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CODESS is an interactive installation and live performance merging dance, machine, light and sound. The audience is faced with a distillation of our contemporary world. The pandemic has slowly become controllable, and the world has been left exhausted. Smoke is rising, lights flicker on the horizon and hope is in the air. The voice of a promise whispers a soft welcome to a new world. A robot within the landscape of the 4DSOUND system marks the opening of the immersive installation. The robot’s outstretched arm rotates around its body in a circle, interacting with and challenging the audience.

The live performance of Codess consists of 12 dancers who encircle the robot, blending and fusing through prayer-like, ritualistic movement. The robot and performers work hand in hand and melt into each other as a representation of society and its growing entanglement with technology. In ancient and mythological symbolism, the number 12 stands for perfection, wholeness, and cosmic order.

Curation: Idan Gilony
Sound Design: Dasha Rush
Spatial Sound Design: Dasha Rush and William Russell
Sound System: 4DSOUND
Movement Direction: Candela Capitan
Costume Design: UY Studio
Sound Experience Production: Monom Studios

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Halle am Wriezener Bahnhof

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Date & Time
July 14, 2022

8:00 PM 
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