Earth Heart: A Ceremony of Listening, Connection, and Celebration! 
Join us on July 11 - July 16 , 2023
Register Early!!! Spots are limited.
Join us in a ceremony designed to bring ourselves closer to the Heart of the Earth, our most beloved teacher.

For five days and nights we will connect as a community of open-hearted beings to listen with our whole selves and remember who we are. We will be immersed in the magic and power of the land at Old Growth Canyon, east of Salem, Oregon, greeting and honoring the Earth and her nature beings, and experiencing our own true rhythm.

Nature awareness, energy medicine, and mindfulness form the core of our learning and healing, woven into a tapestry of community collaboration and celebration.

Through experiential practice, storytelling, wandering, singing, drumming, contemplation, and fun, we will attune our hearts to the Earth Heart. We will come away with personal practices that guide our own service to the Earth—big or small—in our everyday lives.

Our heartfelt intention is…
We flow gently, powerfully into sacred soulful exchange with Mother Earth, Gaia, and the nature spirits. We ask that they hold us tenderly as we wander, sing, and dance.

Journeying Skills Required.


During our week together we will have opportunities to commune with the spirits of nature, rejuvenate, and learn through participating in formal and informal sessions.

Early morning activities:
• Forest Bathing: An ancient practice of connecting with the Spirit of the Forest, the Standing Ones, and the Elementals through breath, gentle movement, and quietude in and with the forest. Wings and faery or elf ears optional!

• Singing/Toning/Drumming–build collective effervescence and raise our vibrations through the magic of sound, intention, spirit, and listening in community.

• Birding: A quiet contemplative morning bird walk before breakfast where we listen to and connect with the birds–little hearts on wings–as they share their songs and calls.

Core teachings we will all participate in:
Foundational practices for building sacred relationship with the natural world: Earth as our primary teacher; Sacred Spots and their power; Bird Sound and Language, Routines of Invisibility, Noticing and changing frequencies, bringing our minds together, embodiment, sacred geometry, altars and portals, exchange-reciprocity-offerings, and practices for enriching community, collaboration and service to Earth.

Learning Experiences in Convened Sessions
The following are topics of focus offered by our team of guides during the week that add power and wisdom as we flow through our ceremony together.

Language of the Heart:
Before there were words spoken by humans, then separation from our oneness, there was, is, the language of the heart. We will explore and expand our abilities to perceive and communicate through this language. Guided by: Terry Kem

Seeing Through Nature's Eyes:
In this series we transform through deeper awareness of our perceptions through Nature's eyes. Working with the animals, birds, the winds and clouds, as our guides. A deeply intimate form of relationship building. Guided by: Terry Kem

Healing Gifts from the Earth:
The earth guides us in discovering how to work with her for our own personal healings both passively and actively. Through these personal practices we also bring healing to the earth. Guided by: Terry Kem

Embodied, Vibrational Connection with Earth Heart:
We will explore embodiment practices that bring us into a deep, felt relationship with Earth & Earth Heart. Through journeys and physical connection with Earth and her elements, we will experience connection, cleansing, and restoration physically and vibrationally. Guided by: Holly Jarvis

Connecting and Working with Elemental Dragons of Earth:
We will meet and establish a connection with different elemental dragons to experience their energies and gifts. Journeying with them, we will learn about and experience how these magnificent beings, working from our intentions, can clear human caused energies from Earth, restoring vitality and balance to nature. Guided by: Holly Jarvis

Holographic & Quantum Healing with Earth—Personal & Collective: The Earth is supporting us in our personal and collective healing through her incredible unconditional love, generosity, and perfection. We will explore how we project our beliefs, wounding, trauma, fear, and anxiety on the Earth and nature and experience a mutual healing process between the Earth, nature, ourselves, and our human collective. Because of the quantum, holographic nature of the universe, this healing work moves into all timelines, lifetimes, and dimensions! Guided by: Holly Jarvis

