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Essay writing in the genre of literary criticism is the most difficult and responsible, because it requires not just a critical attitude toward the work, but a research attitude. You must discover something new in the work, something that has not yet been the subject of scholarly research. This kind of essay should be conceptual, that is, it should reflect the author's vision, understanding, and evaluation of the work, use service Essay Assistant.

It can be said that the essay in the genre of article is accessible to a few, because it presupposes that the writer has an artistic flair and an aptitude for literary analysis. Writing in this genre requires a solid theoretical background, a broad literary erudition, a balanced and well-grounded judgment, logical and convincing arguments, and precise wordplay.

The difference between an article and a review lies in the subject of analysis and its scope, or just buy essay. The subject of the review must be a relatively new, recently appeared work, the subject of literary and critical article can be a classic, long-known work. The review should cover the work as a whole, the article should cover one of the aspects (plot and composition, spatial and temporal, speech) of the analyzed work.

Working on a literary and critical article requires a long preparation and a considerable amount of time, which you do not have at the introductory essay. That's why this genre is rarely used in admission exams, this kind of essay can be written when the formulation of the topic, happily coincided with the terms of your scientific interests or with the topic previously prepared abstract, report, report.

If the focus of the review and article - the phenomenon of literature, the center of the essay - the phenomenon of life: a meeting with an extraordinary person, an interesting event or incident, which you were an eyewitness, or get programming assignment help. Your task is to tell about it in your essay, but not just tell, but show this person, event, phenomenon in action, development, reveal the essence of what is happening, show its social significance.

At the same time, the subject of your essay could be a mundane phenomenon, an ordinary event, behind which you should see a big, vital topic and be able to reflect it in the essay. Thus, the essay in the genre of essay requires observation, comprehensive knowledge of factual material, a certain literary skill. This genre allows you to highlight this or that side of life, a particular characteristic case, to outline and person, and environment, and landscape, using bright, figurative means.

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