How to Create Business Vision
Guest Speaker: Shaun McCloskey
A word from Shaun:
The goal for most entrepreneurs is to make a lot of money, because quite frankly, more money and more business success is supposed to lead to a better life, right?
While there may be smidges of truth to this (I’d certainly rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable,) we’ve all heard of countless stories or people that have made millions of dollars and are also completely unfulfilled, bored out of their minds, on drugs and alcohol, starting their 4thmarriage... the list goes on and on. 
The truth is, most people (even the “successful ones”) never take the time to build a business around what they truly want to be doing on a daily basis. 
Businesses should, by nature, be profitable. But most people today trade profit for a crummy life.
It seems that the popular belief today is that the only way to get ahead in business is to work your life away–to trade everything else you say you want in life to create profits instead. But that never interested me. I always wanted to have a profitable business and a great life too. 
I’d rather build a business that serves every aspect of my personality, creates massive opportunities for others, and is also very profitable. While profit is certainly important, if you want to live a life of fulfillment, money alone should never be the first filter when it comes to choosing not only the business in which you endeavor, but also in your specific role within that business. When you build a business with VISION first rather than just goals, work no longer feels like work, and profit becomes significantly easier to pull off. 
I know this all too well... I was one of the guys out there flipping 70-80houses per year, making great money, and yet woke up one day with the realization that I hadn’t wanted to go to work for a long time. 
Until I found out exactly why. 
What I’ve learned through this process is mind-blowing and has radically shifted everything for me for the better. It has literally changed my entire view on finances, how to structure a business from the start, how to transform a business that’s already been built the wrong way (even one with many moving parts), and today I’m proud to share that I love every aspect of what I do on a daily basis–and am more profitable than ever! 
None of this came to fruition by simply setting goals. That never works. While goals are important, they are never the first line of offense in building a business.
You CAN have a profitable business–one that you absolutely love! And you can make it insanely profitable. And if you’ll let me, I’ll show you the exact process I used to pull that off in my own life.
Because of that, I’m going to strongly encourage you to make it a top priority to show up join us for this. I promise you an eye-opening, paradigm shifting experience in the best possible way.
If you show up with an open mind, you’ll leave awakened to an entirely new perspective on what it means to be successful and prosperous, and you’ll be challenged to a new path–a very specific and proven path you can actually follow, involving four very critical steps you can take immediately to put you in the path of not only financial success, but also a life and business you look forward to every single day.

See you then!
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Speaker Spotlight
Shaun McCloskey
Shaun McCloskey is a seasoned coach and owner of Leadership Boardroom, a high calibur coaching and mastermind organization located in Shaun’s hometown of St.Louis, MO. He’s been investing since 2003 and has completed somewhere north of300+ real estate deals consisting of just about every kind of investing strategy you can imagine.

Widely known for his expertise in pre-foreclosure flipping, Shaun has also been a featured speaker at many of the top REIA’s in the country. He is the author of a number of home study course on the subject of real estate investing and speaking, and is considered “the Coach’s coach,” coaching a number of high caliber business and real estate coaches across the country.

Shaun and his wife Jennie have 3 children, Lucas, Norah and Elise and are members of The Crossing church in Chesterfield, MO. He also plays lead guitar and sings in a band... just for fun! His personal and business motto is “give first".
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