Why Attend?
The electric utility industry is undergoing a fundamental change in how the power network is used. Increased efficiency, new technologies and a changing fuel mix are making electricity a better, cleaner option for powering homes, farms and businesses. Increasingly, there are opportunities to use electricity from sustainable sources to power commercial and industrial operations that would otherwise burn fuels such as gasoline, diesel, fuel oil or propane.

In Indiana, several beneficial electrification strategies are underway to create a less carbon-intensive grid while offering economic development opportunities for businesses and industries that value where their energy comes from. This responsible evolution into the use of electric technologies from sustainable sources is gaining momentum.

Electrify Indiana will bring together multiple stakeholders, provide education about beneficial electrification, explore emerging electrification technologies and available funding opportunities, and include in-depth discussions on Indiana’s economic, public policy, workforce, infrastructure and transportation future, with electric technologies leading the way.
The Westin Indianapolis
241 West Washington Street Indianapolis, IN
Date & Time
August 25, 2024, 6:00 PM - August 26, 2024 - 6:00 PM
Electrify Indiana 2024
Sponsors will have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with participants through exhibit space offered adjacent to the meeting rooms. Several sponsorship levels are available - choose the level that is right for your organization.
​​​​Exhibit Space
Premium and standard exhibit space is available based on your sponsorship level. All exhibit locations are outside of conference meeting space to ensure maximum exposure.
Exhibit booths will be assigned after receipt of sponsorship payment on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Sunday, August 25, 2024
8:00 AM-
4:00 pM
Vendor Setup
Vendors will have an opportunity to set up their exhibit booth. Staff will be onsite to help and answers any questions you may have.
4:00 pM-
8:00 pM
Early Registration
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6:00 pM-
8:00 pM
Pre-Event Reception and Vendor Showcase
Join us in the Grand Foyer for a pre-event reception. Enjoy some snacks and drinks while connecting with vendors in the tradeshow area, networking with peers and making new contacts.
Monday, August 26, 2024
7:00 Am
Registration Open
If you didn't pre-register on Sunday, there is still time to register. Stop by the registration area to the right of the escalator. Pick up your name badge and welcome packet then stroll through the tradeshow area on your way to the conference area.
7:00 aM-
8:00 am
Breakfast - Grand 1, 2 & 3
Join us for a full breakfast buffet in the Grand Ballroom behind the registration area.
8:00 aM-
8:10 AM
Welcome and Introductions - Grand Ballroom
Welcome to Electrify Indiana! We'll provide information about the conference and what you can expect throughout the day.
8:10 aM-
9:10 AM
Utility Leader Roundtable - Grand Ballroom
Jack Alvey, President & CEO at Indiana Municipal Power Association (IMPA)
Jeff Conrad,
President & CEO at Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA)
Brandi Davis-Handy,
President at AES Indiana
Mike Roeder,
Vice President, State and Federal Government Affairs at CenterPoint Energy
Donna Walker,
President & CEO at Hoosier Energy

Join us for a roundtable discussion where top utility leaders from across the state will converge to share their valuable insights, experiences, and expertise.
9:10 aM-
9:30 AM
Energizing Perspectives - A Session Overview of Electrify Indiana 2024 
Grand Ballroom
Jennah Denney, EV Strategy & Solutions Manager at NRECA

NRECA's Electrify Vehicle & Strategy Solutions Manager will guide attendees through an agenda of powerful insights, real-world solutions and the true meaning of beneficial electrification. Prepare for an exciting ride through our different tracks and make Electrify Indiana unique to you!
9:30 aM-
9:45 aM
Networking Break
Take a break, mingle with other attendees as you head toward the breakout session of your choice.

Three tracks to choose from.
1. Residential, 2. Utility/Commercial and Industrial, and 3. Transportation.
9:45 aM-
10:30 aM
Residential Track - House Conference Room
Caleb Bicknell, Director of Business Development at Generac
Esther Hwang, Product Strategist at Smarter Grid Solutions

Session description to come.
9:45 aM-
10:30 aM
Fueling the Future - Insights from EPRI on Future Load Growth and Energy Transition Scenarios

Utility/Commercial and Industrial Track - Grand Ballroom
Michael McCrea, Director, US Accounts at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

