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The Current Landscape
Today, there are more than 100 million refugees and displaced people around the world and over the past year, more than 40,000 newcomers have arrived in Colorado. These individuals are coming from regions plagued by economic instability, political unrest, war, and environmental disasters. They are fleeing ongoing humanitarian emergencies, which have undermined access to food, medicine, transportation, education, and jobs.

The majority of newcomers in Colorado have traveled from Latin America along harrowing and dangerous routes to seek asylum in the US. Many have endured violence, robbery, sexual assault, hunger on their journey and now they are here, facing new challenges.
​​​​What do all of these newcomers have in common?
They all want to work!
Although their legal immigration journey will be far from simple, those who have successfully obtained legal work permits are actively seeking employment opportunities. There is an estimated 500 newcomers that currently have permits in Colorado and another 1,500 that are eligible to apply for a work permit. Among them are skilled and diligent individuals motivated by a deep desire to provide for and support their families.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have grappled with the challenge of filling positions. Finding reliable employees who are willing to engage in manual labor has become increasingly difficult. However, amidst these challenges, the influx of newcomers to Denver presents a unique opportunity for employers to tap into a fresh pool of talent and address our staffing shortages.
Our mission is to connect businesses and workers and help bridge the gap between the need for seasonal workers in the green industry (& beyond) and the vast number of eligible newcomers who desperately want to work.
How To Hire A Newcomer 
Option 1: Register your business with New Roots
> Click the button below and fill out the questionnaire about your business and hiring needs.
> You will receive a confirmation email with more information and a list of potential hires in your area.
> Choose the candidates of interest and reach out to them directly to schedule an interview or offer a position.
> If you hire a newcomer, leave a comment or send us an email so we can keep the spreadsheet up to date.
> Please note that the information on this spreadsheet will be updated as statuses change but the information provided has not been verified.  
Option 2: Use Chamba to hire temporary workers
> Chamba is an app based hiring sysytem. Chamba will vet and verify potential candidates and then hire them as a Chamba workers.
> Set up an account with Chamba.
> Post shifts to your calendar to be filled.
> Chamba will match a worker with your specifications and send them to your posted shift.
> If you like the worker, add them to your favorites and Chamba will send them back for your next scheduled shift.
> If you don't like a worker, block them and Chamba will find you another match. 
> Chamba pays each worker directly and you will be invoiced on weekly basis.
> If you want to hire a worker, simply offer him/her a position. There is no buyout fee and the employee can be added to your payroll immediately.
Option 3: Use Centro de los Trabajadores to hire day laborers
> El Centro is day laborer center for Spanish speaking workers. They provide job skills and leadership development training to their workers.
> Request a worker via the link below for a day or for a multi-day project.
> El Centro will send workers to your site (min $20/hr) or you can pick up the workers from the center (min $18/hr).
> You will pay the worker directly at the end of each day.
> If you like a worker, simply offer them a position at your company.
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A Message from Julie Echter
While driving through North Denver this fall, I couldn't help but notice the crowds gathered outside a Comfort Inn, their suitcases and trash bags filled with belongings telling a story of displacement. Among them were small children running around in shorts and sandals, women holding babies, and parents seeking shelter for their families. In the following weeks, those crowds swelled, and the streets transformed into makeshift camps of newcomers struggling to survive. Everywhere I looked, people were asking for work, walking the city streets in search of employment. The more I learned about the situation, the more it kept me awake at night. After digging into the daunting legal process newcomers faced and hearing the heart-wrenching stories of their journeys, I knew I had to do something to help.

Like countless other businesses, Echter's has grappled with labor shortages in the wake of the pandemic. We've had to revamp our hiring strategies and adapt our business model to combat the decrease in applicants, many of whom are unwilling to commit to full-time work. It's become all too common for candidates to skip interviews and for employees to call in for shifts, quit without notice, or leave within days of starting. The truth is, finding reliable, committed individuals is a challenge.

The solution, it seemed, was clear: bridge the gap between businesses and newcomers seeking employment. While many newcomers may not yet have work permits, there is a substantial number who either possess one or are eligible to obtain it. My hope is that our industry can rally together to extend opportunities to this deserving group in desperate need of our support.
Julie Echter
Vice President
Echter's Garden Center
Change happens one helping hand at a time
Overcoming the Language Barrier and Other Helpful Hints
Try to find prospective employees who reside near your facility. Many do not have transportation and this will be a challenge for them. If you are able to provide bus passes, that would help set your new employees up for success!

If you would like to reach out to a potential applicant, contact the individual via text, WhatsApp, or email so they can utilize tools to translate and respond.

If your new employees need proper work clothing, shoes etc., reach out to us and we can help. There is a large network of people helping to connect donations and resources to those that need them.

Try to make your business more Spanish friendly. Offer applications and training material in Spanish. Post important signs in both English and Spanish. If you need help translating documents, reach out to us for help.

If you've never used Google translate, it is easy! Simply download the app from the app store on your phone and you can speak English while your employee speaks Spanish and the whole conversation can happen right on your phone. You can learn more at https://translate.google.com
Other translation tools: Microsoft Translator, sayHi, DeepL Translator

Don't be timid about asking Spanish speakers to help translate. This might be other current employees, friends etc.

E-Verify - A web-based system through which employers electronically confirm the employment eligibility of their employees
City of Denver "How to Work Legally" Resource document
Colorado Learners can access 6 months of online English classes free - Engen English Classes
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This is a new endeavor and this site will be changing often as we learn more about connecting newcomers with interested employers. Our commitment is to continually enhance resources for both companies and workers. Join our network of supportive businesses dedicated to empowering newcomers. Click the button below to stay updated with news, hiring opportunities, and valuable insights. 
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