Direct Access: A Practical Introduction to an Essential IFS Skill
Risa Adams & Elizabeth Parsons
April 10 10-5pm ET
Designed for those using IFS in their practice and feeling not-quite-sure about how and when to use Direct Access.

$225 Early Bird (CAD)
until March 6
Direct access is a relational act - the ultimate act of befriending - welcoming, getting to know, appreciating, and building trust with parts - and requires us to have a lot of trust in our own Selves, and in the model.

Through didactic lectures, demonstrations, and skill building practice we will help boost your confidence, ease and clarity in using direct access, and help those parts of the therapist who feel awkward, anxious, or unsure about how, when, and why to use it.

Details & Boundaries:
Designed for those with a working knowledge of IFS and who are already using it in their practice.

Maximum of 30 participants.

LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC brave and accountable space.

Workshop will be recorded and made available to participants for 3 months.

Eligible for 6 IFS-Institute CE Credits towards certification or recertification.

After March 6 regular rate of $250 CAD will apply.

Refundable until March 27 less a $50 admin fee.

Date & Time
April 10, 2024, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Risa and Elizabeth are both Certified IFS Therapists and Approved Consultants with the IFS Institute.
Risa Adams, MD
Risa is a family physician with a focused practice in perinatal mental health care. She is Level 3 trained, certified, approved consultant and Assistant Trainer with IFSI. Risa has loved direct access ever since using it to get to know a little blaming firefighter in her Level 1, and readily admits to having parts on a mission to share and promote this practice as ‘not just a tool of last resort.’  

Elizabeth Parsons, MD
Elizabeth is a family physician with a focused practice in group psychotherapy. She is Level 3 trained, certified in IFS and an IFSI approved consultant. Elizabeth’s first experience with direct access in Level 1 blew her mind and gave her profound appreciation for a humorous firefighter. She has parts that want everyone to have a similar experience and to love using direct access as much as she does.      

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