Cross-MII Workshop: Multidisciplinary Software Usage and Development
Join us on March 22
E-textile design relies on the iteration of physical prototypes to achieve a system that meets stakeholder requirements. This time-intensive process results in systems that are not designed with scalable manufacturing in mind and have inconsistent and unreliable performance. To change this, e-textile design must be supported by a validated digital framework to create scalable and robust systems. This includes digital tools and methodologies as well as a supporting infrastructure for data integration and sharing between multidisciplinary teams. Currently, no such digital framework exists.

The objective of this workshop is to bring together stakeholders in software tool usage and development across the memberships of AFFOA, ARM, and NextFlex to identify key technology gaps that are currently limiting the use of digital tools in e-textile development.

Your participation is essential, as your unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges of designing with dynamic, soft and flexible products is incredibly important. As part of the workshop, a proposed design flow and framework will be presented, and participants will identify additional gaps during a focus group on present challenges in soft-systems and e-textiles.

Why Attend
  • Network with members of the other MIIs on the topic of digital tool usage and development.
  • Participate in a focus group to identify technology gaps in need of investment
  • Get connected with standards, process, and innovation leaders in these identified areas

How to Attend
Attendance is fully virtual via Zoom. The link will be sent to you after registration.

This event is exclusively for members of AFFOA, ARM, and NextFlex.

Date & Time
March 22, 2023,
12:45 PM - 5:30 PM EST
9:45 AM - 2:30 PM PST
12:45 PM
Workshop Overview
Overview of the goals of the workshop.
12:50 PM
Roundtable Introduction
Short introduction of each MII (AFFOA, ARM, NextFlex)
1:00 PM
Digital Tool Development for a New Industry
Mary Ann Maher, CEO and Founder - SoftMEMS
1:20 PM
Digital Tool Development for E-Textiles (State of the Art, Current Challenges)
Genevieve Dion, Director - Pennsylvania Fabric Discovery Center
1:40 PM
Supporting Infrastructure
Chris Jorgensen, Director of Technology Transfer - IPC
2:15 PM
Customer Discovery & Feedback
Overview of the results of the customer discovery including key themes, framework, and identified gaps. The results will be presented sequentially with opportunities for feedback.
3:05 PM
Focus Group Overview
Introduction to the breakout session and objectives.
3:15 PM
Focus Group
The focus group will have four topics focused on key challenges and opportunities in simulation: failure analysis, performance prediction, operating efficiency, and fit. Participants will go through the design process for a case study product, identifying key gaps in the digital software tools and infrastructure needed to effectively design the product. The findings will be used to guide future investment in multidisciplinary digital tools, methodologies, and supporting infrastructure.
5:00 PM
Member Pitches
Max 30, 90 second pitches from attendees following template provided by organizers. An opportunity to introduce themselves and what they’re working on for future collaborations.
5:30 PM
Thanks & Wrap Up
A thank you to all attendees and description of what will happen following the workshop (distribution of report/slides).

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