I met my good friend Grand Master David Harris at the height of years of serious health problems.  In just a few short months, his techniques and knowledge about the human body, the meridians, the channels, the pathogens, our anatomy and how it all works has been life altering.  
As we started having these conversations, my mind was blown and I learned things I had never heard of before.
I said to him, we need to record these conversations, because people need to hear this, they need to know!
What is about to follow is the result of that idea.
We will meet weekly and discuss the ideas and techniques he has used on me and what he has used to help others in their path to better health and understanding of how the body works and moves and how we can free ourselves from the rat race of taking more and more pills, but never getting healthier.
We invite you to join us in this endeavor. I hope you will find as much value, peace and overall betterment as I have.

Date & Time
Wednesdays @1 PM EST
 Join us Wednesdays @1 PM EST 
We look forward to hosting you!

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