As an independent and scientific voice in the electric power industry. EPRI will share insights on what future load growth may look like due to electrification and other factors. This session will also help you understand scenarios of the future energy mix required to meet load projects and provide an overview of the technology advances driving the energy transition forward.
9:45 aM-
10:30 aM
Rural Roadmap - Electric Vehicle Program Development for Rural Communities

Transportation Track - Senate Conference Room
Jennah Denney, EV Strategy and Solutions Manager at NRECA
Stephen Meers, Director of Customer Care, CoServ

As the world transitions towards sustainable energy solutions, rural electric cooperatives are uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role in electrifying America's heartland. This session delves into the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle program development tailored specifically for rural electric cooperatives. We’ll explore the challenges and opportunities inherent in implement EV programs in rural communities. From infrastructure development to consumer engagement strategies, our panel of experts will share insights, best practices, and case studies drawn from real-world experiences.
10:30 aM-
11:00 aM
Networking and Snack Break - Tradeshow Area
Enjoy some snacks in the tradeshow area and meet with vendors to talk about the products and services they can offer your company. We hope you've enjoyed your stay, but if you're checking out, now is the time to do that. But be sure to come back, we've got lots of good information (and food) coming.
11:00 aM-
11:45 aM
Empowering Hoosiers - Insights & Updates into Indiana's Home Energy Rebate Program

Residential Track - Grand Ballroom
Julie Kempf, Policy Director, Indiana Office of Energy Development

An update on Indiana's Home Energy Rebate Program which is designed to assist Hoosiers in reducing the cost of energy by improving the energy efficiency of their homes through qualified energy efficiency upgrades, retrofits and high-efficiency appliances.
11:00 aM-
11:45 aM
Driving Sustainability - Advancements in Off-Road Equipment

Utility/Commercial and Industrial Track - House Conference Room
Dr. Ray Gallant, Vice President, Sustainability and Productivity Services, Volvo Construction Equipment

Off-road equipment is advancing with sustainable power technologies like electric drivetrains, hybrids and alternative fuels. Learn about pilot projects and the need for comprehensive support infrastructure, advanced energy management and seamless operational integration to fully realize the benefits of these technologies.
11:00 aM-
11:45 aM
Driving Change - Electric Vehicles and Investment Trends in the Automotive Industry

Transportation Track - Senate Conference Room
Dr. Lisa Krusemark, Industry Analyst for the Center for Automotive Research

Shifts are occurring in the automotive industry related to electric vehicles creating an impact on jobs across the industry. Learn how recent findings from the Battery Industry Education and Training Needs Assessment (BIETNA) report highlight the gap in critical skills and reveal what roles are in demand.
11:45 aM-
1:00 pM
Lunch - Grand 1, 2 & 3
Enjoy a buffet lunch with plenty to choose from. Sit down with friends and chat or take a stroll through the tradeshow area. Now might also be a good time to charge your phone. You'll find charging stations located throughout the tradeshow area.
1:00 pM-
2:00 pM
General Session - Grand Ballroom
Session description to come.
2:00 pM-
2:15 pM
Networking Break
Say hello to a peer or visit a tradeshow booth on your way to your next session.
2:15 pM-
3:00 pM
Residential Track - Senate Conference Room
Alex Crowley, Executive Director, Indiana Energy Independence Fund

Learn about green banks and the role of green bank financing to support a clean energy transition to a net-zero-emissions future. This session will provide an update on federal and state energy funding opportunities and offer insights into collaborating with community lenders to advance energy priorities in the future.
2:15 pM-
3:00 pM
Indiana's Energy Journey - Representative Soliday & State Senator Koch's Viewpoints

Utility/Commercial and Industrial Track - Grand Ballroom
Representative Ed Soliday, State of Indiana House of Representatives
Senator Eric Koch, State of Indiana District 44

Join State Representative Ed Soliday and State Senator Eric Koch in a roundtable discussion on Indiana's energy environment and the role of the legislature in charting our path forward. Explore grid modernization and the balance between sustainability and affordability. Gain insights into legislative processes and collaborate on shaping Indiana's energy future. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with key stakeholders and drive meaningful change.
2:15 pM-
3:00 pM
Empowering Efficiency - Jobsite Energy Management, Fleet Electrification and Altec Solutions

Transportation Track - House Conference Room
Donald Hensel, Account Manager at Altec Industries

