizing committee welcomes presenters as well as listeners only (non-presenters). Non-presenters are required to settle the registration fee before 8th March 2022 (notification of acceptance). 

For details regarding abstract submission see section Abstracts.

Registration opens: 22nd November 2021                  
Registration closes & deadline for participation fee: 8th March 2022  
Abstract submission: 15th February 2022               
Notification of Acceptance for presenters: 22nd February 2022   

Confirmation of participation will be sent after verification of your abstract submission (for presenters) or successful payment of registration fee (for non-presenters).
For further information and questions regarding registration please contact organising comittee at [email protected].
Abstract Template: Download
*Abstract templates are prepared for participants with oral presentation. Poster sessions are not in the programme.
Submit your abstract by 15th February 2022.
Please submit your abstracts in the MS Word format.
Organising Committee
Dr. Lydia Niemi 
university of highlands and islands, united kingdom
Postdoctoral Researcher
I am an environmental scientist and analytical chemist with research interests in emerging contaminants, wastewater treatment, water quality, and pollution.
Dr. Szabolcs Pap 
university of highlands and islands, united kingdom
Researcher, Water Technologist
I am an environmental-chemical engineer with research interests in material synthesis, functionalisation, characterisation and their implementation in wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery.
Dr. Franja Prosenc
University of ljubljana, Slovenia
Postdoctoral Researcher
An environmental scientist working on circular economy and waste to resource agriculture, including microplastics and other emerging contaminants.
Urška Šunta, M.Sc.
University of ljubljana, Slovenia
PhD Student
An environmental scientist with research interest in nature based solutions for wastewater treatment (algae), and contaminants of emerging concern, including microplastics.
Ing. Frederika Mišíková
university of pardubice, czech republic
PhD Student
Analytical chemist, combining food chemistry with environmental studies, focused on gadolinium as an emerging contaminant in the environment.
Assist. Prof. Ing. Anna Krejčová, Ph.D.
university of pardubice, czech republic
Associate professor
Focused on environmental and analytical chemistry (spectroscopic methods) and LCA. Research on the fate of gadolinium-based contrast agents in the environment.
Marek Tykva, B.Sc.
university of pardubice, Czech republic
MSc Student
A follow-up student in the specialization of „Sustainability in Chemistry and Technology“, fully focusing on studying for the future degree.
Dr Gordana Gajica
university of BELGRADE, SERBIA
Assistant Research Professor 
My research interests are focused on environmental geochemistry; investigation of pollutants in water, soil, sediments; characterization of pyrolysis products and use of biochar.
Slađana Savić
Teaching Assistant
An environmental chemist focused on the use of advanced oxidation processes for degradation of waterborne organic pollutants.
Environmental Chemistry 
Towards Global Change 
March 15 - 16, 2022
Zoom platform

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