Connecting with Mother Earth as a Galactic Being:
We will expand our understanding and relationship with Earth by meeting her in her cosmic, galactic expression. By connecting and aligning our own frequencies and vibrations with those of Mother Earth as a galactic being we will receive upgrades, downloads, teachings, and insights. Guided by: Holly Jarvis

Forest Bathing:
An ancient practice of connecting with the Spirit of the Forest, the Standing Ones, and the Elementals through breath, gentle movement, and quietude in and with the forest. Wings and Faery or Elf ears optional! Guided by: Pamela Rico

Celtic Shamanism - Meeting the Hidden Folk
An Introduction to the Hidden Folk of the Faery Realm, and the beings of the Elemental Worlds including: the Gnomes of the Earth, Sylphs of the Air, Salamanders of the Fire, and Undines of the Water. Tuning into the rhythms of these invisible realms we experience their magic as we go deeper into the enchanted world of the woods. Guided by: Pamela Rico

Celtic Shamanism - Celebrating with Beings of the Natural World
Have you ever wondered what brings healing and joy to the beings of the Natural World? We will spend time making offerings and gifts of celebration and joy to the Faeries, Elves, and Elementals through Celtic Love Talking, poetry, song, setting harmony, and Music of the Now. These are practices that you can take with you and share with the Hidden Folk wherever you may be throughout your life! Guided by: Pamela Rico

Working with the Earth Star Chakra
Experience a greater awareness of nature and a stronger connection to mother earth, allowing you to intuitively know how to help heal the earth. Your Earth Star Chakra is the grounding point for your entire chakra system and etheric body. It connects you to the earth and the whole of humanity. It is the gateway to the Earth Star Records, connecting you directly to the core of the Earth and to the information in your cells informing you of other lifetimes. Learn simple practices to activate and work with your Earth Star Chakra. Guided by: Karen Hefner

Sacred Geometry, Portals, and Connecting with the Earth’s Grid
Snowflakes, pine cones, flower petals, the branching of trees, a nautilus shell, and all life forms as we know them emerge out of the timeless geometric codes of Sacred Geometry. A portal is a guide, a threshold, a doorway into the unknown. The Earth is made up of visible and invisible portals: Wisdom Portals, Peace Portals, Dimensional Portals. It is also constructed of Ley Lines, Vortices, and Grids—Frequencies of Light and Vibration. The ascended Earth has a higher multidimensional vibrational grid that is known to receive the Divine energies from the center of the galaxy. Explore these concepts in Nature and within yourself as a practice of walking on the Earth in a good way. Guided by: Karen Hefner

Bird Language
We sharpen our listening skills, noticing, making meaning, deriving healing from the sounds of birds. We become more acutely attune to the textures, energy, patterns of sound in time and space. Most intriguingly, we learn how to utilize bird language to change our states of consciousness towards more expansive, relaxed, unified ways of being. Guided by: Lauri Shainsky

Catching songs & channeling spirit through sound
We open our “song pipe”, listen, feel and give voice to currents and streams of spirit as the divine makes its way to us and through us in the form of audible vibration. Vocal exploration and freedom give rise to celebration as we share in the collective effervescence of singing and making intentional sound together. Guided by: Lauri Shainsky

Tree mysticism and the ecology of soul
We surrender to the power and wisdom of the trees, listening for their medicine, and sharing yours with them. The network of divine communication across the planet become more accessible, as we receive and transmit personal and collective vibrations of Earth and EarthHeart. The legacy of trees as grounding beings reaches into our hearts and souls, bringing peace and insight for nourishment and flourishment.Guided by: Lauri Shainsky

Meet Our Team of Guides
Holly Jarvis, Emerging Radiance
Karen Hefner, Igniting Spirit
Lauri Shainsky, SoulNote
Marty Nelson, Alchemist
Pamela Rico, Sophia’s Mission
Terry Kem, Deerdance

Holly is a shamanic energy healing practitioner and a teacher. In her healing practice, she supports people as they navigate their personal healing process and awakening to reveal their inner light and gifts, and reconnect with their whole, magnificent selves. As a teacher, she finds inspiration in guiding people as they discover their unique abilities and expand their awareness. In healing sessions and classes, Holly grounds in Earth realms and accesses quantum fields and galactic realms with Archangels, galactic beings and dragons.

