November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Join us for...
Diabetes and U
How we are working to create a future free of diabetes. For Utah. And for you.
Wednesday, November 17
3:00 — 4:00pm MT
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1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes.
Do you?

Learn how we are making 
progress in the fight.
Join us for a special online event as we examine a growing, global epidemic that affects 1 in 10 Americans. Learn a few tips and tricks to improve health. Talk with leading researchers about the latest discoveries.

Broadcast from the U's new event stage.

Find out how the Driving Out Diabetes initiative is changing lives.

"What small lifestyle changes can make the 
biggest impact to improve health?"
We'll show you some simple and proven strategies, developed by experts, that can be done at home and shared with your family that can make a difference in preventing and managing diabetes. 
"How do we stop the growth of diabetes as a global disease and improve the health of Utahns?"
Tackling diabetes head-on is a big endeavor. Learn how we take the message of healthy lifestyle choices to where people learn, work, pray, and play—and why it's making a difference.  
"Will we find a cure?"
There is not a cure today. The University of Utah has a strong history of diabetes research, and our community of investigators are making important discoveries. In the course of a few years, our annual research funding has grown from $34 million to $43 million per year, driven by the talent and passion of our people. Learn how we are using these funds to broaden our understanding and seek out new treatments. We will not rest until a cure is found.
Angie Fagerlin, PhD
Director, Driving Out Diabetes, a Larry H. Miller Family Wellness Initiative
Professor and Chair, Population Health Sciences

Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chair 
Dr. Fagerlin is professor and chair in the Department of Population Health Sciences at University of Utah Health and the Director of the Driving Out Diabetes, a Larry H. Miller Family Wellness Initiative. In her role as Director, Dr. Fagerlin led a multi-disciplinary team to develop and implement the community-engaged, clinical, and research programs of Driving Out Diabetes. In addition to her administrative roles, Dr. Fagerlin is an experimental psychologist whose research focuses on the development and testing of decision support interventions to help patients better understand new medical diagnoses. She has developed and evaluated decision aids in many conditions including diabetes- and kidney-related diseases. Her research has been funded by VA, NCI, NIH, and the European Union.
Scott Summers, PhD
Co-Director, Diabetes & 
Metabolism Research Center;

Professor and Chair, Nutrition and 
Integrative Physiology 
Dr. Summers chairs the Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology and co-directs the Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center at the University of Utah. His research aims to develop new therapeutic strategies to combat the metabolic underpinnings of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He is the scientific founder of Centaurus Therapeutics, a biotechnology company developing ceramide-reduction therapies to combat cardiometabolic disorders.
November 17 3:00 - 4:00pm
November 17, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

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