Learn about Jobsite Energy Management System (JEMS) and how it could help you achieve your fleet electrification goals while lowering idling emissions during utility work. Hear about offerings from Altec Industries that can help you reach your sustainability goals and examine what lies ahead in the future of fleet electrification and sustainability.
3:00 pM-
3:15 pM
Networking and Snack Break - Tradeshow Area
Did you see a booth that you missed during one of the prior breaks? Now is your time to make a visit. Enjoy a light snack along the way. Remember, a closing reception will begin at 5:00 p.m.
3:15 pM-
4:00 pM
Cold Climate Heat Pumps - Performance, Efficiency and Reliability

Residential Track - Senate Conference Room
Fred Clade, Field Service Representative, Duncan Supply
Doug Kearns, Vice President, Duncan Supply

Learn more about basic refrigeration principles and how heat pumps work. With that knowledge in mind, compare and contrast how a conventional heat pump operates in cold climates with how an inverter compressor heat pump operates in cold climates, gaining a greater understanding of the difference in performance, efficiency and reliability.
3:15 pM-
4:00 pM
Optimizing Energy Infrastructure - Ground Source Heat Pump Programs and Utility Incentives

Utility/Commercial and Industrial Track - House Conference Room
Will Lange, Director of Utility Engagement at WaterFurnace
Boyd Lee, Vice President of Strategic Planning at CKenergy Electric Cooperative 

Ground source heat pumps are a great way to free up available capacity on existing lines without costly upgrades. Learn how an aggressive ground source heat pump program can reduce the cost of wholesale power, increase system load factor and improve margins.
3:15 pM-
4:00 pM
Charging Forward - Navigating Electric Vehicle Impacts on Utilities

Transportation Track - Grand Ballroom
Stefanie Padgett, Senior Vice President of Utility, Automotive OEM and EV Fleet at Rhythmos.io

Electric vehicle adoption has had and will continue to have an impact on utilities. This session will provide and update on the current state of EV adoption and answer a series of related questions about potential transformer overloads, using DMV data for system planning, how to use charging location information, the use of AMI analytics and telematics as well as explaining why more visibility into distribution transformer load data is important now.
4:00 pM-
4:15 pM
Networking Break - Tradeshow Area
Make your last minute stops by the tradeshow area then please head back to the Grand Ballroom for the conclusion of Electrify Indiana.
4:15 pM-
5:00 pM
Transforming Tomorrow - MISO's Reliability Focus in the Evolving Electric Industry

General Session & Closing Comments - Grand Ballroom
Jennifer Curran, Senior Vice President, Planning & Operations and Chief Compliance Officer at MISO