Karen Hefner is an experienced ceremonial leader, teacher, and energy healer. She is dedicated to being in service as a catalyst for personal growth, expansion, and healing. Karen is a HolyFire® III and Karuna® Reiki Master, holds Master’s degrees in Science and the Arts, a Doctoral degree in shamanism, is a certified Life Coach, an Angelic Guidance Counselor® and a F.I.R.E.walk Facilitator. She is also a minister, cancer survivor, mother, and grandmother. [email protected] or visit her website at

Lauri Shainsky's early years immersed in nature inspired a career in ecology and outdoor education (1979-2000). In 1997, she began her shamanic training with Michael and Sandra Harner, Tom Cowan, Francesca Boring-Mason, Jan Engels-Smith, and Tom Kenyon; Jon Young's teachings cultivated a deeper weaving of nature and shamanism. As a conduit of sound and Spirit, Lauri is dedicated to the art and ceremony of guiding learning and healing experiences in shamanic sound, tree mysticism, bird language, naturalist skills. [email protected] or visit her website at

Marty Nelson has combined his long study and practice of spiritual traditions with his extensive career in technology and software development. His biggest influences have been core shamanism, nature, ascension energies, and yoga with traditional Vedic philosophy. He is a firm believer in the unlimited potential of every human and encourages each of us to know our own truth and create our reality and happiness. He sees spiritual practices mirrored in technology as the software developer is the tool of creation. [email protected]

Pamela Rico has dedicated her life to deeply studying, practicing, and teaching modalities that promote healing, the development of spiritual connection and wisdom, inner harmony and evolution, and the expression of the divine in our everyday human lives. Expanding the understanding of what it means to be human, where we come from, and why we are here, are the inquiries that have guided her life and studies of both Eastern Philosophies such as Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, and Reiki, and the Western Mysteries of Rudolf Steiner’s work, Core Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism, Faery Doctoring, and Alchemy. 

Terry’s passion and skills lie in the rhythms and spirits of nature. An accomplished outdoorsman and naturalist, Terry’s path into the deeper understanding and mysteries of the natural world began on his thirtieth birthday. Terry has studied with many gifted naturalists and healers over the last thirty years. His unique gift is weaving his shamanic experience with ancient nature awareness skills to help us remember and develop our relationship with the Earth and the “spirit that flows through all things.” [email protected] or visit his website at

Old Growth Canyon
East of Salem, Oregon

Facilities include: 
Composting toilets
Potable well water
Designated Parking
Date & Time
Tuesday July 11th 2 PM  to Sunday July 16th 12 PM PDT

We ask that you arrive on the land Tuesday, July 11 in time to have your camp setup and be ready for the opening ceremony at 2pm.

Sunday, July 16 - we all pack up after breakfast and head home!

Supply List:
* Clothes for all weather
* Drum, rattle, bells, other instruments
* Eye cover or Mindfold
* Journal and pen(s)
* Water bottle
* Folding chair(s)
* Lap blanket
* Additional snacks/food as desired
* All gear needed to camp on the land for 5 nights
*Other items for ceremony to be determined while preparing.

NOTE: You will be expected to pack out your own trash.

Cost for the Event:
$595 ($150 non-refundable deposit plus $445)—includes:
* All workshops, circles, and gatherings.
* Vegan, Gluten-free meals (with some dairy, egg, and gluten options on the side) beginning with dinner on Tuesday, July 11 and ending with breakfast the morning of Sunday, July 16.
* Access to all facilities.

NOTE: This is an adult-only retreat. NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 25!

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