Embers of Valor
Join us on June 8th for an open fire feast for veterans
Join us for an unforgettable BBQ event at the VFW, the largest and oldest veterans service organization.

Bring your friends and family to savor a day filled with all you can eat and pitmasters from all over the country.

Portion of all ticket sales will go directly to the VFW, as well as 22 Mohawks. A suicide prevention program that brings purpose into Veterans lives by positively affecting their home.


All you can eat Brisket, whole hogs, Iberico pork belly, smoked ribs, chicken, Alligator, smash burgers and more!

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The VFW community will also be presenting awards to:
1. Educator of the year
2. Fireman of the year
3. LEO/ First responder of the year.

& a huge thank you to Dana Reed and Operation BBQ relief. This event would not be possible without them.
VFW- Post 2619
52 Eisenhower Pkwy, Roseland NJ
Date & Time
June 8, 2024, 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Meet 22Mohawks 
David Campisano
Dave grew up in Massachusetts and joined the Army in 2001. He spent 16 years serving in the Army Infantry, deployed to Iraq, and was discharged in 2016 after 16 years of service. Dave has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a focus on nonprofit management and is the Founder and President of 22Mohawks Corps, a nonprofit that focuses on veteran suicide prevention.
Stacey Ann
Stacey Ann is a Certified ISEI Emotional Intelligence Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, and Chief Executive Officer at 22Mohawks.

In 2009, Stacey lost her father to Veteran Suicide. Knowing first hand the pain and trauma that comes along with losing someone to suicide she aims to provide awareness, support, and love to all of those in need.
Meet the event team
Taking our experience and love for food and BBQ to dedicate a memorable experience for everyone.
Alexandra Donnadio
Owner/chef Iron & oak Catering
Meet Alex, most recently seen on Gordon Ramsay’s Next level Chef & a VIP Pitmaster at QBBQ fest. 
By day she is a Detective at the Sheriff’s Office, and by night she is owner/chef of Iron & Oak catering. A catering company specializing in open fire cooking.
Aaron Alosi
Meet Aaron who has developed his skills over years of experience in the industry & love for open fire.
Aaron is also a Sheriff Officer, and co-owner of Iron & Oak catering.
Meet the Veteran pitmasters
These men served our country and are now serving you.
Mike- Veteran
A 21yr US Air Force Veteran who has taken his love for serving the country to now serving food. He is owner of Blazing Star BBQ.
Jeff Fritz
Jeff Served 20 plus years as an Air force Veteran and Chef to senior military leaders in Washington, DC. Classically trained, award- winning Chef/Owner and Pitmaster Jeff Fritz is known for blending fusion, modernist, and molecular influences; often employing multiple techniques along with his signature wood-fired and smoked signatures to coax the maximum taste and texture from each ingredient. Each of Chef Fritz's creations are a complete, refined American-style mean on a single plate.  Chef Fritz is Also the owner of Silver Wolf Private Assistance LLC and The Chef Fritz Brand spices & seasonings.
Sean Keever
10 years US Army field artillery veteran.
Pitmaster Sean Keever is a self described meat geek, beef nerd, whiskey snob,
raconteur and reformed competition barbecue cook.
Sean’s skills and mastery of the grill, barbecue and open fire cooking have earned
numerous awards at some of the world’s most prestigious cooking contests
including the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue and the
American Royal World Series of Barbecue.
Having spent more than fifteen years crossing the nation on the competitive
cooking trail, Sean shares his love of what he refers to as the “3 F’s; Friends, Fire
and Food” sharing his skills, food and stories through entertaining classes, catering
and popups throughout the Hudson Valley and the greater New York metro area.
Marine Corps Veteran, Retired firefighter and current VFW Commander.
Meet the pitmasters
These guys are some of the best pitmasters in the world.
AL Frugoni
The king of open fire cooking who believes "Open fire is not a way of cooking it's a way of life."
Jared Babb
A Tennessee native with a love for open fire cooking and being shirtless .
A fabricator specializing in whole animal cooking. Famously known for the spinning asado cross. 
Breanna Stark
Breanna Stark is a competition pitmaster and social media personality that specializes in low & slow Texas BBQ. She has a passion for cooking over fire and teaching others to do the same. 
Tony Ramirez
My name is Tony Ramirez or Tone, also known as TFTI BBQ on my social media platforms. I was born in Charleston South Carolina but have lived almost my entire life in the Bay Area of Northern California. My passions revolve around the art of barbecue and savoring a good brew. I’ve honed my backyard barbecue skills over a span of 15+ years, being entirely self-taught through a combination of devouring BBQ Pit Master reruns, YouTube and learning from my own culinary mishaps. Back in 2021 I started my Social Media journey with no realistic ambitions to become anything more than just a guy that posts pictures and videos of good barbecue. Lo and behold it would have turned into a full time career all while supporting my family.
Robert Cho
This award winning pitmaster has not only competed on Bobby Flay, but has won multiple BBQ competitions through the tri-state area. He does not mess around, especially when it comes to his brisket.
Carla Dilorenzo
Carla is a passionate & skilled female butcher, chef, and open fire master with a deep love for creating delicious quality dishes. As the proud owner of a restaurant, she brings her expertise & creativity to every aspect of her work. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients, and commitment to culinary excellence, she strives to provide an unforgettable dining experience for her guests. She has mastered the art of cooking open fire and her dedication shines through each bite.
Andrew Vandoren
The mastermind and pitmaster behind the Kingwood open fire grill. Andrew has taken his love for food and welding to build one of a kind open fire tables.  
Also known as barbecue bully.
George has a passion for open fire cooking, and brings the flavor to the competition.
Jason Diehl Sr 
Most recently known for winning an award at Memphis in may 2023. Jason is no stranger to the world of open fire and constantly brings the heat.
Brian McAllister
Norm is well trained in the Animal sciences and typically cooks the butchers special. He believes the true magic is no the combo of fire, meat, and spices but the fellowship of sharing a fine meal.
William Horst
It has always amazed me how food brings people together. I have a passion for grilling/BBQ and love sharing that with others. I have seen the amazing impact serving in the Military had in my life and I want to give back to our amazing Veterans.
Cheree A.k.a. Red
Cheree a.k.a. Red is always at the ready to feed her hungry wolfpack. Cheree brings 15 plus years of food industry experience to her fusion BBQ, borrowing from her Thai culture and southern roots.
Meet the vendors/donators
Meet the Sponsors
Join us on June 08
We look forward to hosting you.

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