The entire electric industry is facing a hyper-complex risk environment with large load additions exacerbating challenges associated with declining reliability attributes and reserve margins, shifting operational risks and delays in new resource additions. Urgent action is needed across the industry on a coordinated transition plan to ensure reliability. In this session learn how MISO is collaborating with stakeholders to transform the grid as well as its markets, operations, and technology to reliably enable member and state strategies.
5:00 pM-
6:30 pM
Closing Reception - Grand Foyer
Now it's time to say goodbye, we'll be sad to see you go but are so very grateful for your attendance. We hope that you have learned something that can make a difference in the way you work, make decisions or serve your members. Grab business cards from vendors and colleagues to stay connected throughout the year. Be sure to take time to complete the survey. We are always looking for ways to make this event better than the one before. We'll see you in 2026!
6:30 pM-
9:00 pM
Vendor Tear Down
That's a wrap! Thank you vendors and sponsors. We hope that you have made some great connections. Staff is available to assist as you tear down and pack up your booth. We'll see you in 2026!
Click on the photo below to view speaker bio
Jack Alvey
president & ceo
indiana municipal power agency (IMPA)
More to come.
More to come.
Caleb Bicknell
Director, business development
Generac Grid Services
Caleb is responsible for helping utilities, retailers and their customers capture value and operationalize distributed energy resources through various grid services.
Fred Clade
Field Service Representative
Duncan Supply
Fred is an HVAC Field Service Representative for Duncan Supply Company in Indianapolis. Clade has 35 Years HVAC Experience in installation, service, training and technical support.
Jeff Conrad
President & ceo
wabash valley power alliance (WVPA)
Wabash Valley Power Alliance CEO Jeff Conrad has led the organization since 2022 and has spent 25 years serving WVPA’s member distribution cooperatives and their communities. He has served in multiple leadership roles, including Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, and he has been integral in WVPA securing an “A” credit rating from Standard and Poor’s Global.
Alex Crowley
executive director
indiana energy independence fund
Indiana Energy Independence Fund (IEIF), Indiana’s nonprofit green bank inspires and drives efforts to promote accessible, equitable, and just investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy to support healthy and thriving communities across Indiana.
Jennifer Curran
vice president of planning and operations
Midcontinent Independent system operator (MISO)
Jennifer Curran is Senior Vice President, Planning & Operations and Chief Compliance Officer for MISO. In that role she oversees a broad array of functions including the company’s transmission and resource planning efforts, market operations and system operations, as well as the company’s work to comply with state and federal electricity standards.
Brandi Davis-Handy
aes indiana
More to come.
Jennah Denney
ev strategy & solutions manager
national rural electric cooperative association (nreca)
 Jennah is an Electric Vehicle Strategy & Solutions Manager on the Business & Technology Solutions team at NRECA.  She brings over 6 years of EV & EV Charging Experience to the BTS team, and she contributes to NRECA's strategy regarding electric vehicles and emergent energy technologies by developing electric transportation project solutions with NRECA members and other stakeholders. She provides subject matter expertise in other applicable areas, such as distributed energy resources, electrification, energy efficiency and/or demand side management, etc. Jennah formerly served as the EV Infrastructure Program Manager at Today's Power, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., and an associate member of NRECA.
Dr. Ray Gallant
As Vice President of Sustainability and Productivity Services for Volvo Construction Equipment Americas, Dr. Gallant and his team are responsible for executing the Volvo sustainability vision and strategy in a social, environmental, and economically viable manner.
Donald Hensel
Hensel specializes in Altec's Green Technology offerings for our bucket trucks.
Esther Hwang
Product strategist
smarter grid solutions
Esther Hwang is a product strategy manager at Smarter Grid Solutions. Esther has international experience in the energy industry including investor-owned electric utilities in California and several smart grid start-ups in the UK.
Doug Kearns
vice president
duncan supply
More to come.
Julie Kempf
Policy Director
indiana office of energy development
Serving as the Policy Director for the Indiana Office of Energy Development, Julie leads the agency’s policy team on a variety of energy policy-related matters.
Senator Eric Koch
Koch serves as chairman of the Senate Committee on Utilities and as ranking member of the Senate Committee on Judiciary and the Senate Committee on Commerce and Technology.  
Dr. Lisa Krusemark
industry analyst
center for automotive research (car)
In her role with CAR, Dr. Krusemark conducts analysis related to education, training, and workforce development for the evolving needs of the automotive and mobility industry.
Will Lange
Will serves as Director of Utility Engagement for WaterFurnace International of Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has 30 years of advanced product design, development, and marketing in the heating and cooling sector.
Boyd Lee
Boyd is a 42 year veteran of three electric cooperatives and one G&T in Oklahoma. He has pioneered several "outside the box" marketing concepts including almost 2,000 free geothermal ground loops.
Michael McCrea
Michael is responsible for leading corporate relationships and developing technology strategies with EPRI members throughout the United States. McCrea’s team is dedicated to the technology needs of major electric industry clients, ensuring broad participation in EPRI research, improving the value members receive from their R&D investments and ensuring proper engagement processes exist to support the overall technology management efforts of clients.
Stephen Meers
DIRECTOR OF customer care
More to come.
Stefanie Padgett
Senior vp of utility, automotive oem
and ev fleet
Stefanie is Senior Vice President of Utility, Automotive OEM and Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet at Rhythmos leading business development.  Rhythmos’ modern analytics platform brings predictability, flexibility, and smart energy management to the grid, enabling faster, more reliable, and cost-efficient EV adoption for fleets and Utilities.
More to come.
More to come.
Mike Roeder
vice president, state and federal government affairs
centerpoint energy
More to come.
Representative Ed Soliday
indiana house of representatives
More to come.
Donna Walker
president & ceo
hoosier energy
Donna is President & CEO of Hoosier Energy, a non-profit generation and transmission cooperative providing wholesale electric service to 18 member distribution cooperatives in central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois. Collectively, the member cooperatives serve more than 760,000 consumers across 50 counties.
More to come.
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