Join us for an evening of celebration and community as we mark the grand opening of our Mikvah dinner. Come together with friends and family for a memorable event filled with joy, blessings, and the inauguration of this sacred space. Let's honor tradition and welcome this new chapter with warmth and unity. You're invited to share in this special moment with us.

Rabbi Avrohom and Shulamis Holtzberg with Chabad of Georgetown
Ohel David & Shlomo
710 Shore Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11235,
Date & Time
February 22, 2024,
Reception 6:30 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM

$180 Per Seat
 Rabbi Mendel Duchman
 Rabbi Mendel Duchman A nationally acclaimed business coach and motivational speaker. Rabbi Mendel Duchman has the rare opportunity to be simultaneously involved in two influential worlds -- the world of commerce and finance, and the world of spiritual inspiration and Jewish outreach.
Charlene Aminoff
“How 4 Minutes Changed My Life”
A miraculous story of near tragedy and triumph.
Charlene Aminoff is the founder of Gali Couture Wigs, wife, mother of five, Philanthropist, and a renowned speaker. Charlene travels the world speaking about the miracle of her daughter Gali, and her life changing experience which led her to become a proud observant Jew.
 Join us on February 22 
We look forward to hosting you!

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