Successful Engagement
We all deserve independence! Beyond understanding the basics lies the true insight into the daily realities of supporting someone living with dementia. Join us for an enlightening one-hour session led by a seasoned dementia care specialist. Gain exclusive insights into effective strategies for daily care and handling challenging situations.

Delve into innovative approaches aimed at fostering independence and maintaining the joy and engagement of those living with dementia. This session will concentrate on innovative approaches to care for the person living with dementia and keeping them engaged and happy with more independence. Elevate your caregiving skills and help create a happier, more fulfilling environment for your loved ones!


Carrie Chiusano, PCHA, CADDCT, CDP, ADC, Executive Director, Presbyterian SeniorCare Network
Carrie, with over 30 years at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, is a driving force behind the Woodside Place dementia care philosophy. As Executive Director of the Dementia Care Center of Excellence since 2016, she leads the integration of dementia care services, champions state-of-the-art programs, and fosters strategic partnerships. A renowned speaker on dementia care, Carrie's expertise is globally recognized.

Online Webinar
Date & Time
May 28, 2024
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (PT)

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