Earth Heart Winter Ceremony
Weaving Community In the Sacred Forest of Dreamtime
Earth is calling us to meet her in the quiet depths of the forest. In the darkness of winter we come together in ceremony to step into the potent magic of the Sacred Forest; into the realms of the elements, nature beings, and the spirit of the north in the medicine wheel. As we journey into the heart of the forest the still darkness opens into a vast expanse of spaciousness, of unlimited potential, the bliss of the abyss, in which to explore the inner wonder of the forest, and the dreams and visions of our own inner landscapes. Come join us as we journey, listen, exchange with nature, and spend cozy time around the hearth fire to weave our stories together, and bring warmth and joy to our hearts!

This ceremony comes through the Earth Heart guides from the summer Ceremony (Terry Kem, Karen Hefner, Holly Jarvis, Pamela Rico and Lauri Shainsky), and seeks to unite community in this time of year when we tend to focus inward. Earth yearns to be in exchange with us, to reveal her beauty of winter in new ways. Transform your experience of winter and find gifts there-- in the blustery wind, the quiet snow, the wetness of rain and wildness of the weather beings.

We come together virtually through the magic of Zoom, and share dreams, stories, healing with each other through journeys (sound, moving), stories, and ritual.

There will be ample breaks to wander outdoors or within, work with the nature beings in or around your home, imbue your altar (if you have one) and gather around your hearth of home.

Tentative Schedule (all times listed are Pacific Time Zone):
Friday, January 26 - 4-8pm
Saturday, January 27 - 10am-8pm
Sunday, January 28 - 10am-3pm

Cost: We are utilizing a form of payment that allows flexibility in your offering. Please pay what you can! The range is from $270 to $396 - select the amount of your good exchange. Thank you so much!

Our intentions and prayers are that we all walk into our lives with:
~ Deep connections with each other in community;
~ A rich sense of the gifts of winter on Earth;
~ Expanded capacities to wonder and wander in the magic of our sacred forests in ordinary and non-ordinary realities;
~ New stories from the Dreamtime realms for guiding our lives.
In each of our own sacred homes
Date & Time
Friday, January 26, 2024
Saturday, January 28 10AM-8PM
Sunday, January 28
All times listed Pacific Timezone
Join us on January 26
We look forward to hosting you!

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